Roomba Blue light: what does it means?

roomba blue light
The blue light ring shines on an iRobot Roomba robot vacuum. © Vacuum tester
In short: when the iRobot Roomba shows a blue light, the robot vacuum cleaner is busy with something. For example, it may involve performing a cleaning activity or connecting to a WiFi network.

An iRobot Roomba robot vacuum cleaner has a light ring on the top. This light ring can light up in three different colors: red, white or blue. The light can also take different forms: the light can flash (flashing), the light ring can rotate (spinning) or it can remain lit (solid).

If a light starts to burn, something may be wrong. In this article, I'll tell you everything you need to know about a Roomba that glows blue.

Why is there a blue light on my Roomba?

Let me start with the good news: the iRobot Roomba is not defective or broken. A blue light is an indication that the robot vacuum cleaner is busy. For example, he may be busy connecting to the WiFi network.

A blue light is an indication that the robot vacuum cleaner is busy.

With a blue light – unlike a Roomba with a red light – you don't have to worry about something broken or having to clean your Roomba.

Blue light ring can flash, rotate and more

The blue light ring can have different effects. There are a total of five different light effects with which the light ring can shine:

  • Rotate
  • Ping
  • Sweep
  • Marching (intermittent)
  • Flashing

The iRobot Roomba can do this during its activities or when it is idle. When idle, the Clean button will also shine.

Let's see what Roomba wants to tell you with each type of light ring. In the table below you can see exactly what is going on.

Light effectDescription effectCause
blue light roomba effectBlue light rotates clockwiseConnects to the WiFi network
blue light roomba 1Blue light rotates counterclockwiseWorking on Spot Cleaning
blue light roomba 3Blue light marches forwardDrives back to the charging station
blue light roomba 4Blue ping on the frontVirtual wall detected
blue light roomba 5Blue flashing lightDirt Detect Activated
blue light roomba 2Blue light sweeps forwardEmptying in the automatic emptying station

If the blue light on your Roomba keeps spinning (rotating)

The blue light may keep spinning. In many cases, this is because the iRobot Roomba cannot connect to your WiFi network. You can try below points to solve it:

  • Check if there is a working WiFi network
  • Check whether you have entered the correct WiFi password when pairing
  • Try moving the robot vacuum closer to the WiFi router

If you experience a blue light ring more often, it may be that the WiFi connection is too weak at several points in the home. It may be smart to consider a WiFi mesh network. This allows you to realize a strong and stable WiFi connection at several points in the home, so that the iRobot Roomba can always continue to do its job. View some interesting systems here.

In summary: if an iRobot Roomba suddenly shows a blue light, the robot vacuum cleaner is busy with something. When the light ring turns (rotates) clockwise, Roomba attempts to connect to the WiFi network. If this happens more often, you can consider a WiFi Mesh network. View the prices here.
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