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vacuum cleaner storage
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In short: there are different ways to store a vacuum cleaner in a smarter way. There are interesting vacuum cleaner holders for hanging vacuum cleaners and you can keep vacuum cleaner accessories together with these kind of small baskets.

A vacuum cleaner may be an interesting gadget, but after use we prefer to put the device out of sight. So put it away! Not everyone has a room to put the vacuum cleaner in, so there's usually no other option than to put it in the corner of the room. Or are there other possibilities?

I have some interesting tips and ideas for smart storage of your vacuum cleaner. From ways to store your vacuum cleaner ‘smaller' to hanging the vacuum cleaner on the wall.

Why store a vacuum cleaner?

Let's start with why storing a vacuum cleaner is an important topic. As I just said, we prefer to be able to put a vacuum cleaner away after use. It gives a tidy feeling and it doesn't get in the way. All reasons to neatly store a vacuum cleaner and accessories:

  • The vacuum cleaner is not in the way
  • It gives a clean feeling
  • This prevents damage to the vacuum cleaner
  • You lose accessories less quickly

However, you may not have enough space to put a vacuum cleaner in a cupboard. Fortunately, there are many different ways to store a vacuum cleaner much smarter and more efficiently.

Ways to store a vacuum cleaner

There are several ways to store a vacuum cleaner. There is a big difference in storing a canister vacuum cleaner or a stick vacuum. For example, a Miele canister vacuum cannot be hung on a wall, while this is the case with a Dyson stick vacuum.

There is a big difference in storing a canister vacuum cleaner or a stick vacuum.

Storing the canister vacuum: make it more compact

Earlier I listed a number of smart vacuum cleaner hacks. One of these was the more compact storage of the vacuum cleaner, making it easier to fit in a small cupboard. To do this, follow the steps below:

  1. Stand the canister vacuum cleaner upright
  2. Telescopic vacuum cleaner rod? Make sure you shorten it completely
  3. Twist the vacuum cleaner rod around the vacuum cleaner hose
  4. Attach the vacuum cleaner rod to the back of the vacuum cleaner

View the enormous space advantage you can create with this in the image below.

canister vacuum storage smart
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Interesting storage locations

A canister vacuum cleaner is a lot bigger than a slim stick vacuum cleaner or compact hand vacuum cleaner. So you will – most likely – have to create some space. A number of interesting locations to place a canister vacuum cleaner:

  • In a broom closet
  • Under the stairs (or in the stair cupboard)
  • In the meter cupboard
  • In a hall or corridor near the coats
  • Next to the trash can

Storing a stick vacuum: hanging on the wall

A stick vacuum is a lot easier to store. This is a lightweight and slim-design vacuum cleaner. In many cases, a stick vacuum cleaner also comes with a wall holder: with which you can hang the vacuum cleaner on the wall.

A stick vacuum is a lot easier to store. This is a lightweight and slim-design vacuum cleaner.

In fact, such a wall holder often offers the option of integrating a charging cable, so that you can charge the vacuum cleaner immediately when you store it. A brand that has thought carefully about this is Dyson. You can hang a Dyson in a few easy steps.

hanging dyson on wall
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If you do not receive a wall holder with a vacuum cleaner, you can also opt for a freestanding charging station, for example this vacuum cleaner holder.

Interesting locations for a stick vacuum cleaner

The ability to mount a stick vacuum to the wall makes it much easier to store. Some interesting locations:

  • On the inside of the door of the meter cupboard
  • Behind the trash can against the wall
  • Against the side of kitchen cabinets or other large cabinets

It is of course important to pay close attention to whether there is a socket near the location where you store it, since you must also be able to charge the stick vacuum.

Storing a robot vacuum: prevent falls

A robot vacuum cleaner is almost always equipped with a docking station. When the robot vacuum cleaner has finished vacuuming, it will return to this charging station. For a good storage location it is important to take the following factors into account:

  • Not in walkways to avoid falls
  • A place not too low, otherwise the vacuum cleaner could get stuck
  • Near a low outlet, as cords are often very short
  • There must be a good WiFi signal
  • Few other objects nearby (no cables either)*
  • As little height difference as possible

* Many robot vacuum cleaners have a minimum free space of 30 centimeters around the robot vacuum cleaner. If you do not do this, the robot vacuum cleaner may run into objects, not recognize the docking station or the cleaning system may be disrupted.

robot vacuum cleaner storage
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Interesting locations for a robot vacuum cleaner

So we are not only dealing with a robot vacuum cleaner, but also with a charging station. In some cases, this is also equipped with a dust container, which makes it a bit higher.

A number of interesting storage locations in a row:

  • Underneath the stairs
  • Next to or near the trash can
  • Under a large piece of furniture, for example a high table without chairs

Storing vacuum cleaner accessories

A vacuum cleaner is often equipped with an incredible number of accessories. For example, with a Dyson you get a lot of different Dyson parts, which makes the vacuum cleaner suitable for different floors and surfaces.

With a canister vacuum cleaner, you can in some cases store the accessories in the vacuum cleaner itself. You sometimes also discover a handy accessory clip with which you can click attachments on the vacuum cleaner rod. But, what if you don't always use them? There are a number of clever storage options.

Mount baskets on the wall

One of the simplest solutions is to hang baskets. Do you store the vacuum cleaner in the broom closet? Then screw these types of baskets on the inside of the cabinet door where you can put the accessories. That way you keep all the accessories together and you can never lose them.

Expands wall mount with accessory holders

When you use a wall holder when storing a stick vacuum, you can often expand it with an accessory holder. You can easily attach this to the current wall holder, so that you can also store various floor brushes near the vacuum cleaner. See a good example here.

Place attachments where you use them

Finally, it can also be very smart to store the vacuum cleaner parts in places where you often use them. For example, do you use a crevice tool to vacuum the sofa? Then it is best to store it in a drawer near the sofa, where you also keep the remote control for the TV.

In summary: storing a vacuum cleaner can often be done much smarter. For example, there are special vacuum cleaner holders to mount the vacuum cleaner on the wall or you can mount these types of baskets on the wall yourself for storing vacuum cleaner parts. When finding a good storage location, take into account power points and the possibility to quickly reach the vacuum cleaner.
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