Vacuum pine needles with the vacuum cleaner: a smart idea?

vacuum pine needles

A beautiful Christmas tree cannot be missed during the holidays. If you opt for a real Christmas tree instead of an artificial one, you will undoubtedly have to deal with pine needles on the floor. Not only when moving or decorating the Christmas tree: often the Christmas tree already loses pine needles if you lightly touch it.

Luckly, a vacuum cleaner can help you easily clean up these pine needles. However, there are a number of things you should pay attention to before you just suck up the pine needles with your vacuum cleaner. It can quickly become clogged or even break.

Is it OK vacuum Christmas tree needles?

If you come across pine needles everywhere in your home, you naturally want to get a vacuum cleaner over it as soon as possible. However, it is not as good an idea as it seems: because the pine needles of a Christmas tree can contain resin, they can cause a blockage. They can stick in the suction brush, after which the suction power of the vacuum cleaner can be greatly reduced.

Before you start vacuuming, it is smart to exchange the nozzle of the vacuum cleaner for a crevice tool. This reduces the chance that the vacuum cleaner will become clogged and that pine needles will accumulate in the vacuum cleaner. I also strongly recommend that you check whether your vacuum cleaner bag (or the dust container with a bagless vacuum cleaner) is empty enough: the pine needles ensure that the dust container fills up very quickly.

Using other vacuum cleaners

If you have a handheld vacuum cleaner or a stick vacuum with an integrated handheld vacuum, it can also be a good idea to grab it. The pine needles do not have to travel a long way to end up in the dust container. In addition, with these two types of vacuum cleaners you can vacuum under the tree much easier and more mobile, so that the chance of contact with the Christmas tree is much smaller.

Recently, iRobot released the news that its robot vacuum cleaners can now also recognize Christmas trees. This also prevents the robot vacuum cleaner from hitting the Christmas tree and thus creates a new mountain of pine needles all over the floor.

Alternative: sweep them up with the broom!

The best option in my opinion is the regular broom. You keep your vacuum cleaner nice and clean and you pick up the broom much faster! Sweep the pine needles together and simply throw them in the trash!

Robbert Tigchelaar

Robbert Tigchelaar

Robbert Tigchelaar is the founder of and is a true vacuum cleaner guru. With more than 10 years of experience in the world of electronic devices, he knows better than anyone what is important in a vacuum cleaner. When a new vacuum cleaner appears, he is eager to test it extensively.

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