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One of the most powerful stick vacuum cleaners I have tested, with a well-functioning laser that allows you to see dirt ...
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One of the most powerful stick vacuum cleaners I have tested, with a well-functioning laser that allows you to see dirt better.

Last update: April 5, 2024

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dyson v15 detect review

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Dyson recently presented a new stick vacuum: the Dyson V15 Detect, a Dyson with green laser. This stick vacuum should make dirt on the floor more visible thanks to laser technology. In addition, it is equipped with a special sensor that automatically adjusts the suction power and shows exactly what kind of dirt you are vacuuming.

I decided to buy the Dyson V15 Detect and test it extensively. For my review I chose the Absolute version: a version where I get a lot of different Dyson accessories. Check out my experiences with this vacuum cleaner in this extensive Dyson V15 Detect Absolute review.

Unboxing: Dyson V15 Detect Absolute

When you buy a new Dyson, you often have a choice of very different versions. Depending on the version, you get different accessories.

For my review I chose the Dyson V15 Detect Absolute: an extensive package that comes with many different accessories. View the complete contents of the package:

dyson v15 detect absolute unboxing

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  1. Dyson V15 Detect: the vacuum cleaner itself, with a snap-in battery
  2. Laser Slim fluffy floor nozzle: a soft suction brush with laser lighting
  3. High Torque floor nozzle: a motorized combi brush
  4. Brush for stubborn dirt: a small brush with stiff bristles
  5. Combi accessory: a small suction nozzle with extendable dusting brush
  6. Crevice tool: a nozzle for hard-to-reach places
  7. Soft dusting brush: for vacuuming furniture
  8. Brush for under (Reach under): extension for vacuuming under furniture
  9. Helicoidal tangle-free brush: a motorized mini turbo brush
  10. Wall holder: a wall holder to store the Dyson
  11. Accessory clip: you can click this on the rod, so that you have accessories at hand
  12. Vacuum cleaner rod: a lightweight vacuum cleaner rod (not adjustable)
  13. Charging cable: you can integrate this with the wall holder (10)

Would you like to learn more about these accessories? In the complete Dyson parts guide, I cover all Dyson accessories and explain exactly what you can do with them.

Suction performance of the Dyson V15 Detect

How well does the Dyson V15 Detect score in terms of suction performance? To answer this question, I tested the V15 on different floor types with different dirt sizes. From small dirt on hard wooden floors (parquet) to large dirt on long-pile carpet.

Suction performance wooden floors, carpet and pet hair

The Dyson V15 Detect comes with a suction brush for soft floors (a fluffy nozzle) and for hard floors (motorized multi-surface brush). For the wooden floors I naturally used the soft fluffy brush. This one has no problem with small and large dirt! In addition, wooden floors are well protected thanks to the soft roller brush.

For the wooden floors I naturally used the soft fluffy brush, it has no problem with small and large dirt

For the test on soft floors, I used the motorized multi-surface brush. It sucks up small and dirt without any problems, but I do notice that some small dirt remains on the floor. On deep-pile carpet I experience some difficulty pushing the vacuum cleaner forward.

When it comes to removing pet hair, this vacuum cleaner is highly recommended. It comes with a motorized floor brush for removing pet hair on the floor. You get the new screw-shaped tangle-free brush for removing pet hair from furniture. This motorized mini brush is designed in such a way that no tangles can form in the brush!

  • Hardwood floors: 9/10
  • Carpet: 7/10
  • Pet Hair: 8/10

Dyson V15 Suction and Airflow

In addition to the suction performance on different floors, I also do a suction power measurement with every vacuum cleaner review. I can use this measurement result to compare the suction power of different vacuum cleaners. In do this with my custom made vacuum tester: it shows my in kilopascals (kPa) how powerful a vacuum cleaner is.

The Dyson V15 Detect has a suction power of 10 kPa. In the field of stick vacuums, this is the best powerful vacuum cleaner yet. This V15 also has a turbo mode: in this mode the suction power is no less than 27 kPa, making it even stronger than the average canister vacuum cleaner.


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In addition to the suction power, I also check the airflow (Airflow). The airflow of Dyson V15 is approximately 16.6 meters per second. This is fine compared to other stick vacuums. The airflow in turbo mode is 26 m/s, which is very high.

dyson v15 detect airflow

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User-friendliness of the Dyson V15

The user-friendliness of a vacuum cleaner is a broad concept. In order to assess the user-friendliness, I always check the following factors:

  • Maneuverability
  • Versatility
  • Service
  • Noise level
  • Battery life/charging time

Extremely versatile vacuum cleaner

The Dyson V15 Detect is a very versatile vacuum cleaner. In the article ‘Which Dyson to buy?‘ I showed that the choice for a specific version determines which accessories you get. Because I opted for the extensive Dyson V15 Detect Absolute, I get an incredible amount of accessories with it.

The vacuum cleaner weighs quite heavy at 3 kilograms. And if I compare this with, for example, the Dyson Micro 1.5 kg, it is a lot less manoeuvrable. On the other hand, you do enjoy an excellent battery life (60 minutes) and a large 0.77 liter dust container.

Laser technology: does this green laser really work?

The Dyson V15 Detect is much talked about for its ‘laser technology'. It is the first vacuum cleaner with a built-in laser, which should make dirt more visible. But does this green laser really work that well?

Yes! When you vacuum a somewhat dark room, dirt on the floor becomes much more visible. Especially when there is very small dirt or when the dirt has almost the same color as the floor. In the photo below I tested this with white rice grains on a light parquet floor.

dyson v15 detect review

Piezo sensor: Interesting information or superfluous?

When the Dyson V15 was announced, not only was the laser technology innovative: it is also equipped with a so-called ‘Piezo sensor'. This allows the measurement of vacuumed dust, after which this is shown on the display.

In my opinion, this ‘Piezo sensor' is certainly of added value: the suction power is automatically adjusted when it detects large amounts of dust. The information that you see on the LCD screen, on the other hand, is somewhat redundant. It's more proof that it works than that it is of any use.

dyson v15 lcd display

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In my noise measurement I measure a sound level of 72 decibels. This makes it certainly not a silent vacuum cleaner, but it is the best quiet vacuum cleaner in the field of stick vacuums.

Dyson V15 Maintenance: dust container and filters

As I just mentioned, the Dyson V15 has a dust container with a capacity of 0.77 liters. This is a great size: you should empty it after about three vacuums. Emptying is – as I am used to from Dyson – very easy. Thanks to the ‘No-touch' emptying mechanism, I do not come into contact with the dirt.

Easy to maintain

The vacuum cleaner itself is equipped with a ULPA 15 filter: this is an incredibly strong HEPA filter, with a retention of > 99.99995%. You can easily clean the Dyson filter under the tap.

Not only is the filter easy to clean: the various parts are also easy to maintain. For example, you can easily disassemble the motorized brushes to remove tangles of animal hair, for example.

Want to learn more about how to maintain a Dyson? Then read the comprehensive guide to cleaning a Dyson vacuum.

Conclusion Dyson V15 Detect review

The Dyson V15 is an innovative stick vacuum. It has tremendous suction power and performs very well on different floor types. The vacuum cleaner scores particularly well on wooden floors. Wooden floors are also well protected with the soft fluffy brush.

The laser technology is of added value: especially when it is somewhat dark and there is little contrast, the dirt on the floor becomes much more visible. Thanks to the ‘Piezo sensor', the suction power is automatically adjusted when more dust is detected. However, the information you see on the LCD screen doesn't add much.

Is the Dyson V15 worth the money?

When I look at the Dyson V15's predecessor, the Dyson V11, there are few major differences in performance. In the Dyson V15 vs V11 comparison, it appears that the battery life (60 minutes), as well as the charging time, the noise level and the size of the dust container almost match.

However, there is a big difference in price, which is mainly due to the laser technology and the built-in Piezo sensor. Do you often vacuum in the dark or do you have a dark floor where dirt is difficult to see? Then the V15 is worth the extra money: if you already have a V11, I wouldn't replace it for this.

Testvideos: Dyson V15 Detect Review



Suction Power (kPa): 10
Airflow (m/s): 16.6
Battery Life (min): 60


Weight (g.): 2900
Noise Level (dB): 72
Mopping Funcion:
Motorized Brush:
LCD Screen
Cord Length (cm): -


Type: Stick vacuum
Dust Collection: Bagless
Illuminated Brush:
Click-in Battery:
Capacity (cl): 700


HEPA Filtration:
Washable Filters:
Allergy Filter:

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