iRobot Robot vacuums can now vacuum around Christmas trees

irobot robot vacuum cleaners christmas tree
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Leader in consumer robots iRobot releases a new update for iRobot Genius. An update that could be very interesting this holiday season: Roomba robot vacuums can now recognize Christmas trees, shoes and socks.

Roomba robot vacuums recognize Christmas trees

A real Christmas tree in the house is very cozy, but unfortunately you will soon have to deal with pine needles. Vacuuming pine needles is fine, but it is a tedious job. You only have to touch the tree and the floor is full again.

If you want to use a robot vacuum cleaner for this, it can quickly become a problem, since a tree cannot be recognized quickly. He will most likely run into the tree or drive around it with too much of an arc.

With the new update of iRobot Genius, this is no longer a problem. Roomba robot vacuums can now detect Christmas trees and recommend cleaning zones for them. Roomba can automatically create a Clean Zone around the outer perimeter of the tree. The ‘Keep Out Zone' ensures that the robot vacuum cleaner does not come into contact with the Christmas tree.

Also shoes and socks

With the new update for iRobot Genius, various Roomba robot vacuums can recognize even more: shoes and socks can now also be added to the list of objects. We previously reported that iRobot's robot vacuums can also recognize and avoid dog poop.

Robbert Tigchelaar

Robbert Tigchelaar

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