Roomba Brush not Spinning (Side brush)

roomba brush not spinning
Accumulated debris can prevent the Roomba side brush from spinning. © Vacuumtester
In short: a Roomba's brush may stop spinning. In many cases, you can solve this problem by cleaning the side brush or by replacing the side brush with a new one. View new side brushes right here.

To ensure that edges and corners are properly vacuumed, an iRobot Roomba robot vacuum cleaner is equipped with a side brush. The side brush is also known as a corner brush, a spinner or an edge brush. This brush rotates so that the dirt is swept towards the suction mouth.

It is possible that this Roomba brush no longer rotates. If this is the case, dirt is no longer properly vacuumed along the edges. Time to fix this problem ASAP.

Why does the Roomba brush stop spinning?

There can be several reasons why a Roomba's brush stops spinning. A common cause is dirt: when there is a lot of dirt between the side brush and the robot vacuum, the brush is blocked. But, that's not the only reason. The brush may also be worn or not installed correctly.

A common cause is dirt: when there is a lot of dirt between the side brush, the brush is blocked.

There may also be an internal error message from the Roomba robot vacuum's software. In that case, the Roomba has a red light, which is accompanied by an error message. View the complete list of all Roomba error codes here.

Tip: look at Robot Health in Roomba app

To find out if the Roomba side brush needs to be replaced, you can consult the Roomba app. Under the heading Robot Health you can see exactly (expressed in minutes) how long the side brush will last.

Replacement Roomba Side Brushes

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irobot robot health
Via Robot Health you can see if the side brushes need to be replaced. ©

Here's how to spin the Roomba side brush again

It's time to spin the Roomba brush again! Follow the steps below to quickly and carefully resolve the issue.

  1. Place Roomba upside down on a soft surface
  2. Unscrew the side brush and slide it off the Robot Cleaner
  3. Check the side brush and Roomba for dirt and remove if necessary
  4. Install current or new Roomba side brush
  5. Place the robot vacuum again with the wheels on the floor

Want to see how the above steps should be performed? Then check the video below.

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In summary: when the side brush on a Roomba robot vacuum stops spinning, there may be a debris blockage. Cleaning the side brush or replacing it with a new one quickly solves the problem. If you need a new side brush, it can be a good idea to buy the brushes in a set. View the prices here.
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