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Can't be called a vacuum. An electric mop that sucks a bit.
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Can’t be called a vacuum. An electric mop that sucks a bit.

Last update: April 5, 2024

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shark vacmop review

The Shark VacMop is a cordless vacuum cleaner with a mopping function. © Vacuumtester

Shark recently launched a new model: the Shark VacMop. It is a cordless vacuum cleaner with which you can wet the floor. Click a mopping pad under the vacuum cleaner, which also has a dust container and a filter.

I have decided to purchase this special vacuum cleaner and test it extensively. In this Shark VacMop review I discuss my experiences with this cordless stick vacuum with mopping function.

Unboxing Shark VacMop: What's in the Box?

The Shark VacMop is available in different packaging. For example, you can buy a vacuum cleaner with some extras, but you can also buy it with a lot of mopping pads and extra bottles of floor cleaner.

I purchased the Shark VacMop StarterKit with four additional mopping pads and a small bottle of cleaning agent. Everything I need to be able to test this cordless vacuum cleaner! View the complete contents of the package in the image below.

unboxing shark vacmop

The contents of the package. © Vacuumtester

  1. Shark VacMop: the cordless vacuum cleaner itself
  2. Vacuum cleaner/mopping pads: four pads for vacuuming and mopping
  3. Floor cleaner: a cleaning agent for hard floor types
  4. Charger: a magnetic charging cable

You can choose from four different packaging options, varying in the number of mopping pads and bottles of floor cleaner.

Mopping and vacuuming performance of the Shark VacMop

This is a stick vacuum with a mopping function that is only suitable for hard floor types. It is not suitable for soft floor types such as low-pile carpet or deep-pile rugs. I have therefore left these floor types out of consideration in this Shark VacMop review.

Hard floors: suction power and mopping performance

The Shark VacMop has been specially developed for hard floors. The packaging even states that it is suitable for all hard floor types. Think of laminate, parquet, tile floors or marble tiles.

I had to get used to the fact that there is actually no suction brush. The vacuum cleaner comes with vacuum cleaner mop pads that you have to click underneath. So you can't really vacuum and/or mop without these pads.

I had to get used to the fact that there is actually no suction brush. The vacuum cleaner comes with vacuum cleaner mop pads that you have to click underneath

Once the pads are under the vacuum cleaner, there is excellent suction. Both small and large dirt is no problem for the Shark VacMop.

Stains on the floor? Then you can use the spray function. It is important that you have vacuumed the floor before using the spray function. Shark emphasizes this: first vacuum, then mop.

shark vacmop hardwood floors

I tested the Shark VacMop on hard floors. © Vacuumtester

This vacuum cleaner is not well suited for removing pet hair. This cordless vacuum cleaner is not equipped with a motorized brush. Do you have pet hair on the floor? Then these are included when cleaning thanks to the wet mopping pad.

  • Hardwood floors: 6/10
  • Carpet: 0/10 (not suitable)
  • Pet Hair: 3/10

Suction power and airflow test

In addition to the floor test, I always check the suction power and airflow. These measurement data may not say much, but it does when you compare them with other vacuum cleaners. I measure the suction power in kilopascals using a custom-made vacuum tester. I measured the suction power of the Shark VacMop at 7 kPa. This is not a huge amount.

The airflow is also a lot less than with other stozfuigers. With 11 m/s, it once again proves that this is a vacuum cleaner for small cleaning activities. Crumbs are no problem at all, but the suction power is too little for a thorough cleaning.

Ease of use: weight, battery life and functions

How user-friendly a vacuum cleaner is depends on a number of factors. For example, think of the weight and functions such as mopping. Because we are dealing here with a cordless vacuum cleaner, the battery life and charging time also play an important role here.

Lightweight stick vacuum cleaner

The Shark VacMop feels like a lightweight vacuum. This is also because there is actually no question of a floor brush and because the dust container is incorporated in the mopping pad. Without a vacuum cleaner mop pad and an empty water reservoir, the vacuum cleaner weighs 2.2 kilograms.

Batterly life

I left the cordless vacuum cleaner on with a full battery to test how long the battery life is. The Shark VacMop lasted 3 hours and 21 minutes (201 minutes) during my review. This is remarkably long for a cordless vacuum cleaner.

The Shark VacMop lasted 3 hours and 21 minutes (201 minutes) during my review. This is remarkably long for a cordless vacuum cleaner.

The stick vacuum cleaner is equipped with a Li-on battery that you can easily charge with a magnetic charging cable.

Mop spray function

The Shark VacMop is a vacuum cleaner with a mopping function. Unlike the Philips Max Aqua, for example, you don't have to operate the water supply with your foot, but you can wet the floor with a button at the handle.

shark vacmop spray mopping

You can spray the floor wet before you mop it. © Vacuumtester

You can fill the VacMop with a special floor cleaner, which is suitable for multiple floor types.

Maintenance of the Shark VacMop

In terms of maintenance, the Shark VacMop scores well and badly. I want to emphasize that this is a special vacuum cleaner; so it has no dust container and no filter. These are incorporated in the vacuum cleaner-mopping pad.

Does not need to be emptied

A big plus is that you cannot come into contact with dirt and dust. The vacuum cleaner mopping pad collects the dirt; when it's time for a new pad, you can just throw it away. You also don't have to worry about cleaning a HEPA filter. This is also included in the disposable mopping pad.

There is a water reservoir in the vacuum cleaner, which you can easily refill at the back.

water container shark vacmop

The water reservoir for the Shark floor cleaner. © Vacuumtester

Necessary Shark purchases

A downside of the plus that you don't have to empty the vacuum cleaner and replace filters is that you are dependent on Shark with this vacuum cleaner. You should regularly buy new vacuum cleaner mopping pads. And do you also want to be able to mop? Then you should also buy the floor cleaner from Shark now and then. However, you could also just fill it with water.

shark vacmop accessories

You need special Shark VacMop accessories. © Vacuumtester

Noise level: quiet, but little power

I measured the noise level of the Shark VacMop at 69 decibels. With such a low noise level, I would normally consider a cordless vacuum cleaner in the search for the best quiet vacuum cleaner. However, there is such a different vacuum cleaner that I have not done this.

Conclusion Shark VacMop review

The Shark VacMop is a handy cleaning aid that you can quickly reach if you come across crumbs or stains on the floor. There is excellent suction performance on various hard floor types. Both with small and somewhat larger dirt.

The mopping function is very nice: you can spray the floor wet at the handle, after which you go over it with the mopping pad. You can use Shark's special floor cleaner, but you can also consider filling it with water.

This is a cordless vacuum cleaner without a dust container and filters. These are in fact incorporated in the vacuum cleaner mopping pads that you have to buy separately. On the one hand, this is a great advantage, because you do not come into contact with dirt and you do not have to spend time on maintenance. On the other hand, you are dependent on Shark: you will constantly have to buy new vacuum cleaner mop pads to use it.



Suction Power (kPa): 7
Airflow (m/s): 11
Battery Life (min): 201


Weight (g.): 2200
Noise Level (dB): 69
Mopping Funcion:
Motorized Brush:
LCD Screen
Cord Length (cm): -


Type: Stick vacuum
Dust Collection: -
Illuminated Brush:
Click-in Battery:
Capacity (cl): 200


HEPA Filtration:
Washable Filters:
Allergy Filter:

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