Roomba Keeps Saying ‘Clean Brushes’ (Solved)

roomba keeps saying clean brushes problem
Cleaning the Roomba brushes regularly is important ©
In short: if a Roomba keeps telling you to clean the brushes (even if you've already cleaned them), you've probably missed something. In many cases there is still hair on the ends of the brushes or under the housing of the caster wheel. Remove it to solve the problem.

When a Roomba can no longer function properly, it will inform you about this. For example, if the Roomba's brushes stop spinning, the robot vacuum can tell it to clean the brushes.

However, it's common for the Roomba to keep telling you to clean the brushes even though you've already done so. Based on many questions and comments surrounding this issue, I've noticed that it was often the same cause.

Roomba cannot function properly with dirty brushes

A Roomba robot vacuum cleaner is equipped with several brushes: depending on the model – the number of brushes can differ – these are side brushes and floor brushes. These brushes rotate to collect debris from the floor and around the edges for the Roomba to vacuum. When a lot of dirt ends up in the brushes, it can happen that the Roomba brush is not spinning.

Roomba error code 2: clean brushes

In many cases, the robot vacuum cleaner stops working, after which you see a red light at the CLEAN button. By clicking this button you will then hear the Roomba error code 2: “Clean the brushes“. Do you get a different error message? Then view the list of all Roomba error codes to find out what the problem is.

roomba red light
If the brushes can no longer rotate, a red light may come on ©

Cleaning Roomba brushes is the solution

It is important to resolve this issue as soon as possible so that the iRobot Roomba can resume its cleaning activity. The solution is to disassemble the brushes and clean them properly.

Follow the steps below:

  1. Remove the side brush by loosening the screw
  2. Click the robot vacuum cleaner's brush and remove hair and other debris
  3. Click the side brush back and then screw it back on
  4. Now remove the floor brushes by opening the flap on the side
  5. Take out the floor brushes and remove hair and other debris (don't forget the tips)
  6. Place the floor brushes back into the Roomba properly

In the video below I show the above steps again.

Roomba keeps saying clean the brushes

As I mentioned in the introduction, the Roomba may keep telling you to clean the brushes. Even if you have checked them for hair and other dirt. In that case, you probably missed something.

At I have helped many people with this problem. In many cases, there was still hair in the following locations:

  • At the ends of the floor brushes (main brushes)
  • Behind the caster housing
  • At the bottom of the side brush
roomba front caster wheel repalcement
An accumulation of hair under the front castor wheel can also cause the message. ©

I recommend checking these locations for any hair buildup.

Problem still not solved?

When you've checked everything and don't see any dirt at all, resetting the iRobot Roomba may help. This will reset the robot vacuum cleaner to the factory settings. If that does not help either, there is a chance that the brushes are badly worn. In that case you need to replace the Roomba brushes.

In summary: a Roomba may keep telling you to clean the brushes, even if you've already done so. Recheck the ends of the floor brushes, the caster housing and the underside of the side brush for hair and debris. Chances are you'll find something there.
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