Roborock Dyad Pro launched at CES 2023

roborock dyad pro launched
The new Roborock Dyad Pro © Roborock

Roborock has announced an improved version of its wet and dry stick vacuum: the Roborock Dyad Pro. The stick vacuum cleaner is equipped with a system with which it can clean itself.

Roborock Dyad Pro: wet and dry stick vacuum cleaner

Just like its predecessor, the renewed Roborock Dyad Pro is suitable for vacuuming wet and dry dirt. The stick vacuum cleaner is equipped with two soft roller brushes that rotate in opposite directions, so that no dirt remains on the floor.

Roborock promises a suction power of 17,000 Pa (17 kPa). An enormous suction power: at we have not yet tested a cordless stick vacuum cleaner with such a high suction power.

With the renewed floor brush you can now vacuum even better along edges and corners: on both sides there is only 1 millimeter distance.

RevoBrush Self-cleaning and drying system

One of the most striking points of the new Roborock Dyad Pro is the self-cleaning and drying system. When you place the stick vacuum in the charging station, you can clean the roller brushes. We also recently saw this technique during the Philips AquaTrio 9000 Series review.

However, you can also let the roller brushes of the Roborock Dyad Pro dry. You don't have to remove the roller brushes from the floor brush: thanks to warm air, they are dried well and unpleasant odors and mold don't stand a chance.

Smart sensor, Auto Dispenser and app

The Roborock Dyad Pro is equipped with an LCD screen. You can view the battery life, among other things, on the display. Thanks to a smart sensor you can see exactly where dirt is on the floor, so you know in which direction to vacuum. And the Auto Dispenser automatically adds the necessary amount of detergent, depending on how dirty the floor is.

Thanks to a smart sensor you can see exactly where dirt is on the floor, so you know in which direction to vacuum

The Dyad Pro can be linked with an app. Linking a stick vacuum cleaner to an app is nothing new: we also encountered this in the Tineco Pure One S11 review. In the app you can view error messages or view the maintenance of the vacuum cleaner.

Roborock Dyad specifications

The Roborock Dyad weighs 4.8 kilograms. The water reservoir has a capacity of 900 milliliters. The dust container is exactly the same size as that of a Dyson V15 Detect: 770 milliliters. The battery life is 43 minutes.

Roborock Dyad Pro release date and price

The release date of the Roborock Dyad Pro is later this month. It will initially only be available in the United States. Three months later, the release of the new Roborock S8 series also takes place.

The Roborock Dyad Pro has a price tag of $449.99. This makes it cheaper than its predecessor, the original Dyad.

Note: It's important to note that the mop function is not suitable for households with a soft floor or carpet. If you have these surfaces, check out here which cordless vacuums for carpets are suitable.

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