iRobot Roomba Reset: how to (factory) reset your Roomba

irobot roomba reset
Resetting a Roomba J7+ © Vacuumtester
In short: you can reset an iRobot Room if you can't solve problems with the robot vacuum in another way or if you want to reset it to factory settings. Keep in mind that a lot is lost when restoring to factory settings.

Your iRobot Roomba robot vacuum may need to be reset. For example, to reset it to factory settings if you move or if you keep getting error messages.

An iRobot Roomba reset is very easy to perform. In this article I tell you how you can reset the robot vacuum quickly and easily, when it is smart to do this (and not to do this) and what you should pay attention to.

Why Reset an iRobot Roomba?

Reset a vacuum cleaner. If you had said this to me a few years ago, I would probably have laughed out loud. Today, however, it is not strange at all: a robot vacuum cleaner is often connected to the WiFi network, is connected to a smartphone and has many different functions that need to be set.

Resetting a Roomba robot vacuum can be the solution if it won't connect to WiFi or if you keep getting error messages in the iRobot app. The main reasons for performing an iRobot reset:

  • You get error messages in the iRobot app
  • Roomba won't connect to WiFi
  • iRobot acts strange or keeps crashing
  • You want to set up the robot vacuum from scratch

The latter can of course be very interesting if you have bought a second-hand Roomba or if you are moving to another home. Bottom line: you don't actually reset a Roomba until you've tried everything else.

When a Roomba reset isn't smart

A reset is not always the solution for problems with your robot vacuum cleaner. If a Roomba suddenly makes a lot of noise, you won't fix it by resetting it to factory settings. A reset is not smart in the following cases:

  • While performing a software update: Your iRobot Roomba may break if you turn it off or reset during an update. So don't.
  • If you don't have patience: updates or saving settings can sometimes take a long time. In many cases, it takes much longer with a reset.
  • Roomba makes a lot of noise: this has nothing to do with the technology under the hood.
  • The iRobot app is acting strange: what is going on with your smartphone is more likely than with your robot vacuum cleaners

Always think before you just reset a Roomba, as this can also cause settings to be lost.

Factory reset Roomba

If you reset an iRobot Roomba to factory settings, many settings will be lost. You will not be the first to be disappointed that you have to set everything up again.

The following settings will be lost with a factory reset:

  • Language and time settings, these will be reset to default settings
  • Cleaning settings and specific preferences will be removed
  • Imprint Smart Maps are lost, the robot vacuum cleaner will have to get to know your home again
  • Links with third parties (for example a link with Google Nest smart speakers in your home)

Your iRobot account will no longer be able to recognize the Roomba, so you will have to add it as a new device after the factory reset.

How to reset the iRobot Roomba?

You can reset an iRobot Roomba robot vacuum in two different ways: via the iRobot app or via the robot vacuum itself. iRobot recommends performing the reset through the app and not through the vacuum cleaner itself. If this does not solve the problem, you can always reset the robot vacuum cleaner yourself.

iRobot recommends performing the reset through the app and not through the vacuum cleaner itself.

Reset via the iRobot app

A reset via the iRobot app is very easy to do. It is important that you have a properly working WiFi connection and that you have enough battery.

Time required: 3 minutes

Follow the steps below to perform a reset via the iRobot app.

  1. Open the iRobot app on your smartphone or tablet

    To be sure, check whether the iRobot app and the Roomba robot vacuum cleaner are successfully connected to the same WiFi network.

  2. In the app, go to Settings (cogwheel)

    Within the settings you will see the option Remove/Factory Reset (Robot vacuum cleaner name)

  3. Remove the robot vacuum cleaner from the app

    Click on Remove/Factory Reset and wait for the process, after which you can add it again.

Reset via the Roomba itself

Does a reset via the iRobot app not solve the problem? Then you can reset the Roomba to factory settings via the robot vacuum cleaner itself. Note: This is only possible with WiFi-connected Roomba vacuums.

factory reset roomba robot vacuum
iRobot Roomba can be reset using the buttons on top of the robot vacuum. © Vacuumtester

How to reset the Roomba depends on the model. See how you can quickly reset each model in the table below.

iRobot Roomba SeriesReset steps
Roomba S Series and i Series (S9, S9+, i7, i7+)Press and hold the Home, Spot Clean and Clean button at the same time until you see a light ring appear around the Clean button.
Roomba J Series (J7, J7+)Remove the dust container from the robot vacuum cleaner, hold down the Clean button for 7 seconds until you hear a sound signal. Press the Clean button again to confirm the reset.
Roomba E Series (E6)Press and hold the Home button, Clean button and Spot Clean button simultaneously for 20 seconds.
Roomba 900 SerieHold down the Dock button, Clean button and Spot Clean button until the LED light starts to shine.
Roomba 600 / 800 SeriesHold down the Dock button, Clean button and Spot Clean button until you hear a beep.
Roomba Combo SeriesOpen the lid and discover the reset button next to the on/off button. Press this button for 10 seconds.

Not sure which Roomba you have? Find out in the Which Roomba do I have? article, where I show you where to find the model number.

In summary: if you experience problems with a Roomba robot vacuum, you can reset it. You can reset it via the iRobot app on your smartphone or by using the buttons on the Roomba itself. Keep in mind that Roomba will be reset to factory settings and (cleaning) preferences and settings will be lost.
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