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which dyson do i have
© Vacuumtester.com; different Dyson models in one picture.
To find out which Dyson you have, you have to look for the serial number for your specific Dyson. We know and explain for every type of Dyson where you can find these serial numbers, and then you can match these numbers with all Dyson models in the unique tables below!

Your Dyson Serial Number:

First, finding your Dyson vacuum cleaner's model or serial number is essential. This tells you which Dyson you have. The numbers can be found on a sticker on your Dyson. It looks like this:

dyson model number vs serial number
A screenshot from my YouTube Channel with the model and serial numbers. © Vacuumtester.com

The model number often consists of two letters followed by two numbers. Examples are the SV22, the CY22, or the DC62. The model number is not always stated. In that case, you must use the serial number, which often starts with three letters, followed by a country code and then a series of numbers. An example is TM8-EU-12939920. The first three digits are the most important.

Find out which Dyson you have.

Click below on the type of Dyson vacuum cleaner to discover where to find the sticker with the model and serial number and which Dyson it is.

which dyson stick vacuum
Stick Vacuum
which dyson upright vacuum
which dyson handheld vacuum
Handheld Vacuum
which dyson canister
Canister Vacuum
which dyson robot vacuum
Robot Vacuum

Dyson stick vacuum serial numbers

You will discover the Dyson serial number on a stick vacuum cleaner behind the dust container or at the bottom of the battery. Then, see which Dyson you have in the overview below!

Stick vacuum cleanersModel NumberSerial NumberAccessories
Dyson V15SV22V15 accessories >
Dyson V12SV26, SV20S3EV12 accessories >
Dyson V11SV17, SV14V11 accessories >
Dyson V10SV12, SV12GB5C, YJ5, YJ6, ZE8, YG2, ZE7, ZE6, ZS5, ZS4, C3M, B6W, E6NV10 accessories >
Dyson OutsizeSV16Outsize accessories >
Dyson V8SV10YH5, RA8, RA9, VE8, ZH2, ZH1, C3G, C3U, A8D, WZ8, RB7, RB9, RC2, PM9, YA5, U8G, H5C, H5B, PM8, RC8, A1Y, A1Z, H5E, C1P, TT9, N5E, N6P, H3M, U8B, U1C, U7X, U8V, U9M, U9J, U8C, U9K, U1A, U7C, U7D, Z3T, H5F, H5P, G5W, N6T, E5A, YA4, B9F, B2R, ZH2, C3F, G1K, B6V, RA9, VE7, VE6V8 accessories >
Dyson V7SV11, SV07, SV06, HH11G1W, UF2, ZR7, TN2, B4M, TN4, TM9, TM7, TM8, TN1, TN5, TN3, N7E, RE2, JM6, JM7, WE3V7 accessories >
Dyson V6SV09, SV05, SV04, SV03, HH08, DC72, DC74, DC58, DC59, DC61, DC62RD8, MW2, JV3, JZ1, JY7, VG5, VG6, JZ2, PJ5, JY9, RE4, RE3, WT5, WS7, WS8, WS9, JY8V6 accessories >
Dyson DC45DC45MC9, AG4, DW4, GD7, MD1, DW5DC45 accessories >
Dyson DC44DC44DC44 accessories >
Dyson DC35DC35HH3-EU, CD7-EU, HH4-FR, HH3-FR,DC35 accessories >
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where to find dyson model number
In many cases, you can find the Dyson model number under the battery pack.

Dyson Upright Vacuum Cleaner Serial Numbers

The Dyson serial number and model number for upright vacuum cleaners can be found behind the dust container, on the underside of your machine, or behind the handle.

Upright vacuum cleanerModel NumberSerial NumberAccessories
Dyson DC51DC51HS1DC51 accessories >
Dyson DC50DC50DC50 accessories >
Dyson DC42DC42BV1DC42 accessories >
Dyson DC41DC41DC41 accessories >
Dyson DC40DC40FD1DC40 accessories >
Dyson DC27DC27DC27 accessories >
Dyson DC25DC25485DC25 accessories >
Dyson DC24DC24532DC24 accessories >
Dyson DC18DC18327DC18 accessories >
Dyson DC15DC15203DC15 accessories >
Dyson DC14DC14DC14 accessories >
Dyson DC07DC07DC07 accessories >
Dyson DC04DC04DC04 accessories >
Dyson DC03DC03DC03 accessories >
Dyson DC01DC01DC01 accessories >
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Dyson handheld vacuum serial numbers

With a Dyson hand vacuum cleaner, you will discover the serial and model numbers behind the filter or on the bottom of the battery. Check the Dyson serial number and find below which Dyson hand vacuum cleaner you have.

Dyson canister vacuum cleaner serial numbers

Do you have a Dyson canister vacuum cleaner, and are you curious which model it is? Then, look at the sticker behind the dust container or on the bottom of the vacuum cleaner.

There, you will discover the model and/or serial number. Discover which model you have in the overview below. You can also find the sticker ‘under' the vacuum for a few of these models.

Dyson canister vacuum Model NumberSerial NumberAccessories
Dyson Cinetic Big BallCY22, CY26PZ4, PV3, PH8, PR5, WP4, VH1, VZ2, VZ3See accessories >
Dyson Big BallCY23, CY28PY2, PJ2, PX9, PV4, PN2, RD9, PZ8, VK6, VZ1, UZ4, VK7, VK9, VK8See accessories >
Dyson BallCY27VZ9, WA1, UZ3, WA2, WA5, WA4, WA3See accessories >
Data examined by Vacuumtester.com © Vacuumtester.com

Dyson Robot Vacuum Serial Numbers

A Dyson robot vacuum cleaner's model and serial numbers are behind the dust container. When you lift it from the robot vacuum, you will discover the sticker with the model and serial number. We are talking about the Dyson 360 Eye here.

Dyson robot vacuumModel NumberSerial NumberAccessories
Dyson 360 Eye360-EYERB01See accessories >
Data examined by Vacuumtester.com © Vacuumtester.com

Why is it smart to check which Dyson vacuum cleaner you have?

Let me briefly address why knowing which Dyson vacuum cleaner you have is essential. I mentioned in the introduction that you may need new Dyson parts during the lifetime of your Dyson Vacuum cleaner. In my article about the Dyson battery life, we discovered that you need a new battery every 4 to 5 years. And every year (according to Dyson), you must renew your filter to keep your vacuum up to speed!

To know whether a part is compatible with your vacuum cleaner, you must know which Dyson you have. For example – to stick to the example – a battery is not suitable for all Dyson models.

To know for sure whether a part is compatible with your vacuum cleaner, it is necessary to know which Dyson you have.

It can also be essential to know your model number if you have problems with your vacuum cleaner and want to contact the helpdesk. The first question they will ask is which vacuum cleaner it is. =)

Were you unable to find your Dyson Serial Number?

Still can't find the serial number? Then leave a comment below!

Robbert Tigchelaar
Robbert Tigchelaar

Robbert Tigchelaar has made testing vacuum cleaners his life's work. He has dedicated himself to conducting fully independent and valuable tests of vacuum cleaners to provide consumers with honest advice. His expertise in vacuum cleaners has been highlighted in The Washington Post and the Daily Express.

  1. My dyson upright has a sticker with a serial number but NO MODEL number. Can you tell me what model I have? SN: JDJ-US-JGA6227A. Thank you.

  2. I have a serial number ts1-uk-kkg8934a – is it a DC7 handheld? Thanks

  3. I have a Dyson DC25 but no model number only a serial number – EV8-UK-FGS0466A, please could you find it for me

  4. I have a dyson with no serial number. I no longer have the box but I do know that it’s a V8. I do know it requires a 5000Ah battery.What model would I have or is V8 it?

  5. I have a serial number but no model number – it ia a animal 2 small ball serial number K1A-UK-PCA2645A

  6. Sorry – I mis typed the serial number above – it is K1S-UK-PCA2645A

  7. Hey Tigchelaar you time waster, you’re obviously confusing your MODEL numbers with your SERIAL numbers and, judging by the above messages, you’re confusing everybody else in the process. I’m guessing English is definitely NOT your first language? Thanks for nothing.

    • Hi Rick,

      Many thanks for your comment and feedback. I am sorry to read that you talk about wasted time. In response to your message, I have updated my article and clarified it with a new photo. In this I explain the difference between the model number and serial number. So thank you for your response.

      About my English: It’s true that English is not my native language, but I’m doing everything I can to improve it.

  8. My serial no is MD3-AU-HBA3635A is this a DC 59

  9. My serial number is MJ2 USGAA 0085A. What vacum is it? I need new belts and filters. It’s 10 years old

  10. Reply
    Patrick Michael Hayes October 10, 2022 at 5:46 pm

    Roberto: Thanks for the how to. I stood up, walked to the vacuum, popped off the canister and snapped a photo. Got my model & serial # and added it to my appliances file.

    Cheers to you, sorry to see all the replies indicative of incomplete reading comprehension skills.

    • Yes, Patrick. I was going to make exactly the same comment. I was feeling quite sorry for poor Robbert! It’s an easy mistake to make, to think the serial number is the important number. But Robbert’s picture showing which is which and where to find them is so clear!

      Thanks, Robbert!

  11. I have a Dyson DC15 and it was purchased in 2006. do any of the new models’ attachments fit or are compatible with this DC15 model?

  12. Reply
    Allison Fredrickson November 4, 2022 at 7:08 pm

    Robbert I cannot tell what mode my stick vacuum is. Labels are different from pictures.
    How can I send you pictures?

  13. Hello.

    You can check this number for authenticity: T8G-EU-RFH6067A

    Thank you

  14. Hi, the top right part of the sticker on my dyson is damaged! I can read 28C but not sure if there was meant to be something else before it. Serial number HD3-UK-GKA2034A. I’d be very grateful for advice on what model it is! Thanks

  15. Hi Robbert,

    Thanks for the guidance, man this is the best and most unique thing I have ever seen in the world of Vacuum cleaners. The amount of research that must have been done to match all serial numbers. Even Dyson doesn’t have this on their website.

    I have a question however: Where can I find the serial of a Gen5 Dyson Model, I would like to know for the customers of my local US vacuum store!

    Thanks man,

  16. Hi Robbert,

    Is there a way to figure out the manufacture date? If so, how do you determine that from the serial number?

    Best regards

    • Hi Ethan,

      Thanks for your message. Good question!
      I’ve spent some time delving into the structure of the serial numbers, but I don’t see any way to determine the year (although you can often find out where in the world the vacuum cleaner was produced and sold). Usually, you can get an idea of the approximate age of a vacuum cleaner from the model number. For example, the Dyson V12 comes in SV26 and SV20 versions.

  17. Hi Robbert,

    I have an UP13 SN# MP8-US-GFA09086A

    I need to order replacement parts for it. What model part should I order>

    Best Regards,

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