Matic announces its first robot vacuum cleaner

matic robot vacuum cleaner
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Six years after its founding, Matic is launching its first robot vacuum cleaner. The robot vacuum adjusts its suction power for specific floors and continuously learns to clean more efficiently.

Matic Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Matic's new robot vacuum cleaner is equipped with an AI-powered camera. This allows the robot vacuum cleaner to recognize objects. The robot vacuum cleaner can also remember which locations in the house get dirty the fastest, so it will clean more intensively there next time.

This can be interesting if you want to use the robot vacuum cleaner for pet hair: it can vacuum extra around the dog's bed. The robot vacuum cleaner remembers where it left off if the cleaning activity is interrupted.

robot vacuum adjustable suction power
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Adjustable Suction Power and Mopping Function

Matic's robot vacuum cleaner recognizes floor types, automatically adjusting suction power if needed. I also discovered this feature during the iRobot Roomba J7+ review. The robot vacuum cleaner also has a mopping function that users can optionally use.

Privacy-Friendly Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Unlike many other robot vacuum cleaners, the collected data does not need to be shared. The data is processed in the robot itself by default. There is no internet connection required for the robot vacuum cleaner to do its job.

robot vacuum with ai camera
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Release Date and Price

The release date of the Matic robot vacuum cleaner is March 2024, but it can be pre-ordered now on the Matic website. The robot vacuum cleaner costs $1795: if you pre-order it now, you get a $300 discount. Whether and when the Matic robot vacuum cleaner will come to Europe remains uncertain.

Robbert Tigchelaar
Robbert Tigchelaar

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