Samsung Bespoke Jet Combo: robot vacuum cleaner with steam function

samsung bespoke jet combo robot vacuum
The new Samsung Bespoke Jet Combo. © Samsung Newsroom

Samsung will announce a new robot vacuum cleaner during CES 2024: the Samsung Bespoke Jet Combo. It is a robot vacuum cleaner with a steam function, allowing it to tackle stubborn stains on the floor.

Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Steam Function

The Samsung Bespoke Jet is getting a smart sibling: a robot vacuum cleaner! The Samsung Bespoke Jet Combo is a robot vacuum cleaner with a mop function that can also clean stains with steam. When the robot vacuum cleaner detects a stain, it returns to the charging station, where the steam function is prepared. Once warm enough, the robot vacuum cleaner returns to the location to remove the stain with steam.

Charging and Maintenance Station

The charging station also serves as a cleaning station: the robot vacuum cleaner's mop is not only replaced here but also cleaned. In fact, the station even dries the mop to prevent a smelly vacuum cleaner.

Under the hood of the Samsung Bespoke Jet Combo, you'll find artificial intelligence software. Thanks to this AI application, the robot vacuum cleaner should be able to detect and act on floor stains effectively. “I am thrilled to introduce our innovative vacuum cleaner lineup for 2024, the Bespoke Jet Bot Combo™, which leverages our latest AI technology to meaningfully improve its usability,” says Moohyung Lee of Samsung Electronics.

Precise functionalities have not been disclosed by Samsung yet. The Bespoke Jet Combo is still in development.

Samsung Bespoke Jet Combo Release Date and Price

Samsung has not shared the release date for the Bespoke Jet Combo but mentions that they will announce the robot vacuum cleaner during CES 2024, taking place this week. The price of the new robot vacuum cleaner also remains uncertain.


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