New Philips AquaTrio 9000 series launched

new philips aquatrio 9000 series
Mopping and vacuuming in one go with the new Philips AquaTrio. © Philips PR

Philips has launched a new vacuum cleaner: the Philips AquaTrio 9000 series. This is a stick vacuum cleaner that can vacuum both wet and dry dirt. The cordless vacuum cleaner has many interesting features: it can clean itself, it is extremely flexible and it has a 360-degree floor nozzle.

Philips AquaTrio 9000 series

Philips was one of the first vacuum cleaner brands to launch a stick vacuum cleaner with a mopping function. Consider, for example, the Philips SpeedPro Max Aqua. With this new Philips AquaTrio 9000 series, Philips is expanding its wet and dry stick vacuum cleaners.

Philips AquaTrio 9000 series

A stick vacuum with a mopping function: vacuuming and mopping in one movement.
🇺🇸 In the United States available at Amazon (limited)

Stick vacuum cleaner with mopping function

The Philips AquaTrio offers the possibility to vacuum and mop the floor in one movement. There is a water reservoir in the vacuum cleaner. If you don't want to use the mopping function, for example if you want to vacuum the carpet, you can switch to vacuuming only.

The floor brush is very flexible: the advertising video shows that it can easily vacuum under chairs or sofas. There is a 360 degree brush with a double roller brush. This shows some similarities with the brushes of the Dyson OmniGlide.

There is a 360 degree brush with a double roller brush. This shows some similarities with the brushes of the Dyson OmniGlide.

Self-cleaning system

The self-cleaning system is very striking. We know a stick vacuum that can empty itself from the Samsung Bespoke Jet, for example, but a stick vacuum that can clean itself? Philips makes it possible. When you place the Philips AquaTrio in the charging station, the stick vacuum cleaner can clean itself.

Various accessories

The Philips AquaTrio comes with many different accessories. In addition to the floor nozzle with mopping function, there is also a normal floor brush with LED lighting. In addition, you also get a mini turbo brush, which can be useful when vacuuming sofas or chairs with animal hairs.

See below which accessories are included:

  • Floorbrush for mopping
  • Combi brush
  • Mini Turbo Brush
  • Crevice tool

Philips AquaTrio specifications

View all important specifications of the Philips AquaTrio 9000 series (XW9383/01) in the overview below.

Philips AquaTrio 9000 seriesSpecification
Battery life45 minutes
Weight3 kilograms
Noise level76 decibels
Capacity0.4 liters
Pricefrom 849 dollars
Note: These are factory specifications and not's measurements.

Buy Philips AquaTrio: price and availability

Do you want to buy the Philips AquaTrio? At the moment, the stick vacuum cleaner is only for sale in Europe. It has a price of 849 euros, which does not make it a cheap vacuum cleaner. You can buy the vacuum cleaner from Philips or at some resellers. Check it out at Amazon (limited).

Philips AquaTrio 9000 series

The new Philips stick vacuum cleaner is for sale, but difficult to obtain in the U.S.
🇺🇸 In the United States available at Amazon (limited)

Philips AquaTrio review in production

At we are currently testing this new stick vacuum: an extensive Philips Aquatrio review is in the works. Keep an eye on the vacuum cleaner reviews section for an update.

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