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shark ultracyclone pet pro review ch950
The Shark Ultracyclone Pet Pro has a motorized mini brush ©
In short: the Shark Ultracyclone Pet Pro, also known as the Shark CH950, is a powerful handheld vacuum cleaner. It is a very good choice if you are bothered by pet hair on fabric furniture. It is equipped with a motorized mini brush, which is rare with hand-held vacuum cleaners.

Sometimes you come across products in a supermarket where you think: this shouldn't be sold here at all, should it? Bram arrived at the office last week with a hand-held vacuum cleaner he had bought at a supermarket. It turned out to be the Shark Ultracyclone Pet Pro (CH950).

The Shark hand-held vacuum cleaner looks nice at first glance: it has a transparent dust container and the name reveals that it can probably be used well for removing pet hair. I have decided to test it extensively. Discover my experiences in this comprehensive Shark Ultracyclone Pet Pro review.

7Expert Score
A good hand vacuum cleaner for pet hair

The Shark Ultracyclone Pet Pro CH950 is a powerful handheld vacuum cleaner. It is suitable for different surfaces. It is also a good choice for removing pet hair: the hand vacuum cleaner comes with a turbo brush.

Suction performance
  • With turbo brush
  • Lightweight
  • Beautiful design
  • Makes a lot of noise
  • Long charging time

Unboxing Shark Ultracyclone Pet Pro

Like all my other handheld vacuum cleaner reviews, I always start my review with unpacking the packaging. The Shark Ultracyclone Pet Pro should be suitable for pets: I'm curious if there is a motorized turbo brush for pet hair in the package. Let's take a quick look.

unboxing shark ultracyclone pet pro
The contents of the packaging of the Shark CH950. ©
  1. Shark Ultracyclone Pet Pro: the handheld vacuum cleaner
  2. Motorized mini brush: for removing pet hair
  3. Furniture brush: a brush for vacuuming sensitive surfaces
  4. Crevice tool: a nozzle for crevices and hard-to-reach locations
  5. Charger: to be able to charge the cordless handheld vacuum cleaner

Of course you will also receive an instruction booklet. Here you will discover how the handheld vacuum cleaner works, how you can clean it and what you should pay attention to while vacuuming.

Suction performance of this Shark hand vacuum cleaner

This Shark should be very suitable for removing animal hair, but is it? I have extensively tested the suction performance of this hand vacuum cleaner on various surfaces with different dirt sizes. From dog and cat hair to uncooked macaroni shells.

Suction performance on wooden floors, soft floors and pet hair

Thanks to the included dusting brush, the hand vacuum cleaner is suitable for wooden floors. The soft bristles on the brush are so protective that the risk of scratches or streaks on vulnerable surfaces is minimal. So this can be interesting for vacuuming the desk and the windowsill.

The Shark is also very suitable for soft floor types and surfaces (think of chairs, sofas or other fabric furniture). Pet hairs are easily removed thanks to the motorized mini brush. The rotating roller brush easily pulls animal hair off the sofa or chair.

shark ch950 mini turbo brush
The motorized mini brush makes it easy to remove pet hair. ©

The crevice tool makes it very easy to vacuum between the cushions or in hard-to-reach locations. Think of the cracks behind the desk or between the skirting boards of the floor.

  • Hardwooden floors: 7/10
  • Carpet: 7.5/10
  • Pet Hair: 8/10

Shark UltraCyclone Pet Pro

Thanks to the many accessories, this Shark hand vacuum cleaner is very versatile.
🇺🇸 In the United States available at Amazon and Walmart

Suction power and airflow of the Shark CH950

In order to be able to compare the hand vacuum cleaners with each other, I also test the suction power in addition to the suction performance. I test the suction power with a vacuum tester (in Kilopascals) and the airflow with an air speed meter (in meters per second).

The suction power I measure is 4.5 kilopascals. Compared to other hand vacuum cleaners, this is an excellent suction power for a hand vacuum cleaner.

suction power shark ch950
The suction power of the Shark hand vacuum cleaner. ©

If we look at the airflow, I measure an airspeed of 11.2 meters per second. It is also comparable to many other handheld vacuum cleaners.

shark handheld vacuum airflow
The Philips handheld vacuum airflow test. ©

User-friendliness Shark cordless handheld vacuum cleaner

An important part of my reviews is the user-friendliness of a vacuum cleaner. In the field of handheld vacuum cleaners, this mainly concerns the weight and battery life of the device. A cordless hand vacuum cleaner must also fit comfortably in the hand, not make too much noise and of course be versatile in use.

Weight, noise level and battery life

It is nice if it is lightweight in order to be able to ‘get to it as quickly' as possible. Although the weight of the vacuum cleaners is often stated on the packaging, I always measure it. The Shark CH950 comes out at 1.17 kilograms on my accurate scale. This is different from what the manufacturer says. The product specifications of various web shops state 1.8 kilograms. So this is a stroke of luck.

shark ch950 weight
At 1.1 kilograms, the Shark CH950 is a lightweight hand-held vacuum cleaner. ©

Surprisingly enough, I don't see any information about the noise level at any point of sale – including on the Shark website itself. After my noise measurement, I understand why: with a noise level of 78.9 decibels, it is not a quiet choice.

noise level db shark ch950 pet pro handvac
The Shark CH950 is not a quiet choice. ©

The battery life of this wireless Shark hand vacuum cleaner is 10 minutes. This is the maximum battery life of most handheld vacuum cleaners. Still, Shark makes it seem like it's longer than usual. For example, the packaging says “Long lasting performance”. The charging time for a fully charged battery is 4 hours and 10 minutes.

Versatile handheld vacuum cleaner thanks to accessories

In terms of versatility, I am very satisfied with this Shark hand vacuum cleaner. The crevice tool ensures that you can vacuum in hard-to-reach places, the dusting brush protects vulnerable surfaces and the motorized turbo brush makes it possible to remove pet hair.

This last brush is unique in the world of handheld vacuum cleaners. Only in the Black + Decker BHHV520BFP review did I come across a similar mini brush.

Maintenance Shark Ultracyclone Pet Pro

The Shark CH950 is – like almost all handheld vacuum cleaners – bagless. So you don't need vacuum cleaner bags. In this Shark Ultracy Cylone Pet Pro review, I tested whether the hand-held vacuum cleaner is easy to empty and whether you can clean the filter.

Emptying and cleaning

On the front of the hand vacuum cleaner I discover a yellow button that opens the front. You can easily empty the hand vacuum cleaner above the trash can in this way. With a dust container of only 0.45 liters, you will have to empty it after every cleaning activity.

empty shark ultracyclone pet pro
You can easily empty the Shark CH950. ©

On the back of the hand vacuum cleaner I discover another yellow button. This releases the entire dust container from the hand vacuum cleaner. With this action you can remove and clean the filter, which can be found behind the dust container.

shark ch950 handvac filters
The filter of the Shark Ultracyclone Pet Pro. ©

It turns out to be washable filters. You can wash them with cold water under the tap. Afterwards, you should let them dry for at least 24 hours before using the hand vacuum cleaner again. Shark recommends not to speed up the drying process with, for example, a hairdryer.

Shark UltraCyclone Pet Pro

Easy to empty and equipped with a washable filter.
🇺🇸 In the United States available at Amazon and Walmart

Specifications Shark CH950

Now that we have made all the measurements, it is time to put everything in order. View the specifications of the Shark CH950 in the overview below.

SpecificationTest result
Suction power4.5 kPa
Airflow11.2 m/s
Battery life10 minutes
Hardwood floors7/10
Pet hair8/10
Capacity0.45 liters
Weight1.17 kilograms
Noise level78.9 decibels
Price indicationFrom $ 79,95
Measurement results based on our own tests ©

Conclusion Shark Ultracyclone Pet Pro review

If you sometimes want to vacuum some crumbs, a hand vacuum cleaner can be a pleasant extra. The Shark Ultracyclone Pet Pro meets the requirements for a vacuum cleaner for quick access: it is lightweight, has an excellent battery life and is versatile in use. This Shark hand vacuum cleaner is particularly interesting for pet hair, thanks to the motorized turbo brush.

In summary: looking for a hand-held vacuum cleaner for pet hair? Then you make a good choice with this Shark Ultracyclone Pet Pro. A powerful handheld vacuum that is versatile and easy to empty. Check out the Shark CH950 here.
Robbert Tigchelaar

Robbert Tigchelaar

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