Hyundai Cordless Stick Vacuum Review

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Perhaps cheap, but not a good vacuum. Performs poorly in my tests.
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Perhaps cheap, but not a good vacuum. Performs poorly in my tests.

Last update: October 26, 2023

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hyundai stick vacuum review and testJust like smartphones and electric vehicles, cordless stick vacuum cleaners are starting to look more and more alike. However, I recently came across a vacuum cleaner that looked very much like another vacuum cleaner: the Hyundai cordless stick vacuum cleaner shows a lot of similarities with the Dyson V8 in terms of design. The vacuum cleaner is for sale for only 80 euros at, among others, the Action, a popular retail chain in Europe.

I decided to buy this vacuum cleaner and check how it differs from more expensive vacuum cleaners such as the very similar Dyson V8. Is it worth the money, or are you buying a nice vacuum cleaner with poor suction performance? You will discover it in this Hyundai upright vacuum cleaner review.

Unboxing Hyundai stick vacuum cleaner

The packaging of the Hyundai upright vacuum cleaner already reveals that it is a small upright vacuum cleaner. In the image below I have displayed the complete contents of the package.

unboxing hyundai stick vacuum

  1. Hyundai HHA592203: the Hyundai upright vacuum cleaner
  2. Vacuum cleaner rod: an orange aluminum vacuum cleaner rod
  3. Manual: user manual
  4. Floor brush: motorized floor brush
  5. Combi accessory: a flat crevice tool with extendable dusting brush
  6. Crevice vacuum cleaner: for vacuuming hard-to-reach places
  7. Wall bracket: for hanging the vacuum cleaner
  8. Charger: for charging the cordless vacuum cleaner

It strikes me that the accessories are very similar to those of Dyson. Not only parts such as the vacuum cleaner rod, but even the attachments look almost the same.

Suction performance Hyundai stick vacuum

Time to test the Hyundai upright vacuum cleaner extensively. To assess the suction performance of this stick vacuum cleaner, I tested the vacuum cleaner with different dirt on various floor types.

The vacuum cleaner doesn't do very well on hard wooden floors: the motorized floor brush shoots small dirt forward. Even when I lift the floor brush afterwards, I notice that dirt remains on the floor.

The vacuum cleaner doesn't do very well on hard wooden floors: the motorized floor brush shoots small dirt forward.

It goes a little better on low-pile carpet: the dirt is thrown forward less, but here too I notice that dirt remains behind on the floor. I have to vacuum back and forth several times with the vacuum cleaner to properly vacuum the dirt. The same is the case with high-pile carpet. I am glad that the vacuum cleaner is equipped with a turbo mode (MAX mode) so that I can vacuum the dirt deeper into the carpet.

suction performance hyundai stick vacuum

Here I test the vacuum cleaner on different floor types. ©

The vacuum cleaner scores average in terms of pet hair: the motorized floor brush makes it easy to remove pet hair from carpets and soft floors. Unfortunately, I do not discover a motorized mini brush for vacuuming fabric furniture. I consider this a major drawback.

  • Hard wooden floors: 5/10
  • Carpet: 6/10
  • Pet Hair: 5/10

Suction power (kPa) and AirFlow measurement

In addition to the suction performance on different floor types, I always measure the suction power in kilopascals and the airflow in meters per second in all my vacuum cleaner reviews. Thanks to these measurements, I can compare vacuum cleaners with each other and, among other things, judge the best powerful vacuum cleaner.

The Hyundai stick vacuum cleaner has a normal and a MAX mode. In normal mode, the cordless vacuum cleaner has a suction power of 3 kPa in normal mode and 7 kPa in MAX mode. This is considerably lower than the – apparently comparable – Dyson V8: in my Dyson V8 review I measured a suction power of 5 kPa in normal mode and 10 kPa in turbo mode.

hyundai stick vacuum suction power kpa

Suction power measurement (kPA) of the upright vacuum cleaner. ©

The airflow of the vacuum cleaner is measured at 13.9 m/s in normal mode and 19.4 m/s in MAX mode.

hyundai vacuum airflow

Airflow measurement ©

Ease of use of the Hyundai upright vacuum cleaner

The ease of use of a vacuum cleaner is a broad concept. In my vacuum cleaner reviews I examine the following factors to assess ease of use:

  • Noise level
  • Service
  • Weight
  • Battery life and charging
  • Versatility

Noise level: a noisy vacuum cleaner

Bagless and cordless stick vacuum cleaners are known to produce more noise than, for example, a traditional vacuum cleaner with a bag. However, the Hyundai does make a lot of noise: in normal mode I measure a noise level of 80.4 decibels.

That is a lot higher than Hyundai promises: the description at various web shops states a maximum noise level of 76 decibels.

noise level hyundai vacuum

The noise measurement of the Hyundai upright vacuum cleaner. ©

Is a low noise level important to you? Then I recommend that you take a look at my research into the best quiet vacuum cleaner.

Handling and weight

The vacuum cleaner is easy to operate: on the top of the vacuum cleaner you will discover two buttons: a power button and a button to select the mode. Unlike many Dyson stick vacuums, there is no trigger button. So you don't have to hold down the button to vacuum.

The packaging of the vacuum cleaner shows a feather with the promise: “Lightweight vacuum”. I speak of a lightweight stick vacuum if it weighs less than 3 kilograms. I always weigh the vacuum cleaner with vacuum cleaner rod and floor brush. After all, this is the version as you use it. The promise seems to be true: in my review I arrive at a weight level of 2.59 kilograms.

weight level hyundai stick vacuum

The Hyundai upright vacuum cleaner on the scale. ©

This brings it close to the best lightweight vacuum cleaner: the Dyson Micro of only 1.5 kilograms.

Battery life and charging

This is a cordless stick vacuum cleaner: you will therefore have to charge it regularly to be able to vacuum. I fully charged the vacuum cleaner so that I could test the maximum battery life. I was able to use the vacuum cleaner for 32 minutes. This is fine and comparable to many other stick vacuums.

I find charging the vacuum cleaner a bit annoying: you have to push a red rubber clip up, after which you can plug it in. I find the location annoying: see photo below. You can monitor the battery's charging status using an LED ring on the top of the vacuum cleaner.

charging status hyundai vacuum

An LED ring indicates how far the battery is charged. ©

Versatility: few accessories

When unboxing I discovered few vacuum cleaner accessories. Where you get a large number of Dyson parts with a Dyson, the number of parts with this Hyundai vacuum cleaner is scarce. Although the motorized floor brush could be used on all floor types, it does not vacuum as well on hard floors. In addition, there is no mini motorized brush, so removing pet hair on furniture can be difficult with this vacuum cleaner.

Maintenance: emptying and cleaning

An important part of a bagless stick vacuum cleaner is how easy it is to empty. Do you quickly come into contact with dirt? And how big is the dust container? In other words, how often do you have to empty it?

Empty the dust container

The Hyundai stick vacuum cleaner is very easy to empty. At the push of a button, the bottom of the dust container folds open, after which the dirt falls into the trash can. The dust container has a capacity of 0.5 liters. Although much smaller than a traditional vacuum cleaner, this size is comparable to many other upright vacuum cleaners.

Hyundai vacuum cleaner filter cleaning

The Hyundai vacuum cleaner is equipped with washable filters. In my opinion, this is a big advantage: you can regularly maintain the vacuum cleaner to maintain good suction performance and low dust emissions.

cleaning filters hyundai vacuum

The Hyundai vacuum cleaner has washable filters. ©

The vacuum cleaner has a HEPA filter and a mesh filter. You can carefully clean the HEPA filter. Note: do not put it back in again until it has completely dried. The same applies to the mesh filter.

Clean brush

As we saw with the suction performance, the Hyundai vacuum cleaner is equipped with a motorized floor brush. It is important to maintain it regularly, as hairs can cause it to stop spinning. A roller that no longer spins is a common problem with this type of floor brush.

The brush of the Hyundai is easy to maintain: you can easily disassemble the roller brush. After this you can easily remove the hair from the brush.

hyundai vacuum brush maintenance

Cleaning the floor brush is easy. ©

Conclusion Hyundai Cordless Stick Vacuum review

The suction performance of the Hyundai vacuum cleaner is not very good. You also don't get a mini turbo brush, which can be a great need for households with pets. With a noise level of 80.4 decibels, the vacuum cleaner is very noisy.

It is a lightweight vacuum cleaner: with only 2.59 kilograms you can grab it quickly and you can vacuum flexibly. The battery life of 32 minutes is a good operating time. The vacuum cleaner is easy to empty and the filters are washable.

I would label the vacuum cleaner as an ‘extra vacuum cleaner' that you can grab as quickly as you come across some crumbs. I would not recommend this vacuum cleaner for larger cleaning activities or for removing animal hair.



Suction Power (kPa): 3
Airflow (m/s): 19.2
Battery Life (min): 32


Weight (g.): 2590
Noise Level (dB): 80.4
Mopping Funcion:
Motorized Brush:
LCD Screen
Cord Length (cm): -


Type: Stick vacuum
Dust Collection: Bagless
Illuminated Brush:
Click-in Battery:
Capacity (cl): 500


HEPA Filtration:
Washable Filters:
Allergy Filter:

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Robbert Tigchelaar

Robbert Tigchelaar

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Hyundai Cordless Stick Vacuum Review
Hyundai Cordless Stick Vacuum Review