10 Movies & Films where a Vacuum Cleaner Plays a Role

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When you don't want to think about vacuuming for a while, you can flop down on the couch for a nice movie or series. However, there's a chance you might still be confronted with this unforgettable household helper. It turns out that there are quite a few movies and series where the vacuum cleaner has secured a role. Vacuumtester lists the most amusing examples for you.

Superstore (TV Series): ‘Robot Vacuum Glen'

superstore series robot vacuum glenn
© Video still / Superstore

In the American comedy series Superstore, created by Justin Spitzer, there is occasionally a aisle of vacuum cleaners visible in the large supermarket. But that's not all: there are even a few episodes dedicated to an uncontrollable robot vacuum that has a mind of its own. Much to the frustration of the employees, who eventually let it drive off the roof. Apparently, a robot vacuum without good sensors (a vacuum cleaner nerd joke).

Breaking Bad: ‘Saul at the Vacuum Store'

breaking bad vacuum repair store
© Breaking Bad / Video Still

Perhaps one of my favorite television series: Breaking Bad. And yes, the vacuum cleaner makes an appearance there too. A Vacuum Repair Company is used as a hiding place for Walter White and, at one point, also for Saul Goodman. A well-known line: “When you need a way out to disappear…you need only to visit the vacuum repair shop.”

Hocus Pocus 2 (2022): ‘Flying On a Robot Vacuum Cleaner'

hocus focus 2 robot vacuum fly

In the 2022 children's film Hocus Pocus 2, three witches decide to take to the skies together. The oldest witch, of course, on a broom, the second witch on a Swiffer, and the third witch on, yes, two robot vacuum cleaners! The witch comments, “They were the only broomies left. The man said, be careful, they have a mind of their own…

17 Again (2009): “I'm Finished….With the rug”

17again vacuum rug carpet
© Video Still YouTube

In the comedy film 17 Again starring Zac Efron, there's also a scene featuring a vacuum cleaner. Specifically, a Dyson vacuum cleaner is used as a handheld vacuum to clean a carpet. In the hilarious scene, a house full of mess is shown, and the person with the vacuum declares that he's done… with the carpet, as the rest of the house is still a big mess.

Dennis the Menace (1993): ‘Wilson vs. Vacuum'

dennis the menace vacuum wilson
© Video still YouTube

In the film Dennis the Menace (1993), a vacuum cleaner also makes an appearance. When Dennis spills a lot of paint and decides to clean it up with a construction vacuum, everything seems fine. That is until later in the film when neighbor George Wilson accidentally turns on the vacuum, which sucks up a golf ball and then blows it out.

Mr. Mom (1983): ‘Jack versus the Appliances'

mr mom vacuum cleaner scene
© Video Still YouTube

In the film Mr. Mom from 1983, there's also a scene involving a vacuum cleaner. Jack (Michael Keaton) engages in a battle with an out-of-control vacuum cleaner and washing machine. He goes to great lengths to stop the vacuum cleaner, which seems to have a mind of its own, sucking up everything in its path.

The Return of The Pink Panther (1975): ‘The Hotel Cleaner'

pink panther hotel cleaner vacuum
© Return of The Pink Panther / YouTube

In the film The Return of The Pink Panther, there's a hotel cleaner with a massive vacuum cleaner. The hefty vacuum creates a lot of noise, gets stuck to the floor and a painting, and ends up vacuuming an entire drawer of underwear. Eventually, the cleaner even gets sucked into the vacuum cleaner himself…

SpongeBob: ‘House Fancy'

sponge bob vacuum cleaner scene
© Video Still YouTube

In SpongeBob, several episodes are dedicated to vacuum cleaners. And no, I'm not talking about Patrick the starfish who sucks in all the Krabby Patties. One of the most famous episodes is ‘House Fancy,' where a vacuum cleaner sucks up all sorts of things, and the vacuum bag gets fuller and fuller. And yes, you can probably guess who it explodes on.

Teletubbies: ‘NooNoo'

noonoo vacuum cleaner teletubbies
© Teletubbies / YouTube

In a children's series where a vacuum cleaner sometimes takes the lead role is, of course, Teletubbies. ‘NooNoo'—as the vacuum cleaner is named—has its own episodes. The cheeky vacuum cleaner sucks up everything in its path and sometimes causes a lot of trouble. However, as we can expect from a good vacuum cleaner, it always cleans up everything neatly in the end.

MrBean Cartoon Series: ‘Clean Up His Mess'

mr bean vacuum cleaner
© Mr Bean Cartoon Series

In various episodes of the Mr. Bean Cartoon Series, a vacuum cleaner makes appearances. One of the most famous episodes is ‘Clean Up His Mess,' where Mr. Bean realizes too late that he has visitors. He quickly starts cleaning up but has a vacuum cleaner with a too-short cord. The cat tosses a ball of yarn towards the vacuum cleaner, resulting in all sorts of consequences.

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