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At Vacuumtester we are always looking for the best vacuum cleaner on the market. From a stick vacuum for pet hair to a bagless vacuum for wooden floors. I test vacuum cleaners from A to Z and share my experiences in extensive vacuum cleaner reviews.

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Recent vacuum cleaner reviews

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Research methodology vacuum cleaner reviews

We use the same research methodology for all vacuum cleaner reviews. This allows us to compare vacuum cleaners on various factors and find out which scores best.

Research Factors

To assess a vacuum cleaner, we look at a number of important factors. In every vacuum cleaner review we look at the same factors, so that we compare vacuum cleaners in a fair way.

In each review we assess the following aspects:

  • Accessories: we look at which suction brushes you get with it. This gives a good idea of ​​the versatility of a vacuum cleaner.
  • Suction performance: we test each vacuum cleaner on three different floor types with different dirt. We also do a suction power test (Kpa) and research into the air speed (m/s).
  • User-friendliness: we delve into the weight and noise level of the vacuum cleaner. We also look at storage options.
  • Maintenance: how easy is the vacuum cleaner to empty? Can you clean the HEPA filter or do you have to replace it in the long run?

Each factor carries equal weight in our methodology. I use the following formula to arrive at a final figure:

((Accessories score (25%) + Suction performance score (25%) + User-friendliness score (25%) + Maintenance score (25%)) / 4) = Score

View the scores of my vacuum cleaner reviews in the overview below.

Canister vacuum cleaners reviews

Vacuum CleanerAccessories (25%)Suction Performance (25%)Usability (25%)Maintenance (25%)Score (100%)
AEG VX82-1-ÖKO7/108.5/10
Philips FC8784/099.5/108.5/10
Philips FC9745/097.5/108.5/10
Bosch BGL8SIL57.5/107/10
Miele Boost CX1 Parquet8/107/10

* Performance on: Hardwood Floors – Parquet – Pet Hair

Measurements in vacuum cleaner reviews

Apart from the four important research factors, the standard specifications of vacuum cleaners are also measured. Various measuring instruments are used for this, including a custom-made “Vacuum Gauge” to measure the suction power of the vacuum cleaner in (kilo) Pascals.

In the vacuum cleaner reviews we measure the following specifications as standard:

  • Suction power (kPa)
  • Airflow (m/s)
  • Sound level (dB)
  • Range: Cord length (meters) or Battery life (minutes)
  • Weight (kilograms)

philips powerpro expert fc9745-09 review

In the video below I show how a review works.

Why can you trust my reviews?

First of all, it is important to know that I bought every vacuum cleaner for my reviews myself. I do not accept free vacuum cleaners, so I cannot be influenced in any way in my reviews.

It is also good to report that I have been active in the world of household appliances for over 10 years. In order to keep my knowledge in the field of vacuum cleaners up to date, I have built up a large network of specialists in this niche and I follow the latest news closely.

FAQ: frequently asked questions about vacuum cleaner reviews

How is a noise measurement performed?

We measure the noise level of a vacuum cleaner with a decibel meter. We investigate the noise level at the highest power, with an empty dust container and on a hard floor type.

How is a vacuum cleaner ultimately rated?

A vacuum cleaner’s final score is determined based on four different factors: accessories, suction performance, user-friendliness and maintenance. Each element carries equal weight for the final verdict.

How do you perform the measurements in reviews?

We use different measuring instruments. We use a vacuum meter for the suction power. We measure the AirFlow with an airspeed meter. We use a decibel meter for the sound level.

Why can you trust our reviews?

I’ve been immersing myself in the world of vacuum cleaners for years. I follow the latest news closely and like to stay informed of the latest development. Combining this with the testing of vacuum cleaners creates a valuable and reliable combination: I know what I’m talking about. It is good to know that I bought every vacuum cleaner myself. I do not accept free vacuum cleaners to ensure my reliability.

Why do you do vacuum cleaner reviews?

There are many ‘best vacuum cleaner’ lists online. These are often based on nothing. You can only say whether it is a good vacuum cleaner if you have tested it yourself. I would like to help you discover the best choice and list the best vacuum cleaners.

Who conducts these vacuum cleaner reviews?

I have carried out the reviews that are published on my website myself. No reviews have been provided: I have actually owned every vacuum cleaner. In many cases I also support my reviews with videos where you can see me!

How are vacuum cleaners selected for the reviews?

When new vacuum cleaners are introduced, we often can’t wait to test them extensively. In addition to new vacuum cleaners, we occasionally receive review requests.


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