Roomba Error Codes (Light Codes): The Complete Guide

roomba light codes
In short: when there is a problem with a Roomba robot vacuum, a red light comes on, accompanied by an error code and an error message. This ‘light code' tells you what is going on and what you can do to solve the problem.

When an iRobot Roomba has a problem, it will let you know with a red light. The light ring on top of the robot vacuum cleaner may continue to shine solidly or start blinking. This is accompanied by an error message and an error code. These codes, also called light codes, tell exactly what is going on and what you can do. But, of course you have to know what each light code means.

I did my research and collected all possible error codes. On this page you will discover a complete guide with all codes and corresponding solutions.

How do I find out which error code is involved?

A Roomba with a red light means there is a problem. When there is a red light you can press the CLEAN button to hear what is going on. The Roomba will tell you exactly what the problem is, followed by an error code. To repeat the error message, you can press the CLEAN button or press the front bumper.

roomba red light
If Roomba shines a red light, you can press CLEAN to hear what's going on. ©

Is there a blue light on Roomba? Then there is no problem; it indicates that the robot vacuum cleaner is busy with something.

Different Roomba error codes per series

There are several overviews available for error messages for specific Roomba Series. For example, the Roomba i-series has its own list of error codes, as do the Roomba 800-series and the Roomba J-series.

The biggest difference of these light codes is the number: for example, with the Roomba 800 you only have 11 error messages, while this is more than 40 with the extensive J-series. However, the numbers of these codes tell the same problem. For example, Error Code 1 on all Roomba series means the left wheel is hanging down and/or the Roomba is stuck.

The biggest difference of these light codes is the number: for example, with the Roomba 800 you only have 11 error messages, while with the extensive J-series there are more than 40

All Roomba error codes at a glance

It's time to list all Roomba error codes so that you quickly know how to tackle the problem. I have listed all errors in the table below.

Error codeError MessageCauseSolution
Error 1Uneven surfaceLeft wheel hangs down or Roomba is stuckLift Roomba off the floor and place it on a flat surface
Error 2Clean the brushesThe floor brush can no longer rotateClean the brushes
Error 3Uneven surfaceRight wheel hangs down or Roomba is stuckLift Roomba off the floor and place it on a flat surface
Error 4Clean the wheelsLeft wheel is blockedCheck and clean the wheel.
Error 5Clean the wheelsRight wheel is blockedCheck and clean the wheel
Error 6Cliff discoveredRoomba constantly detects a cliffMove Roomba and check if the sensors are clean
Error 7Wheel problemThe side wheels cannot turnPlace Roomba on a flat surface and restart activity
Error 8Vacuum cleaner problemVacuum cleaner has poor suction powerClean dust container and filter and check blockages
Error 9Bumper sticksBumper is blockedGently press the bumper to unblock it
Error 10Wheel problemRight wheel cannot turnCheck whether the wheel or the robot vacuum cleaner is blocked
Error 11Vacuum cleaner problemThe vacuum cleaner motor does not startCheck for air blockages. Disassemble brush deck and rotate motor manually
Error 12Cliff detectedRoomba is stuck near an abyss or standing on a dark surfaceCheck if sensors are clean and move Roomba to another location
Error 13Uneven surfaceBoth wheels are on an uneven surfaceLift the robotic vacuum cleaner and place it on a flat surface
Error 14Replace dust containerThe dust container is not detectedCheck whether the dust container and filter are properly connected
Error 15Internal mistakeOften announced afterwards, after Roomba has solved it itself
Error 16Place on a flat surfaceRobot can't start because it is crooked or the bumper is not seated properlyPlace Roomba on a flat surface, hold down the clean button and resume activities
Error 17Navigation problemRobot vacuum cleaner is uncharted territory and can't go back to charging stationLift Roomba and place it in a familiar environment. Resume Activities
Error 18Docking problemThe robot vacuum cleaner cannot park at the charging stationMake sure nothing is hanging in front of the charging station
Error 19Undocking problemRoomba can't drive away from charging stationRemove any blockages to the charging station
Error 20Internal communication problemPress the Clean button to restart
Error 21Internal communication problemPress the Clean button to restart
Error 22Press the Clean button to restart…The robot vacuum cleaner is stuckMove Roomba to another area and press the button to restart
Error 23Battery is not recognizedCheck whether the battery is correct and whether it is actually suitable for your Roomba. Read all about the Roomba battery replacement here
Error 24Place on a flat surfaceThe robot vacuum cleaner is tiltedLift Roomba off the floor and place it on a flat surface. Restart the cleaning activity
Error 25Internal card errorClick the Clean button to continue. If the problem persists, you can reset Roomba
Error 26Vacuum cleaner problemFilter cloggingCheck the filter and clean it or replace it with a new one.
Error 27Vacuum cleaner problemVacuum cleaner motor too hot: worn motor or clogged filterYou may need to replace the brush deck
Error 29Error during software updatePlace Roomba on the charging dock to resume the software update process
Error 30Vacuum cleaner problemVacuum cleaner cannot startClean the Roomba filter or replace it with a new one.
Error 32Smart Map does not match with the map in the appReboot Roomba by holding down the button for 9 seconds
Error 33Place in new areaRoomba cannot clean the path as indicated in the mapMake sure the way is clear for Roomba to clean and remove objects
Error 34Internal communication errorClick the Clean button to resume work
Error 36Empty the dust containerFull dust container sensor is dirtyClean the dust container well under the tap and let it dry.
Error 38Power/Power communication problemPress the Clean button to restart the work
Error 39Power/Power communication problemPress the Clean button to restart the work
Error 41Time out during a cleaning activityPlace Roomba back on the charging dock and charge it fully
Error 42Roomba no longer understands locationCheck if there have been any major changes to the house and make changes. Return Roomba to bass station and restart.
Error 43Roomba has started in a Keep Out ZonePlace your Roomba in a good location and restart cleaning activity.
Error 46Low battery levelBattery level too lowCharges Roomba at the base station
Error 47Invalid robot calibration, internal errorReset the Roomba and place it on the base
Error 48Roomba routeInvalid robot calibration, internal errorCheck that there are no objects in the way and remove them if necessary
Error 66Storage memory fullPlace the robot back on the base station, after which it restarts itself
Error 68Camera did not work while cleaningReboot the robot vacuum if this problem persists
Error 74Cleaning area too bigPlace Roomba and base station in the area it couldn't reach and start a new activity.
Error 75Stuck against objectsRemove objects and keep Roomba running smoothly
Error 88Could not backupRoomba can no longer make backupsMove Roomba to a location nearby and press the Clean button to resume activity
Error 89Activity takes too longRoomba has been working too longCheck for obstacles and remove them where possible
Error 1003Internal communication errorClick the Clean button to restart the cleaning activity

Is there an error code missing or can't you figure it out? Feel free to send me a message.

Can you possibly prevent error messages in the future?

As you have probably seen, many error codes have different causes. However, two major factors stand out. First of all, the environment seems to be the cause of an error message in many cases. For example, many error messages arise if the robot vacuum cleaner gets stuck or if one of the wheels ends up on a lower surface.

In addition, you can also expect many error messages in case of poor maintenance of the vacuum cleaner. For example, you will receive various error codes if a blockage can be found in the robot vacuum cleaner or if parts do not (or no longer) connect properly.

To possibly avoid the error codes and error messages in the future, you can use the following tips:

  • Make sure that the robot vacuum cleaner is given the time and space to get to know your home during installation
  • Before activating Roomba, walk around the room and clear up any objects on the floor
  • Keep the iRobot Roomba clean and clean it regularly

Curious about how you can properly clean the robot vacuum cleaner and what is involved? I have written a complete guide to cleaning a Roomba.

In summary: if a Roomba gives an error message, a red light will illuminate. By pressing the Clean button or pressing the bumper you can hear what is going on, accompanied by an error code. With the error code you can find out what you can do to solve the problem.
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