Best Vacuum Cleaner [2021]: Bagged, Stick Vacuum Cleaner & Bagless

Little time? This is the best vacuum cleaner of 2021 in Singapore:

🥇Philips XD3010/61: we think this is the best vacuum cleaner at the moment. This vacuum cleaner has excellent suction performance on different floor types. It comes with many different suction brushes, making it suitable for many applications.

Today there are a lot of vacuum cleaners to discover. Silent vacuum cleaners, lightweight vacuum cleaners, cordless vacuum cleaners and so on. The question remains which vacuum cleaner is the best choice for you.

In our view, a good vacuum cleaner must at least meet the following criteria:

  • Good suction power – for different floor types
  • Lightweight – for easy lifting and storage
  • Quiet – for quiet vacuuming
  • Good filters – for good health in the home

Each point above is equally important in our view for the ‘best vacuum cleaner’ stamp.

Summary research best vacuum cleaner 2021:

  1. 🥇 Best Vacuum Cleaner 2021 – Philips XD3010/61
  2. 🥈 Best Stick Vacuum Cleaner 2021 – Airbot Supersonics
  3. 🥉 Best Bagless Vacuum Cleaner 2021 – Philips FC9352/61

1.🥇 Best Vacuum Cleaner 2021 – Powerful Vacuum Cleaner

best vacuum cleaner

🇸🇬 Best choice in Singapore: We currently label the Philips XD3010/61 as the best vacuum cleaner. This vacuum cleaner scores well on various floor types and receives many good reviews.

When looking for a good vacuum cleaner, it is incredibly important to pay attention to the suction power on different floor types. The suction power of a vacuum cleaner determines how well dirt can be sucked out of the carpet, for example. For the best vacuum cleaner 2021, we looked for a model that works on different floor types. From carpets to hard floors!

We have named a classic bagged vacuum cleaner as the best vacuum cleaner of 2021. Do not think that a canister vacuum cleaner is old-fashioned: in many cases, this vacuum cleaner model is still chosen because of a number of major advantages. For example, the dust bag serves as an extra filter, emptying the vacuum cleaner is very easy and it is often cheaper.

Advantages of an all-round vacuum cleaner with bag:

  • Often cheaper than other vacuum cleaner models
  • Good suction power on different floor types
  • No hassle with charging
  • Vacuum cleaner bag serves as an extra filter
  • Easy to empty without coming into contact with dust

What you have to take into account with a canister vacuum cleaner with a bag is that you are dealing with a cord. The cord length is very important to consider when making your choice: the shorter a cord, the smaller the working range. This is also known as the vacuum cleaner range. So you have to deal with vacuum cleaner bags: you will have to buy these constantly, since you can’t use them more than once.

⛔ Do not choose if:

Don’t feel like buying vacuum cleaner bags or do you want to be able to vacuum mobile? Then you better choose another model in my research.


We label the Philips XD3010/61 as the best vacuum cleaner at the moment. This vacuum cleaner has an enormous suction power on different floor types and gets many good reviews. This vacuum cleaner comes with a large number of different suction brushes, so you can use it for many applications.

2.🥈 Best Stick Vacuum Cleaner 2021 – Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

best stick vacuum

🇸🇬 Best choice in Singapore: At this time, we rate the Airbot Supersonics as the best choice. This vacuum cleaner comes with many extras, has good suction power and has an excellent battery life.

A very popular vacuum cleaner model at the moment is the stick vacuum cleaner. A stick vacuum is, as the name suggests, a vacuum cleaner in a standing version. A stick vacuum is also called an upright vacuum and is available for many different floor types. Since I searched for the best general stick vacuum cleaner of 2021 in this research, I looked at a model that scores well on different floor types.

Stick vacuums come in many different shapes and sizes: they come with a mopping function and you even have models where you can bend the rod. Brands that stand out include Dyson, Philips and Samsung. Let’s look at the advantages of this type of vacuum cleaner.

Advantages of a stick vacuum:

  • Wireless vacuuming
  • No hassle need vacuum cleaner bags
  • Very easy to store
  • Often integrated petty thief
  • Often a lot of extra mouthpieces

Keep in mind that the price tag of this type of vacuum cleaner is often higher than other models. So we are dealing here with a cordless vacuum cleaner: you should therefore always ensure a full battery, which often does not last longer than an hour. It is also a fact that you are less able to vacuum in hard-to-reach places with a stick vacuum. Find out more about the best stick vacuum here.

⛔ Do not choose if:

If you do not want to constantly have to hold the vacuum cleaner in your hand, but just want to roll behind you, it is better to choose a different model of vacuum cleaner.


At the moment we think the Airbot Supersonics is the best stick vacuum. The vacuum cleaner comes with a lot of extras, has an extremely good suction power and has an excellent battery life.

3.🥉 Best Bagless Vacuum Cleaner 2021 – Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

best bagless vacuum

🇸🇬 Best choice in Singapore:: we currently think the Philips FC9325/61 is the best choice for a bagless vacuum cleaner. This vacuum cleaner has a large and easy-to-empty dust container and has good suction power on different floor types.

Vacuum cleaner brands are increasingly introducing bagless vacuum cleaners onto the market. Unlike classic vacuum cleaners, these vacuum cleaners do not have a vacuum cleaner bag, but a plastic dust container. You can empty this, after which you can just continue sucking. Often, bagless vacuum cleaners use cyclonic filtering: the dust particles are removed from the air by means of air circulation.

One of the great advantages of a bagless vacuum cleaner is that you no longer have to buy vacuum cleaner bags. In addition, this vacuum cleaner model never loses suction power as the reservoir becomes full: this is the case with a vacuum cleaner with a bag.

Advantages of a bagless vacuum cleaner:

  • No more buying vacuum cleaner bags
  • Does not lose suction power
  • Is often cheaper than other models
  • In many cases washable filters
  • Easy to empty

However, there are not only advantages to vacuum cleaner without a bag. Earlier in my research I already indicated that a vacuum cleaner bag can serve as an extra filter. A vacuum cleaner without a bag often makes more noise than a variant with a bag. Also check out my research on the best bagless vacuum.

⛔ Do not choose if:

Would you rather not come into contact with dust and do you quickly suffer from allergic reactions with dust? Then you better choose a vacuum cleaner with a bag, which you can also discover in my research!


In our research, the Philips FC9352/61 comes out as the best bagless vacuum cleaner. This vacuum cleaner has an enormous suction power on different floor types, is very easy to empty and has a large dust container. The vacuum cleaner comes with many different suction brushes.

How we rated the best vacuum cleaners

It is one of the most frequently asked questions I hear in the world of vacuum cleaners: what makes a vacuum cleaner the best? This question actually depends on a number of factors: the answer to the question depends on the floor type in your home. But also your choice for a specific model: we can suggest a stick vacuum cleaner as the best choice, but if you prefer a canister vacuum cleaner, this is not correct.

In our research into the best vacuum cleaner of 2021, we therefore looked at important factors of the vacuum cleaner itself. Due to the fact that this is a study into the best all-round option, we have therefore looked at good suction power for all kinds of floor types. But the supplied accessories, the weight and the noise level also played important parts in our research.

All research factors at a glance:

  • Suction performance: we examined how well a vacuum cleaner sucks on different floor types
  • Noise level: with a decibel meter we test how noisy or quiet a vacuum cleaner actually is
  • Weight: is the vacuum cleaner nice and light, so that we can easily lift and store it?
  • Price: of course the price is also important, since it can vary quite a bit with a vacuum cleaner
  • Range: we check the cord length (and battery life with cordless vacuum cleaners)
  • Availability: of course the vacuum cleaner must be for sale at webshops in Singapore

Read more about our research methodology at

Comparison Chart Best Vacuum Cleaner Choices

ModelCordlessBaglessWith handheld vacuum
Bagged VacuumNoNoNoCheck the best >
Stick VacuumYesYesYesCheck the best >
Bagless VacuumNoYesNoCheck the best >

FAQ about the best vacuum cleaners

How do you discover the best vacuum cleaner of 2021?

It is very important to pay close attention to the suction power on specific floor types. It never hurts to read reviews. We have taken the work off your hands: above you will immediately discover the best vacuum cleaner of 2021.

What makes a vacuum cleaner suitable for pet hair?

If your pet wants to pick up hair, it's best to choose a vacuum cleaner that comes with one or more turbo brushes. With this you can easily vacuum pet hair from fabric furniture or carpets.

Which vacuum cleaner should I choose?

That depends on your wishes. The most important thing is the most common floor in your home. Of course, your budget also plays a major role.

What are important factors of a vacuum cleaner?

The suction power on specific floor types. This is the best way to determine whether a vacuum cleaner is a good choice for your home. In addition, things like weight and noise level are of course also important elements!