TP-Link launches Tapo RV30C Slim robot vacuum cleaner

Tapo RV30C Slim robot vacuum
The new Tapo RV30C Slim © TP-Link Newsroom

TP-Link has announced a new robot vacuum cleaner within its Tapo smart home portfolio: the Tapo RV30C Slim. It is a thin robot vacuum cleaner that navigates via LiDAR technology.

Tapo RV30C Slim

Tapo The Tapo RV30C Slim is Tado's thinnest robot vacuum cleaner. This is mainly because the LiDAR charger module is no longer on top of the robot vacuum cleaner, but has been processed at the front. The robot vacuum cleaner is only 7.8 centimeters high. Smart

TP-Link reports that the Tapo robot vacuum cleaner has a suction power of 27000 Pa (27 kilopascals). The robot vacuum cleaner is equipped with a mopping function, with which the floor can be mopped at three different positions.

Navigation via LiDAR technology

The robot vacuum cleaner navigates via LiDAR technology. A major advantage of this technology is that the robot vacuum cleaner can continue to function well even in dark conditions. Think of dark floors or when it is dark in the house at night.

The Tapo RV30C Slim creates a virtual map of the room. It can create up to five folders of different rooms.

Smart robot vacuum cleaner

You can indicate per room how the robot vacuum cleaner should clean. For example, always have the bathroom mopped and increase the suction power when the robot vacuum cleaner vacuums the bedroom. You can also make a cleaning schedule.

You can also create virtual walls and create so-called No-Go zones. This can be useful, for example, if the robot vacuum cleaner does not need to vacuum under the wired desk to avoid problems.

The Tapo RV30C can be controlled by voice via Alexa. For example, you can tell the robot vacuum cleaner to start cleaning or to return to the charging station

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