Roomba not charging: how do you fix this?

roomba not charging
There can be several reasons for a Roomba not wanting to charge. ©
In short: if an iRobot Roomba won't charge, there could be a problem with the contacts or the placement of the base station. Check that the contacts are clean and that the base station is stable and firmly placed. If you've checked everything, but the Roomba still won't charge, a new battery may be needed. View the prices here.

An iRobot Roomba charges itself at the base station. If the robot vacuum cleaner's battery runs out while vacuuming, it returns to the base station to recharge. When parking, Roomba makes contact with the base station through contact points.

Roomba may not charge. There can be several causes. In this article, we'll find out the problem and help you solve the problem quickly.

Why isn't my Roomba charging at the base anymore?

As I just mentioned, there could be several reasons why your iRobot Roomba robot vacuum is no longer charging. In many cases, it has to do with the connection between the base station (the Base) and the Roomba. If they do not connect properly, no power transfer can take place.

In many cases it has to do with the connection between the base station (the base) and the Roomba.

But that's not the only problem. It can also be due to incorrect placement of the base station. For example, if it moves when the Robot Cleaner tries to park, it could shift and lose contact with Roomba.

The main reasons why an iRobot no longer wants to charge:

  • iRobot Roomba contacts are dirty
  • The contacts on the base station are dirty
  • Charging station is not stable
  • The plug is not properly inserted into the socket
  • The cable is not properly connected in the base station
  • The power cable is broken
  • The battery is worn out

Yes, Roomba's battery may be worn out. If so, it is a Roomba with a red light. In that case, you need to replace the Roomba battery.

How do you know Roomba isn't charging

But, how do you know if the Roomba is charging or not? Fortunately, iRobot has come up with something for that: a small green LED indicator light can be found on top of the charging station.

If Roomba is properly connected to the bass station, a green light will illuminate. If it is not lit, then Roomba is not properly parked on the base or cannot connect through the contacts.

roomba base led indicator
When Roomba is charging, a green light will illuminate. ©

Solution: this way you can charge Roomba again

As you have just seen, there can be several causes that can prevent the robot vacuum from charging and parking. We will check all possible problems with the steps below.

  1. Clean the Contacts of the Roomba Robotic Vacuum with a dry, clean cloth
  2. Do the same for the contacts on the base station
  3. Check whether the base station is stable: you should not be able to move it easily. Reinforce the position by making good use of the supplied adhesive strips or rubbers
  4. Check whether the power cable is properly concealed. It should not hang over the floor. Tip: use cable clamps
  5. Check that the plug is properly inserted into the socket, that it is well integrated with the charging station and that it is not damaged
  6. Now place the Roomba back on the base station, it should now be charging

Do you want to see how I carry out the above step-by-step plan? Then watch the video below.

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Roomba still won't charge

If Roomba still won't charge, the battery may be worn out. In this case you have to replace the battery. View the prices for a new battery here. Before you just make a purchase, it can be smart to first reset the iRobot Roomba for a double check.

In summary: a Roomba that no longer wants to charge is common. In many cases, this is due to dirty contact points on the robot vacuum cleaner or on the base station. However, unstable placement of the base station can also cause problems. If this doesn't prove to be the problem, chances are you'll need a new battery. View the prices here.

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