Where to Buy a Dyson Vacuum?

where to buy a dyson vacuum guide
You can buy Dyson vacuum cleaners in different places. © Vacuumtester.com
In short: you can buy a Dyson vacuum cleaner in many different places. If you buy a Dyson via the Dyson webshop itself, you can often choose from exclusive colors and deals. If you buy a Dyson elsewhere, make sure it is a Dyson Authorized Reseller, such as Amazon. View a wide range of Dyson vacuum cleaners here.

If you want to buy a new Dyson vacuum cleaner, there are many webshops where you can go. Think of large retailers like Amazon. Did you know that you can also buy vacuum cleaners from Dyson itself? “Buy directly from the people who made it!” Dyson even urges in her commercials.

But, why would you buy a Dyson vacuum cleaner in the Dyson webshop itself? Are there any advantages to this, and if so, what are they? I went to investigate and tell you where best to buy a Dyson.

Where Can I buy a Dyson Vacuum?

Let's start with the different points of sale. As I mentioned in the introduction, you can buy a Dyson in many different places. I do note, however, that Dyson is becoming more and more exclusive in its selection of outlets.

Dyson webshop

Dyson has an extensive webshop. You can go there for air purifiers, hair dryers and of course vacuum cleaners. In the webshop you can view all vacuum cleaners at your leisure and see exactly which Dyson parts you will receive.

When you buy a Dyson through Dyson itself, there are a number of special benefits that you can enjoy:

  • Price match promise: that means that if you find a Dyson vacuum cleaner cheaper elsewhere after purchase, you can ask Dyson for the difference.
  • Free 30-day return policy: you can return the vacuum cleaner within 30 days if you change your mind. Not all webshops have a term of one month.
  • Refurbished options: in the Dyson webshop you can buy refurbished Dyson vacuums with the Dyson Refurbished quality mark.
  • Dyson warranty: with Dyson you get a standard two to five year warranty on your vacuum cleaner.
  • Easy product registration: when you create an account with Dyson you can easily register your vacuum cleaner.
  • Latest Dyson vacuum cleaners and accessories: When a new vacuum cleaner or Dyson part is launched, it will be available exclusively from Dyson for a longer period of time.

To stick to the exclusivity for a moment: you often also discover exclusive colors and versions of vacuum cleaners in the Dyson webshop. For example, a golden Dyson V15 Detect was once released.

dyson vacuum warranty
Easy product registration when you buy your vacuum cleaner from Dyson. © Vacuumtester.com

Dyson Demo Stores/Zones

If you are unsure whether you want to buy a Dyson vacuum cleaner, Dyson also has special Demo Stores and Zones. Here you can try the vacuum cleaner and get advice from a Dyson expert. View all locations of a Dyson Demo Store in the Netherlands below.

Dyson Demo Store/ZonesAddress
Dyson Demo Store – Los Angeles10250 Santa Monica Blvd Los Angeles
Dyson Demo Store – New York City640 5th Avenue New York
Dyson Demo Store – San Francisco285 Geary Street San Fransisco
Dyson Demo Store – Santa ClaraWestfield Valley Fair (1719), Santa Clara
Dyson Demo Store – Tysons CornerTysons Corner Center (level 2), Tysons
Dyson Demo Store and Owner Center – Dallas8080 Park Lane, Texas
Dyson Beauty Lab – Saks Fifth Avenue Bal HarbourSaks Fifth Avenue (1st Floor), Florida

Dyson Authorized Retailer

As I mentioned in the introduction, there are also alternative webshops where you can go if you want to purchase a new Dyson vacuum cleaner. You can think of the international Amazon and Ebay, but also large local electronics webshops.

It is extremely important to always check whether it concerns a ‘Dyson Authorized Retailer', an official point of sale. When you purchase a Dyson from an unofficial point of sale, you are not entitled to a Dyson vacuum warranty and you are not assured of good quality1Terms and Conditions, Dyson.com.

See below an overview of a number of official points of sale in the United States:

Dyson Authorized Retailer
Amazon (excluding sales partners)View products >
WalmartView products >

Where to Buy Dyson filters & parts

I would also like to take a moment to think about where you can buy Dyson filters and parts. There are a lot of points that you should pay close attention to: not every part fits on every Dyson vacuum cleaner and your warranty can expire if you use a non-official Dyson filter.

Filters and parts in the Dyson webshop

In the Dyson webshop itself, you will discover an overview of all Dyson parts. From a crevice tool with LED lighting to the brand new flexible dusting brush for vacuuming your car.

As I just indicated, it is important to pay close attention to whether the parts and filters are suitable for your vacuum cleaner. When you have registered your vacuum cleaner with Dyson, you can easily discover the right accessories in the webshop.

Dyson replacement parts
Various Dyson parts. © Vacuumtester.com

And if you haven't registered your vacuum cleaner, you can double check it with the serial number of your vacuum cleaner. Not sure which Dyson you have? Then do the Dyson serial number check.

Other retailers

If you do buy Dyson filters and parts from another point of sale, it is very important to check whether it concerns a Dyson product. If you use a part from another brand, this can have a negative impact on the Dyson lifespan. For example, the Dyson battery not holding charge anymore or the Dyson can even malfunction.

In summary: only buy a Dyson vacuum cleaner from Dyson itself or through a Dyson Authorized Reseller. With this you are assured of warranty and good quality. If you want to buy parts such as Dyson filters, make sure that they are from Dyson itself and that they are suitable for your vacuum cleaner. View a huge Dyson range.


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