Ecovacs Deebot OZMO 950 Review

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Robot vacuum with mopping function that performs well on hard floors.
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Robot vacuum with mopping function that performs well on hard floors.

Last update: April 5, 2024

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ecovacs deebot ozmo 950 review by vacuumtester

A robot vacuum cleaner that has the same suction power as a standard cordless vacuum cleaner. That is the promise Ecovacs makes with the introduction of the new Deebot OZMO 950. A robot vacuum cleaner with a mopping function. Ecovacs labels this robot vacuum cleaner as the best robot vacuum cleaner ever.

To find out how well this robot vacuum actually performs, I recently bought it. I have extensively tested the robot vacuum cleaner with mopping function. In this Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo 950 review I discuss my experiences.

ecovacs deebot ozmo 950 review

The Ecovacs Deebot OZMO 950 has interchangeable attachments. © Vacuumtester

Unboxing Deebot OZMO 950

When unpacking the Ecovacs Deebot OZMO 950, I notice that many replacement accessories are included. In the photo below you will discover the complete contents of the packaging.

unboxing deebot ozmo 950

The complete contents of the package. © Vacuumtester

  1. Deebot OZMO 950: the robot vacuum cleaner
  2. Extra side brushes: four extra side brushes for left and right
  3. Charging station: the charging station with charging cable
  4. Disposable Mopping Pads: Multiple Single Use Mopping Pads
  5. Washable mop pad: a mop pad that you can clean
  6. Direct nozzle: suitable for vacuuming hair
  7. Extra vacuum cleaner filter: a replacement filter

The robot vacuum cleaner also comes with a V-shaped floor brush. In the photo above, it is under the robot vacuum cleaner.

Suction performance Deebot OZMO 950

When unpacking the Deebot OZMO 950 I discovered several nozzles. That is unique for a robot vacuum cleaner. Normally there is a floor brush that is suitable for all floor types. However, I do have doubts about multiple suction nozzles on a robot vacuum cleaner. Are we, as robot vacuum cleaner owners, waiting for the manual replacement of suction nozzles?

The Ecovacs Deebot OZMO 950 comes with a V-shaped floor brush and a direct suction nozzle. According to Ecovacs, the latter can be used to remove animal hairs, without them getting stuck in the brush.

Are we, as robot vacuum cleaner owners, waiting for the manual replacement of suction nozzles?

I tested the robot vacuum cleaner with the different nozzles on different floor types, including dark floors.

deebot ozmo 950 floor brushes

The Deebot Ozmo 950 comes with different nozzles. © Vacuumtester

Performance on (dark) hard floors, carpet and pet hair

The robotic vacuum cleaner performs well on hard floors. All the dirt is properly vacuumed. You can also choose to wipe the wooden floors immediately with a damp mopping pad. To do this, you need to fill the water reservoir and place the mopping pad under the vacuum cleaner. It is important to note that the robot vacuum cleaner only wipes the floor, but does not scrub it. Something I did see during the Yeedi Vac 2 Pro review.

It is important to note that the robot vacuum cleaner only wipes the floor, but does not scrub it.

The vacuum cleaner also has no problem on carpet. Thanks to the V-shaped floor brush, no dirt is left behind on soft carpets. Is there a lot of dirt on the carpet? Then you can manually increase the suction power. In turbo mode there is 150% more suction power than in normal mode. This is also good for removing pet hair.

The direct nozzle can optionally also be used for vacuuming (animal) hair. This attachment prevents animal hairs from becoming entangled in a brush.

  • (Dark) wooden floors: 7.5/10
  • Carpet: 7/10
  • Pet hair: 7/10
ecovacs deebot ozmo 950 floor test

The Deebot robot vacuum performs well on wooden floors. © Vacuumtester

Systematic cleaning route

The robot vacuum cleaner uses the latest Smart Navi software from Ecovacs. This creates a virtual map of the room, after which the OZMO 950 determines the most efficient cleaning route. The vacuum cleaner follows a systematic cleaning route, so nothing is skipped.

Obstacle Detection

Obstacle detection During the suction performance test I also performed an obstacle detection test. I have a cable, earplugs and fake dog turd on the floor for this. The vacuum cleaner has some problems with cords here and there. If the cables do not form a pile, there is a good chance that the robot vacuum cleaner will run over them. The vacuum cleaner seems to dodge larger objects, including fake dog turds.

With some furniture legs, the robot vacuum cleaner gently bumps into them. Even when he has vacuumed the room several times. However, this is done gently and does not cause any damage. Ecovacs emphasizes this: “With its collision sensors and soft bumpers, the robot automatically avoids obstacles and protects your furniture while cleaning“, according to the manufacturer.

The vacuum cleaner is also remarkably low. This makes it easy to vacuum under furniture. The maximum threshold height of the robot vacuum cleaner is 2 centimeters. If the thresholds in your home are higher, the vacuum cleaner cannot navigate to other rooms.

Usability: installation, Ecovacs app and features

The user-friendliness of a robot vacuum cleaner depends on a number of factors. How easy is the Deebot to install? And is the app clear and easy to operate? I have researched the installation process, the Ecovacs app and the various (smart) functions of the Deebot OZMO 950.

Deebot OZMO 950 installation

Before you can have the robot vacuum cleaner vacuumed, you must first install it properly. Fortunately, the installation process is very easy and consists of a few steps.

  1. Remove the protective strips from the robot vacuum cleaner
  2. Place the charging station in a suitable location*
  3. Click the side brushes under the robot vacuum cleaners (Red left, Green right)
  4. Put the robot vacuum cleaner with the button on the bottom of the robot vacuum cleaner
  5. Fully charge the Deebot OZMO 950 (takes about 5 hours)
  6. Activate the vacuum cleaner with the button on the top

* It is important that the charging station has half a meter of free space on the sides and 1.5 meters of free space at the front. There must also be a good WiFi connection and it must be placed on a hard surface.

deebot ozmo 950 installation

Take into account enough free space around the charging station. © Vacuumtester

Ecovacs Home app: well-arranged

To fully enjoy all functions, it is necessary to download the Ecovacs Home app. In the app you can view a virtual map of the cleaning area and send the robot vacuum cleaner to specific rooms. Some interesting app features:

  • View virtual map of the room
  • Indicate where and when the robot vacuum cleaner should clean
  • Create virtual boundaries for areas where the OZMO 950 does not need to clean
  • Create specific cleaning zones within rooms
  • Adjust the vacuum cleaner suction power
  • Adjust the Mopping Pad Moisture Level

You can also use the app to control the robot vacuum cleaner when you are not at home. This allows you to activate the vacuum cleaner on the go or when you are at work. This way you can come home to a vacuumed house and you will never be bothered by the sound of a vacuum cleaner. The best quiet vacuum cleaner can't beat that.

ecovacs app interface

The clear app from Ecovacs. © Vacuumtester

Automatically returns to charging dock

When the battery of the Deebot OZMO 950 is almost empty, it automatically returns to the charging station. Don't be afraid that the robot vacuum cleaner will start the cleaning route again: it will continue where it left off after charging.

In addition, you don't have to worry that the robot vacuum cleaner will be outdated in a few years. Thanks to automatic updates – which Ecovacs calls OTA (over the air) technology – Deebots always have the latest functionalities.

Maintenance: Empty, fill and clean Deebot OZMO 950

An important part of my vacuum cleaner reviews is the maintenance of the vacuum cleaner. With a robot vacuum cleaner, this involves more than just emptying the dust container. For example, we are dealing with different brushes, castors and sensors.

Emptying the dust container and filling the water tank

Emptying the dust container is super easy. You can click out the dust container on the front of the vacuum cleaner, after which you can empty it above the trash can. Because the reservoir only has a capacity of only 0.43 liters, you have to take into account that it has to be emptied after every cleaning activity.

Filling what's in the water tank is also easy. When you click it out at the front, you can refill it under the tap. You can then click the mop pad underneath it, after which you can click it back into the robot vacuum cleaner.

deebot 950 ozmo water tank

Filling the water tank for mopping is easy. © Vacuumtester

Cleaning Deebot OZMO

As I just mentioned, the maintenance of a robot vacuum cleaner consists of more activities than just emptying the dust container. See below what and how often you should clean a Deebot OZMO.

Part How often to clean? When to replace?
Mopping pad After every activity After 50 activities
Mop plate After every activity
Side brushes Every two weeks After 3 – 6 months
Main brush Every Week After 6 – 12 months
Filter Every Week After 3 – 6 months
Castor wheel Every Week
Sensors Every Week
Charging points Every Week

It strikes me that all parts are easy to clean. You can easily disassemble many parts. You will also receive replacement filters and a new filter with the robot vacuum cleaner.

Conclusion Deebot OZMO 950 review

The Deebot OZMO 950 is a robot vacuum cleaner that is suitable for multiple floor types. Thanks to the motorized floor brush, all dirt is neatly removed, even from carpets. And do you not want tangles with hair in the brush? Then you can use the supplied direct suction nozzle.

Thanks to the mopping function, the robot vacuum cleaner can remove fine dust from the floor while vacuuming. It is nice that you can determine the water level yourself. Keep in mind that you have to clean the mopping pad after every cleaning activity. Please note: the robot vacuum cleaner does not scrub the floor. He just wipes it with a wet mop.

The robot vacuum cleaner is easy to use: the app is very well-arranged and you can indicate in a virtual map where the robot vacuum cleaner should and should not vacuum. You can also easily create cleaning schedules so that you always come home to a vacuumed house.



Suction Power (kPa): -
Airflow (m/s): -
Battery Life (min): -


Weight (g.): -
Noise Level (dB): 66
Platform: Amazon Alexa, Google Home
Treshold Height (cm): 2
Mopping Funcion:
Motorized Brush:
LCD Screen
Cord Length (cm): -


Type: Robot vacuum
Dust Collection: -
Illuminated Brush:
Click-in Battery:
Capacity (cl): 500


HEPA Filtration:
Washable Filters:
Allergy Filter:

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Ecovacs Deebot OZMO 950 Review
Ecovacs Deebot OZMO 950 Review