Bagless Vacuum Cleaner vs Vacuum Cleaner with bag: Which is Better?

bagless vacuum cleaner vs bag vacuum cleaner

When you are going to buy a new vacuum cleaner, you will soon be faced with an important question. Are you going for a bagless vacuum cleaner or will you choose the traditional vacuum cleaner with a bag? For example, with a vacuum cleaner with a bag you don’t have to wash and replace filters as often, but with a bagless vacuum you no longer have to buy vacuum cleaner bags.

There are many advantages and disadvantages for both types of vacuum cleaners. In this extensive article I list all the advantages and disadvantages of the bagged vacuum cleaner and the bagless vacuum cleaner. I hope this helps you make the best choice!

Little time? It is best to make this choice:

Vacuum cleaner with bag: don’t feel like washing or replacing filters every now and then? Then it is best to opt for the traditional vacuum cleaner with a bag. It is also often quieter than a bagless vacuum cleaner.

Bagless vacuum cleaner: do you no longer want to buy vacuum cleaner bags? Then go for a powerful bagless vacuum cleaner. It also does not lose suction power when the dust container becomes fuller.

Vacuum cleaner with bag – Traditional canister vacuum cleaner

vacuum cleaner with bag

The vacuum cleaner with a bag is still the most chosen type of vacuum cleaner today. The vacuum cleaner comes with a fabric vacuum cleaner bag that you can easily replace for a new one when it is full. The vacuum cleaner bag serves as an extra filter, because the air is sucked through it, as it were.

Advantages vacuum cleaner with bag

First, let’s list the advantages of the bagged vacuum cleaner:

  • Super easy to empty: you just throw the vacuum cleaner bag away
  • Is often quieter than a vacuum cleaner without a bag
  • The vacuum cleaner bag serves as an additional filter

Disadvantages vacuum cleaner with bag

In addition to advantages, however, there are also disadvantages of a vacuum cleaner with a bag:

  • Constantly buying new vacuum cleaner bags
  • Often more expensive than bagless vacuum cleaners
  • Loses suction power as the vacuum cleaner bag fills up
  • Faster chance of blockages

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Bagless vacuum cleaner – Bagless vacuum cleaner

bagless vacuum cleaner

Now it’s time to check out the bagless vacuum cleaner. As the name implies, this type of vacuum cleaner does not have a vacuum cleaner bag under the hood. There is a dust container, which you can click out of the vacuum cleaner to empty it above the trash can.

Advantages of bagless vacuum cleaner

You enjoy the following benefits with a bagless vacuum cleaner:

  • Never buy vacuum cleaner bags again
  • Cheaper than bagged vacuum cleaners
  • Doesn’t lose suction as the dust container fills up
  • You can quickly see when the vacuum cleaner is getting full

Disadvantages bagless vacuum cleaner

However, as with the bagged vacuum cleaner, there are also a number of disadvantages of a bagless vacuum cleaner:

  • Often makes more noise than vacuum cleaner with bag
  • Replace or clean filters more often
  • You can come into contact with dust faster when emptying
  • A transparent dust container is often not a nice sight if it is fuller

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Conclusion: bagless vacuum cleaner or vacuum cleaner with bag?

Now that we have listed both the advantages and disadvantages of the bagless vacuum cleaner and the bag vacuum cleaner, it is clearer which model to choose. I briefly summarize all the differences in the table below.

NeedVacuum cleaner with bagBagless vacuum cleaner
I am looking for a cheap vacuum cleanerX
No more buying vacuum cleaner bagsX
A vacuum cleaner that is as quiet as possibleX
Replace or wash filters as few as possibleX
Do not come into contact with dust and dirtX
No loss of suction power after long vacuumingX
Best choice in Singapore >Best choice in Singapore >

Do you have interesting additions to my comparison or are you curious about my method? Check out how we work at VacuumTester or send me a message!

FAQ: Bagless vacuum cleaner vs Bag vacuum cleaner

Is a bagless vacuum cleaner cheaper than a bagless vacuum cleaner?

Yes, in general a bagless vacuum cleaner is much cheaper than a bagged vacuum cleaner. In addition, with a bagless vacuum cleaner you never have to buy expensive vacuum cleaner bags again.

What is the biggest advantage of a bagged vacuum cleaner?

With a vacuum cleaner with a bag, the vacuum cleaner bag serves as an extra filter. This means you don't have to replace or wash filters as often. In addition, this vacuum cleaner is often quieter than a bagless model.

Which is easier to empty: a dust container or a vacuum cleaner bag?

You empty a dust container above the trash can, after which you click it back into the vacuum cleaner. You throw away a vacuum cleaner bag, bag and all. With a vacuum cleaner bag, the chance of coming into contact with dust is the smallest.

Which vacuum cleaner model should I choose?

Above this questionnaire I have made a handy table with the biggest differences between the bagged vacuum cleaner and the bagless vacuum cleaner. It depends on your needs which choice is best for you.