Black + Decker BHHV520BFP Review

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One of the few handheld vacuums with a motorized brush. A good choice for households with pets.
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One of the few handheld vacuums with a motorized brush. A good choice for households with pets.

Last update: October 26, 2023

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black+decker bhhv520bfp review

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Black+Decker recently released a new compact handheld vacuum cleaner: the “Pet Dustbuster 18V”, also known as the Black & Decker BHHV520FP. As the name suggests, this handheld vacuum is intended for removing pet hair.

To find out how well you can actually vacuum pet hair, I decided to extensively test this wireless Black+Decker hand vacuum cleaner. In this Black+Decker Pet Dustbuster review I share my experiences!

Unboxing: Black+Decker BHHV520BFP-QW

When I received the packaging of this Black+Decker handheld vacuum, I immediately noticed that it is a small and light box. This seems logical: I discover relatively few accessories in the packaging.

black decker pet dustbuster 18v

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  1. Black+Decker BHHV520BFP-QW: the ‘Pet Dustbuster 18V' itself
  2. Motorized mini brush: a turbo brush for removing pet hair
  3. Docking station: a holder in which you can charge the BHHV520BFP
  4. Charging cable: you can integrate the charging cable with the docking station (3)

The hand vacuum cleaner itself is equipped with an extra accessory: an extendable crevice tool. In the photo above it is fully extended.

Suction performance of this Black+Decker Pet Dustbuster 18V

To find out how the suction performance of the Black+Decker BHHV520BFP is, I tested it extensively on various surfaces: from fragile wooden floors to deep-pile carpet. I also looked at how suitable this hand vacuum cleaner is for removing pet hair.

Suction performance wooden floors, carpets and pet hair

On hard floor types, this hand vacuum cleaner has no problem with vacuuming. Small and large dirt are vacuumed up without any problems. I should mention here that the handheld vacuum is less suitable for vulnerable surfaces: no accessories are included with soft bristles.

I should mention here that the handheld vacuum is less suitable for vulnerable surfaces: no accessories are included with soft bristles.

The Black+Decker Pet Dustbuster 18V has no problem with small and large dirt on soft floor types. Both on long-pile and low-pile carpet there is good suction and the dirt problem is vacuumed up.

This BHHV520BFP-QW appears to be very suitable for removing animal hair. Thanks to the included motorized mini brush, I can easily remove pet hair from fabric furniture or carpets!

motorized mini brush black decker bhhv520bfp

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  • Hardwood floors: 4/10
  • Carpet: 7/10
  • Pet Hair: 8/10

Black+Decker BHHV520BFP suction and airflow

In addition to the suction performance on different floor types, I always check the suction power and the airflow. This data makes it possible to compare hand-held vacuum cleaners in a valuable way.

The Black+Decker BHHV520BFP has a suction power of 5 kilopascals (kPa). I also measured the suction power in the turbo mode: here I arrive at 6 kPa.

black decker bhhv520bfp suction power

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The airflow of this handheld vacuum is approximately 16 meters per second at normal power and 19 meters per second in turbo mode. This is very high compared to other handheld vacuum cleaners.

User-friendliness of the Pet Dustbuster 18V

An important part of my vacuum cleaner reviews is the user-friendliness of a vacuum cleaner. Because user-friendliness is a broad concept, I always look at the following factors with a hand vacuum cleaner:

  • Charging: battery life/charging time
  • Versatility
  • Weight
  • Noise level

Black+Decker BHHV520BFP battery life and charging time

Since we are dealing here with a cordless handheld vacuum cleaner, the battery life and charging time are very important. How long can I vacuum with this Black+Decker cordless hand vacuum cleaner?

I can vacuum continuously for 20 minutes with this handheld vacuum. That's quite long: it's almost twice as much as the Philips FC6149 Minivac. Thanks to the lights on top of the vacuum cleaner, I can easily see the battery life while vacuuming.

I can vacuum continuously for 20 minutes with this handheld vacuum. That's quite long: it's almost twice as much as the Philips FC6149 Minivac.

It takes about 5 hours to fully charge the battery, which is fine for a handheld vacuum. Speaking of charging: place the charging station on the floor or mount it on the wall. You can integrate the charging cable with it, so you never forget to charge it when you put it away.

Versatility: few accessories

In terms of versatility, the vacuum cleaner scores less well. It is indeed a hand vacuum cleaner for pet hair, but that's about it. I don't discover any extras like a soft dusting brush for furniture or a flexible hose for hard-to-reach places.

Weight and noise level

Since you have to carry a handheld vacuum cleaner in its entirety while vacuuming, weight is an important aspect. This handheld vacuum cleaner weighs only 1.2 kilograms (without a motorized mini brush), which is incredibly light.

I am a little less enthusiastic about the noise level: with more than 79 decibels, it is unfortunately not a quiet choice. In the turbo mode, the vacuum cleaner produces a noise level of even well above 82 decibels.

noise level black decker pet dustbuster

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Maintenance: dust container and filters

The Black+Decker Pet Dustbuster 18V is – like many other handheld vacuum cleaners – bagless. So you will have to manually empty the dust container above the trash can. In addition, it is very important with bagless vacuum cleaners to wash the filters regularly.

Wondering why you have to do this more often than with vacuum cleaners with a bag? Discover the difference between a bagless vs bagged vacuum.

Dust container: large for a handheld vacuum cleaner

The dust container of this hand vacuum cleaner has a capacity of 0.7 liters. This is very large for a compact handheld vacuum like this. I tested stick vacuums that had a smaller capacity.

Emptying this dust container is incredibly easy: you can open a valve on the top of the hand vacuum cleaner, after which you can empty the vacuum cleaner above the trash can.

dust container bhhv520bfp

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Unfortunately, the filter of the vacuum cleaner is not a HEPA filter: I also do not discover a motor filter under the hood. I think this is a small minus for a hand vacuum cleaner that is labeled as suitable for pet hair.

The risk of an allergic reaction is the greatest in homes with pets; something a good HEPA filter could prevent. The filter is washable, so you don't have to buy a new one regularly.

Conclusion Black+Decker BHHV520BFP review

The Black+Decker BHHV520BFP is a very suitable choice if you are looking for a hand-held vacuum cleaner for pet hair. This compact handheld vacuum cleaner is equipped with a motorized mini brush, with which you can easily remove pet hair from fabric furniture or carpets. There is a large dust container, which you can easily empty above the trash can.

Unfortunately, I discover few extra accessories with this hand vacuum cleaner, which makes it not very versatile. You have a crevice tool that you can slide out and a mini brush, but that's about it. It is also not a silent handheld vacuum cleaner. Are you really only looking for a hand-held vacuum cleaner for removing pet hair? Then that is no problem.



Suction Power (kPa): 5
Airflow (m/s): 16
Battery Life (min): 20


Weight (g.): 1200
Noise Level (dB): 79.6
Mopping Funcion:
Motorized Brush:
LCD Screen
Cord Length (cm): -


Type: Handheld vacuum
Dust Collection: Bagless
Illuminated Brush:
Click-in Battery:
Capacity (cl): 700


HEPA Filtration:
Washable Filters:
Allergy Filter:

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Black + Decker BHHV520BFP Review
Black + Decker BHHV520BFP Review