Lego Vacuum: cleaning up bricks has never been so easy

lego vacuum cleaner
With the Block vacuum cleaner you can turn any vacuum cleaner into a Lego vacuum cleaner. ©

With a vacuum cleaner you can remove pet hair, vacuum up dust and in some cases even vacuum up wet dirt. But did you also know that you also have the option of cleaning up Lego bricks with a vacuum cleaner?

Recently I came into contact with a designer who has developed an accessory with which you can turn a Dyson vacuum cleaner into a Lego vacuum cleaner. I spoke to this developer and decided to devote a complete article to this ‘Block Vacuum Cleaner'. Discover everything about this Lego vacuum cleaner.

Why a Lego vacuum cleaner can be interesting

Have you ever stood on top of a Lego brick? Yes, that hurts! When children play with Lego, you will encounter stones everywhere. To ensure that the Lego bricks are neatly cleaned up afterwards, a special Lego vacuum cleaner can be very interesting.

Long ago, Lego also developed a vacuum cleaner that they called the ‘Brick Vac'. This was actually not a real vacuum cleaner, but a collection bin with a kind of rotating wheel with which you could collect the Lego bricks from the floor.

Long ago, Lego also developed a vacuum cleaner that they called the ‘Brick Vac'

lego brick vac parrot
The ‘Lego Brick Vac Parrot' (model number 1874). ©

Can you vacuum up Lego with a normal vacuum cleaner?

Can you vacuum up Lego bricks with a vacuum cleaner? This is a question I heard recently that made me decide to research the world of Lego vacuum cleaners. The answer to this question: it is strongly not recommended to vacuum the stones. This can result in the following problems:

  • The vacuum cleaner can become clogged
  • Filters and/or parts can be severely damaged
  • The Lego bricks mix with dust and other dirt
  • The stones themselves can of course also be damaged

So it is not smart to use your vacuum cleaner to clean up Lego bricks.

The ‘Blokzuiger'of ID-Huis

When I went online looking for a Lego vacuum cleaner, after a long search I ended up with the ‘Blokzuiger', a product of ID-Huis. It is a kind of container, on which you can screw an extension for a vacuum cleaner. You can then click this into the vacuum cleaner rod, after which you can suck up the stones. In the video below you can see the Block vacuum in action.

The developer, Maarten Nijhuis, decided to design the Blokzuiger to motivate his children to clean up the Lego blocks afterwards: “The reason I designed the Block vacuum is because my sons really enjoy playing with Lego but cleaning up a little less. I also wanted to make clearing up fun“, says the designer of the Blokzuiger.

Realized with a 3D printer

This Lego brick vacuum cleaner is designed for a 3D printer. This is a big plus in terms of environmental friendliness, as the product is only printed when one is ordered. “That ensures that there is no unnecessary stock or that there are leftovers,” says Nijhuis. In addition, bioplastic based on maize is also used.

prototype lego brick vacuum
The first prototype of the block suction dredger. © M. Nijhuis

Turn any vacuum cleaner into a Lego vacuum cleaner

This Lego vacuum accessory fits practically every vacuum cleaner. Thanks to the universal coupling, which works via a screw connection, the attachment is suitable for different pipe diameters.

universal lego vacuum accessory
Thanks to the screw connection, the block vacuum cleaner fits on every vacuum cleaner. © M. Nijhuis

Two special couplings have been developed for Dyson. For example, in my video I use a Dyson V8.

Buying this Lego vacuum cleaner

At the moment, the Block vacuum is not for sale. If you are interested, send me a message or leave a comment at the bottom of this message. In the case of many requests, I can check with ID-Huis whether there are possibilities to continue the production of the Block vacuum cleaner.

Robbert Tigchelaar
Robbert Tigchelaar

Robbert Tigchelaar has made testing vacuum cleaners his life's work. He has dedicated himself to conducting fully independent and valuable tests of vacuum cleaners to provide consumers with honest advice. His expertise in vacuum cleaners has been highlighted in The Washington Post and the Daily Express.

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