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An upright vacuum cleaner is a vacuum cleaner that is particularly popular in the United States. The vacuum cleaner model is often wired and is available with or without a bag.


Unlike a canister vacuum, you don’t have to drag this model behind you.

Price range: $ 116 – $ 329

🇺🇸 Avg. price in United States: $ 189,95

Popular models

An upright vacuum cleaner is the most popular vacuum cleaner model in America. The vacuum cleaners make vacuuming very easy: they come with a flexible hose and with lighting.

Top 5 in the United States

We’ve researched the best upright vacuum cleaner right now. We have zoomed in on the suction power, versatility and user-friendliness. Check out the best options below!

1. Shark APEX AZ1002


At the moment we think the Shark AZ1002 APEX is the best upright vacuum cleaner in the United States. It is a powerful and versatile vacuum cleaner that is suitable for various floor types and for vacuuming pet hair!

shark az1002 apex

2. Kenmore Intuition BU4022


The Kenmore Intuition BU4022 is an upright vacuum cleaner with bag. There is very good filtering, dust absorption and suction power. You get several suction nozzles for various usage situations.

kenmore intuition bu4022

3. Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Turbo Plus 24613


The bissel Pet Hair Eraser Turbo Plus 24613 is the best upright vacuum for pet hair. You can easily remove dog and cat hair from carpets or fabric furniture, using the motorized suction brush.

bissell pet hair eraser turbo plus

4. Hoover WindTunnel Max UH30600


The Hoover WindTunnel Max UH30600 is an interesting choice for those looking for a versatile bagged vacuum that cleans carpets deep into the fiber. The vacuum cleaner bag ensures that dirt is filtered well.

hoover windtunnel max uh30600

5. Dyson Ball Multi Floor 


The Dyson Ball Multi Floor is a versatile upright vacuum cleaner. The model has been a popular choice for many years. The bagless upright vacuum cleaner is known for its extremely good filtering and dust absorption. Unfortunately, it is not the cheapest choice.

dyson ball multifloor

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FAQ's about a upright vacuum

What is the difference between an upright vacuum cleaner and a stick vacuum? Are there also models with a dust bag? We receive these and many other questions every day.


Check out the frequently asked questions about an upright vacuum cleaner below!


An upright vacuum cleaner is a popular vacuum cleaner model in America. It is a vacuum cleaner that stands upright, in contrast to a canister vacuum cleaner, for example. The model is available with or without a bag and is often wired.

At vacuum tester we have previously written an extensive article about how long a vacuums lasts. This shows that the average lifespan of a vacuum cleaner is about 5 years. However, there are plenty of things you can do to significantly extend its lifespan.

Each vacuum cleaner model has its own advantages and disadvantages. With an upright vacuum cleaner you especially enjoy the versatility of the vacuum cleaner. You can often use it as a handheld vacuum cleaner if it is equipped with a flexible hose (something we don’t see with a stick vacuum).

If you want to buy a new upright vacuum cleaner, it is important to pay attention to the following points: the suction performance, the noise level, the dust capacity and the weight (handy if you want to vacuum multiple floors). Of course it is also smart to check the price carefully at various webshops.

An upright vacuum cleaner is available with a bag and without a bag. Regardless of this choice, the operation of an upright vacuum cleaner is the same. The vacuum cleaner sucks up dirt and dust, after which it ends up in the dust container. There the dirt is filtered out of the air: more and more often there is a HEPA filter that ensures minimal dust emissions. The air then leaves the vacuum cleaner, after which the dirt remains in the dust container!

A stick vacuum and an upright vacuum cleaner are two different models. The upright vacuum cleaner is often wired, where a stick vacuum is cordless. In addition, a stick vacuum is more mobile, lighter and often equipped with an integrated hand-held vacuum cleaner.

The price range of upright vacuum cleaners is very wide. There are cheap vacuum cleaners (from brands like Eureka), but also very pricey choices (Dyson). On average you will pay about 190 dollars for a good upright vacuum cleaner.

In general, an upright vacuum cleaner performs best on deep-pile and short-pile carpets. It is one of the great advantages of an upright vacuum cleaner.

At the moment we label the Shark APEX AZ1002 as the best upright vacuum cleaner. The vacuum cleaner has very good suction performance on various floor types and is very versatile.

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