The Future of the Vacuum Cleaner: Our Predictions

future of the vacuum cleaner

If there is one household appliance where the emphasis is on innovation, it is the vacuum cleaner. For example, the robot vacuum cleaner has become indispensable in many smart homes in a short time and vacuum cleaners with a powerful HEPA filter are the rule rather than the exception.

But, what more can we expect in the future? What will the vacuum cleaner look like in the near future? We list our predictions.

Vacuum cleaners with increasingly better filters

Perhaps one of the most important things to look out for is a vacuum cleaner's filters. For example, is there a HEPA filter and if so, what type? A ULPA 15 filter or, for example, a HEPA 12 filter?

We note that a HEPA filter under the hood of a vacuum cleaner has recently become the rule rather than the exception. It is noticeable when a vacuum cleaner does not have one and many brands no longer refer to it as a plus at all.

We expect that a vacuum cleaner in the future will have at least a ULPA 15 filter.

We expect that a vacuum cleaner in the future will have at least a ULPA 15 filter. In fact, we even expect that the government will also get involved and may even demand this as a production requirement. Nowadays, the best vacuum cleaners already come equipped with high-quality HEPA filters, which is also one of the requirements in our research and testing of vacuum cleaners.

Corona has shown how important filtering is

To stay with the filtering of household appliances for a while: the corona pandemic has shown us how important filtering is. You want to live naturally in your home under healthy living conditions. A good filter ensures that dust emissions are minimized and the air quality in your home remains good.

Robot vacuum cleaners are getting even smarter

If there is one type of vacuum cleaner that has been very popular lately, it is the robot vacuum cleaner. This innovative model can work independently and in many cases can be operated via a smartphone. Remotely: you can even start the vacuum cleaner at work.

A vacuum cleaner that can avoid furniture is no longer a story of the future: many models are already equipped with sensors and there is now even a robot vacuum cleaner that can avoid dog poop.

However, where we see some points for the future, is the improvement of self-learning properties. We think that the robot vacuum cleaner will become much smarter in the future. For example, he might be able to recognize patterns and then take action. Think of specific times and locations where you usually eat, after which he comes by to suck up the crumbs.

Collaboration with other devices and brands

In addition to its own smart features, we think that a robot vacuum cleaner will also increasingly use the expertise of other devices. A good example of this is iRobot, which makes its mopping robots work together with its robot vacuum cleaners. When one is ready, the other starts. And other collaborations with, for example, cleaning brands will also be initiated more and more. Another example is iRobot which has announced an exclusive partnership with Bona.

Robot vacuum cleaners that can climb stairs

If you are looking for a new robot vacuum cleaner, you should always pay attention to the maximum threshold height. At the moment, the maximum threshold height for a robot vacuum cleaner is 1.5 centimeters on average.

The biggest limitation of a robot vacuum cleaner is not the threshold height, but that it can focus on only one floor. Because, although he can drive over thresholds, he still can't get to the bedroom on the first floor.

In the future, however, a floor may no longer be a problem at all. For example, The Verge discovered that Dyson has applied for a patent on a robot that can climb stairs and even open drawers. Whether this concerns a robot vacuum cleaner is not entirely clear, but it is plausible.

More eco-friendly vacuum cleaners

Today we do everything we can to make appliances as energy-efficient as possible. The less power we use, the better for our planet. However, it is not only the power consumption that is a major culprit: the production of the vacuum cleaner also has an impact on the environment.

We therefore expect that vacuum cleaner brands will be even more aware of this. At the moment there are already vacuum cleaners that are made from recycled material, for example: think of the AEG VX82-1-ÖKO, which consists of 55% recycled plastic. However, there are still far too few, but we think that will soon change in the future.

Solar powered vacuum cleaners?

Apart from the production of the vacuum cleaner, we also consider it very likely that solar-powered vacuum cleaners will be added in the future. It seems to be a perfectly suitable product for collecting its energy from the sun, since it is simply in a corner of the room for a large part of the week.

Vacuum cleaners with laser technologies

Chances are you've never heard of a vacuum cleaner that uses laser technology. Logical, because it's only been a few months since Dyson's first stick vacuum cleaner with laser was announced. Many already label this model as the best stick vacuum.

Check out this new Dyson innovation in the video below.

Dust detection using laser

Laser technology can be used to make dust particles and dirt on the ground more visible. This is therefore different from LED lighting on the suction brush, which we already encounter several times with brands such as Rowenta and Philips.

The green laser lights up dust particles, reducing the chance that you will overlook something.

Even more stick vacuums

A vacuum cleaner model that has been indispensable for several years now is of course the stick vacuum cleaner! This vacuum cleaner  has an incredible number of benefits, including:

  • No hassle needs cables
  • Bagless, so you don't have to buy dust bags anymore
  • Easy to store
  • Versatile use, also often as a handheld vacuum cleaner

We note that brands are increasingly targeting this type of vacuum cleaner. In fact, if we take a look at the larger vacuum cleaner brands, the largest part of the range often consists of stick vacuums.

Moreover, stick vacuums have gained immense popularity these days. The lightweight design and compact size make these vacuum cleaners perfect for maneuvering freely around the house. While their major drawback used to be short battery life, this issue has significantly improved in recent times. Explore the best stick vacuums for hardwood floors!

Renewal in current range

First of all, in the future there will of course be innovation in the current range of established brands. New models will be presented and older variants will be thrown off the shelf.

Dyson V16, V17 and V18!

If we think logically, this will most likely be the case with Dyson. Predicting that there will be a Dyson V16, a Dyson V17 and a Dyson V18 upright vacuum cleaner is not rocket science. We think these models that may appear in the future are likely:

  • Equipped with laser technology
  • will be much lighter
  • Have a longer battery life
  • Will have even better filters (ULPA 15 minimum)

Note: this is our prediction.

Other brands come with stick vacuums

In addition to renewing current models, we believe that brands without stick vacuums will also enter this niche. For example, we recently saw tool specialist Makita appear on the market with a powerful handheld vacuum.

Numatic Henry Stick Vacuum Cleaner?

If we look at brands that have currently launched a stick vacuum cleaner on the market, this is Numatic, among others. We all know this brand from the red Henry vacuum cleaner with a smile (or the pink Hetty variant).

We believe there is a chance that a Numatic Henry stick vacuum will appear in the future. Because, if there's one brand that focuses on a huge working range, it's Numatic. Today's vacuum cleaners are known for their enormous cord lengths, making them popular for vacuuming office or retail properties. And yes, a cordless stick vacuum has an even greater working range.

Any more future predictions?

The above list of predictions can of course be expanded considerably. We'll update this list as we see new trends and developments, so you can always predict what's in store for the vacuum cleaner world.

Do you have an interesting forecast or perhaps a news scoop? Let us know so we can restock this future item!

Robbert Tigchelaar
Robbert Tigchelaar

Robbert Tigchelaar has made testing vacuum cleaners his life's work. He has dedicated himself to conducting fully independent and valuable tests of vacuum cleaners to provide consumers with honest advice. His expertise in vacuum cleaners has been highlighted in The Washington Post and the Daily Express.

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