Vacuum Cleaner Comparison

Look for a new vacuum cleaner and you will soon find out: there are an incredible number of different types! Vacuum cleaners can look a lot alike. Yet – if you look at the right factors – there are often huge differences.

When in doubt between two vacuum cleaners, it is smart to compare them. I am happy to help you on your way and often put similar vacuum cleaners next to each other.

What will you discover on this page?

Recent Vacuum Cleaner Comparisons

To get you started comparing vacuum cleaners, I’ve put together popular choices. Are you in doubt between two vacuum cleaners and this comparison is not in between? Please feel free to send me a message. View extensive vacuum cleaner comparisons below.

Why compare vacuum cleaners?

You can quickly spend a lot of money on a good vacuum cleaner. It is one of the reasons to compare vacuum cleaners before you just buy one. As I just mentioned, vacuum cleaners can be quite different from each other: it just depends on your needs.

Do you quickly suffer from an allergic reaction? Then a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter is a must! And do you have pets? Then go for a vacuum cleaner that comes with a motorized turbo brush. You already hear it: it is necessary to thoroughly immerse yourself in different choices.

In what ways can you compare vacuum cleaners?

You can compare vacuum cleaners in many different ways. For example, you can compare vacuum cleaners by brand (for example Dyson vs Philips), but you can also zoom in on specific models. Of course you can also compare different types of vacuum cleaners with each other: for example a vacuum cleaner with or without a bag.

Which factors are important when comparing?

A vacuum cleaner has a number of important factors that – regardless of the model or brand – are very important. In particular, the suction power, user-friendliness, the supplied accessories and maintenance are important points. It is not for nothing that I also include these factors in my extensive vacuum cleaner reviews.

dyson v11 vs v15

Apart from these important factors, there are also a number of important specifications that you can pay close attention to. Let’s line them up.

  • Suction performance: see how well each vacuum cleaner scores on specific floor types. Which scores best on your floor types? The suction performance is often stated in kPa (kilopascals). In some cases the air speed (m/s) is also mentioned.
  • Noise level: which of the vacuum cleaners you compare is the quietest? Look carefully at the maximum sound level in decibels.
  • Weight: many floors in your house or is it difficult to lift something? Then take a good look at the weight of the vacuum cleaner.
  • Range: always look closely at the working range. You can estimate this by paying attention to the cord lengths of the vacuum cleaners. The longer the better. Compare cordless vacuum cleaners? Then pay attention to the battery life!

Apart from the general factors above, you should pay attention to additional points with certain types of vacuum cleaners. For example with robot vacuum cleaners, where the maximum threshold height is also an important factor.

FAQ: compare frequently asked questions about vacuum cleaners

What are important factors of a vacuum cleaner?

The most important factors of a vacuum cleaner are suction performance on various floor types, noise level, weight and versatility. Of course your wishes also play an important role!

How can I best compare vacuum cleaners?

It is smart to first list your needs. For example, that the vacuum cleaner is quiet and that it sucks well on low-pile carpet. Then look for models that meet these requirements, to find out which ones meet your needs. Then compare the models you doubt between on these factors and see which one scores the best!

How can you compare suction performance?

In our vacuum cleaner reviews we use two measuring instruments: a vacuum tester for the suction power and an air speed meter for the AirFlow. These measured values enable us to compare vacuum cleaners with each other.

How can you compare the range of cordless and wired vacuum cleaners?

We look at the range, also known as the working range, with cordless vacuum cleaners by measuring the maximum battery life. With a vacuum cleaner with a cord, we measure the distance from the plug to the suction brush. Both data provide a good insight into the working range, but cannot be compared.

How do you choose vacuum cleaners to compare?

First of all, the table on this page is a result of our individual vacuum cleaner reviews. So we actually compare our reviews. However, we also do specific comparisons: for example two Dyson vacuum cleaners. In particular, we select vacuum cleaners that have many similarities. It can also be interesting to compare a newer model with a slightly older model to see if it is worth replacing.
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