Miele C1 vs C2 comparison (Classic C1 vs Complete C2)

miele classic c1 vs complete c2
Miele Classic C1 (l.) and the Miele Complete C2 (r.) © Vacuumtester.com
In short: the Miele Classic C1 and the Complete C2 are very similar vacuum cleaners. They are both suitable for all floor types, although the Complete C2 comes with an extra parquet brush for sensitive floors. Both vacuum cleaners make a lot of noise and are not lightweight choices. The Miele Complete C2 has a slightly longer cord, making it a better choice for larger spaces.

Miele has many vacuum cleaners that look alike at first glance: I'm mainly talking about the canister vacuum cleaners. The vacuum cleaners are divided into series and models: there is a Complete C2 and C3 series, but you also have a Classic C1 variant.

In this comparison I look at the biggest differences and similarities between the Miele Classic C1 and the Miele Complete C2. Because, which one can you choose best?

Look & Feel: Miele C1 vs C2

As I just mentioned, the Miele Classic C1 and the Miele Complete C2 are very similar. Apart from the colors of course. Let's see how vacuum cleaners differ in terms of design, accessories and build quality.

Design: both not special

These are both canister vacuum cleaners: vacuum cleaners on wheels that you drag behind you. Both Miele vacuum cleaners don't look very special: exactly as you see this type of vacuum cleaner in front of you. They are made of shiny plastic.

miele classic c1 design
Design Miele Classic C1
miele c2 design
Design Miele Complete C2

The vacuum cleaners are available in many different colours.

Accessories: equipped with must-haves

What do you get? With both the Miele Classic C1 and the Complete C2 you only get must-have accessories. View the contents of the entry-level model below.

miele classic c1 unboxing
  1. Miele Classic C1
  2. Vacuum cleaner bag
  3. Combi brush
  4. Furniture brush
  5. Dusting brush
  6. Crevice cleaner
  7. Accessory clip
  8. Handle
  9. Vacuum cleaner rod
  10. Vacuum cleaner hose
  11. Manual
miele complete c2 unboxing
  1. Miele Complete C2
  2. Vacuum cleaner bag
  3. Vacuum cleaner rod
  4. Parquet brush
  5. Combi brush
  6. Crevice cleaner
  7. Dusting brush
  8. Furniture brush
  9. Vacuum cleaner hose
  10. Handle
  11. Manual

It is good to report that you can buy the above vacuum cleaners with more extensive accessory packages.

Build quality: Miele C1 feels cheaper

What strikes me is that both vacuum cleaners are not equipped with a bumper. In my opinion, this is a disadvantage, given that you quickly bump into something with this type of vacuum cleaner. In addition, I think the Miele Classic C1 feels super cheap. I have that feeling less with the Miele Complete C2.

material quality miele classic c1
Build quality Miele C1
miele complete c2 build quality
Build quality Miele C2

I think the Miele Classic C1 feels like a toy vacuum cleaner. And to be honest, he kinda looks like that too.

Look & Feel rating: Miele C1 (6/10) vs Miele C2 (6.5/10)
The Miele Complete C2 scores better in terms of look & feel. It feels less cheap, comes with an extra parquet brush and looks just a bit nicer than the Miele C1.

Miele Complete C2

A nice vacuum cleaner. Comes with must-have accessories and an extra parquet brush.
In the United States available at Amazon and Walmart

Suction power: Miele C1 vs C2

It is interesting to see to what extent there is a difference in the power of the vacuum cleaners. In other words: which sucks harder, the Miele C1 or the Miele C2?

Suction power: Miele C1 is stronger

I measured the suction power of both vacuum cleaners with my vacuum tester. With 20 kPa, the Miele Classic C1 has a much higher suction power than the Complete C2 with 16 kPa.

miele classic c1 suction power kpa
Miele C1: 20 kPa
suction power miele complete c2
Miele C2: 15 kPa

AirFlow: both average

The airflow of the vacuum cleaners is comparable to many other vacuum cleaners with both vacuum cleaners. With the Miele Classic C1 I measure an airflow of m/s and with the Complete C2 an airflow of 22.4 meters per second.

miele classic c1 airflow
Miele C1: 25.5 m/s
miele complete c2 airflow
Miele C2: 22.4 m/s
Suction power rating: Miele C1 (7/10) vs Miele C2 (6.5/10)
The Miele Complete C1 has an extremely high suction power and a slightly higher airflow. This makes it a lot more powerful and the Miele Classic C1 scores slightly better than the Miele Complete 2.

Miele Classic C1

The Miele Classic C1 is a very powerful vacuum cleaner.
In the United States available at Amazon and Walmart

Cleaning Result: Miele C1 vs C2

I have assessed both the Miele C1 and the Miele C2 on cleaning results. I tested the vacuum cleaners with different floor types and checked how well the vacuum cleaners score on filtration.

Floor test: suitable for all floor types

Both the Miele Complete C2 and the Classic C1 are suitable for all floor types. This is mainly due to the included multi-surface brush. You can easily switch to a floor type at the touch of a button. The Miele Complete C2 comes with an extra parquet brush: this can be useful for vacuuming sensitive floor types. Think parquet floors.

cleaning performance miele classic c1
Miele C1 floor test
miele complete c2 floor test
Miele C1 floor test

View the cleaning result (in how many seconds I cleaned a floor type) per vacuum cleaner.

Pet hair: motorized brush is missing

As we could already notice with the accessories, unfortunately no motorized brush is supplied with either vacuum cleaner. In my opinion, this is a requirement to easily remove pet hair from furniture and floors. Shame.

Filtration: almost identical

There are virtually no differences in the field of filtration. Both the Miele Classic C1 and the Miele Complete C2 are equipped with an exhaust filter and a motor filter. They are also both equipped with a Hy-Clean vacuum cleaner bag, which also contributes to the filtering of polluted air particles.

miele classic c1 filters
Miele C1 filters
miele complete c2 filters replacement
Miele C2 filters

I do note that the filter of the Miele C2 (AirCleanPlus 50) has a higher filtration level than that of the Miele Classic C1 (Air Clean filter). The Miele C2 also has a handy replacement indicator.

Cleaning Result rating: Miele C1 (6.5/10) vs Miele C2 (7/10)
The vacuum cleaners perform almost the same. They are suitable for all floor types, thanks to the multi-surface brush. Unfortunately, both vacuum cleaners – with the current accessories – are not suitable for removing animal hair. The Miele C2 is equipped with slightly better filters.

Miele Complete C2

Suitable for all floor types and equipped with good filters.
In the United States available at Amazon and Walmart

Ease of use: Miele C1 vs C2

Which Miele vacuum cleaner makes it easier to vacuum? That depends on a number of factors, including noise level and weight. Let's get to the tests.

Noise level: Miele C2 slightly quieter

At 77.8 decibels, the Miele Classic is slightly quieter than the Miele Complete C2, where I measured a noise level of 79.1 decibels. However, the difference is so small that you hardly hear it.

miele classic c1 noise level
Miele C1: 77.8 decibels
noise level miele complete c2
Miele C2: 79.1 decibels

I experience both vacuum cleaners as noisy. I speak of a silent vacuum cleaner if it produces a noise level below 60 decibels. Curious about the best options? Then check out my research into the best silent vacuum cleaner.

Weight: Miele C1 compact and light

Because we are dealing here with a vacuum cleaner on wheels – which you drag behind you – the weight is less important. Nevertheless, I weighed both vacuum cleaners: a lightweight vacuum cleaner can be an important need when vacuuming several floors.

miele c1 classic weight
Miele C1: 5.8 kilograms
weight level miele complete c2
Miele C2: 7.3 kilograms

The Miele Classic C1 is almost one and a half kilograms lighter than the Miele Complete C2. I should note that you can store the accessories in the top of the Miele Complete C2. If you take this out, you end up with about 6.5 kilograms.

With these weight levels, they are not lightweight vacuum cleaners. However, you can easily lift and store them.

Maintenance: same vacuum cleaner bag

Both the Miele Classic C1 and the Miele Complete C2 are equipped with Miele's Hy-Clean vacuum cleaner bag. This type of vacuum cleaner bags are automatically sealed when you open the vacuum cleaner cover. This reduces the chance that you will come into contact with dirt.

miele classic c1 maintenance
Vacuum cleaner bag Miele C1
miele sealed vacuum cleaner bags
Vacuum cleaner bag Miele C1

Beide stofzuigers hebben een stofcapaciteit van 4.5 liter. Aan de bovenzijde van de stofzuiger kun je zien wanneer de stofzuigerzak vol is en deze vervangen moet worden.

Working range: Miele C2 has a longer cord

The Miele C1 Classic has a cord length of only 5.5 metres. This is very short, so you will often have to change the plug. The cord of the Miele Complete C2 is one meter longer, resulting in a larger working range. From plug to floor brush there is a maximum working range of 10 meters.

Usability rating: Miele C1 (6/10) vs Miele C2 (6.5/10)
Both vacuum cleaners make a lot of noise and are not lightweight choices. They both come with a vacuum cleaner bag with a capacity of 4.5 litres, which is fine. The cord length of the Miele C1 is really very short.

Miele Complete C2

With a cord length of 6.5 meters, there is a working range of 10 meters.
In the United States available at Amazon and Walmart

Test report Miele C1 vs C2

In the overview below you will discover the test results of all my studies of both Miele vacuum cleaners.

Miele C1 vs C2Test reports
Suction Power
20 kPa
15 kPa
25.5 m/s
22.4 m/s
Hardwood Floors
18 seconds
16 seconds
Low pile carpet
14 seconds
16 seconds
High pile carpet
25 seconds
15 seconds
Noise level
77.8 dB
79.1 dB
5.8 kilograms
7.3 kilograms
Dust capacity
4.5 liters
4.5 liters
Working range
9 meters
10 meters

In the video below you can watch all the research I have conducted. Tip: subscribe to my YouTube channel for more interesting comparisons and test videos.

Conclusion: which one is better?

Let me emphasize that you make a good choice with both vacuum cleaners: they are suitable for all floor types, have good suction power compared to other vacuum cleaners and are very easy to maintain. Still, the choice of one of the two may be more interesting in some situations.

Choose the Miele Classic C1 if you:

  • weight is an important factor:
  • have a small home

Miele Classic C1

Compact vacuum cleaner that you can easily store.
In the United States available at Amazon and Walmart

Want to know more about this vacuum cleaner? View the extensive Miele Classic 1 review here.

Choose the Miele Complete C2 if:

  • want to vacuum a larger space
  • often have vulnerable floors in your home

Miele Complete C2

Working range of 10 meters and comes with a parquet brush
In the United States available at Amazon and Walmart

You can learn more about this vacuum cleaner in the Miele Complete C2 review.

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