Robot vacuum manufacturer Neato stops: 5 more years of support

neato stops

Neato Robotics stops as a manufacturer of robot vacuum cleaners. Vorwerk Group, the German parent company of the robot vacuum cleaner manufacturer, promises that the cloud services of the robot vacuum cleaners will be maintained for another five years. The company will also continue to offer spare parts until this period.

‘Financial targets were not achieved'

Vorkwerk Group reports to TechHive that Neato is closing, despite many attempts at restructuring. Neato would not meet financial targets for quite some time. Earlier this year, Neato significantly reduced the prices of its robot vacuum cleaners: for example, the popular Neato D8 was offered for half the original price.

Five years of support for robot vacuum cleaners

Of the more than 100 employees who were employed by Neato, 14 will remain to maintain the cloud services for five years. Vorwerk Group also promises that spare parts to carry out repairs will continue to be offered until this time.

What was Neato like for robot vacuum cleaner manufacturer?

Neato was founded in 2005. The shape of the robot vacuum cleaner was striking: it was D-shaped instead of a round shape as we see at iRobot with its Roomba vacuum cleaners. In 2017, Neato Robotics was acquired by the German Vorwerk Group. There are even more robot vacuum cleaner brands under this parent company, including Nexaro and Kobold.

neato d8 review
De Neato D8 stond bekend om zijn D-vormige design. ©

At we spoke positively about the Neato D8: “An intelligent D-shaped robot vacuum cleaner!”. Check out the full Neato D8 review here.

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