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how to clean roomba filter
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In short: it is important to clean the Roomba filter regularly. If you don't do this, the robot vacuum cleaner can become clogged and therefore clean less well. In addition to cleaning the filter, it is also important to replace it regularly. View filters here.

A Roomba consists of various parts that you regularly have to clean and/or replace. One of these parts is the filter. The filter is located on the side of the dust container.

There are many questions about cleaning the Roomba filter. Can you clean the filter with water, for example? And how often should you actually clean the filter? I've decided to make a complete guide on how to clean a Roomba filter. Let's get started!

Why clean a Roomba filter?

Just like other types of vacuum cleaners, a robot vacuum cleaner is equipped with a filter. This filter ensures that dust particles are filtered out of the air. Such a filter therefore has to endure a lot and can become clogged at a given moment.

A Roomba has a HEPA filter. A HEPA filter is a filter that is provided with very small layers1HEPA Filter,, so that dust particles can be filtered out of the air well. However, these layers can become clogged, making the filter less able to let air through. This has a number of negative consequences:

  • There is an increased dust emission
  • The Roomba robot vacuum does not suck as well
  • Shorter Roomba battery life
  • The vacuum cleaner can start to smell

In addition, regular cleaning and replacement of parts can have a positive effect on how long a Roomba will last.

Error messages indicating that there is something wrong with the filter

If you have not cleaned the Roomba filter properly or if it is clogged, you can expect a notification. In many cases, there is a Roomba with a red light. When you click on the CLEAN button, you will hear an error code. The following error codes may be related to a dirty or worn Roomba filter:

Error codeNotificationCauseSolution
Error 8Vacuum cleaner problemVacuum cleaner has poor suction powerClean dust container and filter and check blockages
Error 14Replace dust containerThe dust container is not detectedCheck whether the dust container and filter are properly connected
Error 30Vacuum cleaner problemVacuum cleaner cannot startClean the Roomba filter or replace it with a new one
Error 36Empty the dust containerFull dust containerEmpty the dust container. Not full? Then check whether the filter is clogged.

Curious about more error codes? Recently I published the complete list of all Roomba error codes.

How to clean the Roomba filter

Fortunately, cleaning a filter is not a difficult job. You don't need any tools for this and it doesn't require any technical knowledge. It is important to know that the Roomba filter cannot be cleaned with water.

It is important to know that the Roomba filter cannot be cleaned with water

Follow the steps below to clean a Roomba filter.

  1. Remove the dust container from the Roomba

    Click on the button on the side to slide the dust container out of the robot vacuum.

  2. Empty the dust container above the trash can

    To avoid a mess, first empty the dust container neatly above the trash can.

  3. Click the filter on the side of the dust container

    You will discover the square filter on the side of the dust container. Click it out of the dust container.

  4. Gently shake the Roomba filter over the trash can

    The Roomba is not made to be washed. Therefore, gently shake the filter over the trash can. Tap it gently to dislodge any stuck-on debris.

  5. Place the filter back in the dust container and slide it back*

    After you've shaken out the filter, you can place it back in the dust container and then install it back in the Roomba.

* When you have cleaned the dust container with water, it is very important to wait a little longer before replacing the filter. It must not come into contact with water or other liquids. Wait for the dust container to dry completely before replacing the Roomba filter.

How often should you clean the filter?

Now that we know how to clean and maintain the Roomba filter, it's also important to know how often to do it. iRobot indicates a frequency of once a week2iRobot Roomba Care Frequency, Do you have pets? Then iRobot recommends to maintain the filter even twice a week.

Do you have pets? Then iRobot recommends to maintain the filter even twice a week

best robot vacuum for pet hair
Pets in the house? Then you should clean the Roomba filter twice a week. ©

Important: Change the filter regularly

In addition to cleaning, it is important to regularly replace the filter with a new one. A Roomba filter can not only get dirty, but also wear out. A worn filter lets more and more dust particles through, so that the robot vacuum cleaner can do its job less well.

In the iRobot app you can see exactly how many hours the Roomba filter will last under the heading ‘Robot Health'. It's smart to always have some extra Roomba filters at home, so you don't miss out.

Replacement Roomba filters

Tip: buy Roomba filters in a set. This gives you filters for a longer period of time and it is cheaper.
🇺🇸 In the United States available at Amazon and Walmart

I strongly recommend that you keep an eye on this and replace the Roomba filter if necessary. View here how easy it is to replace a Roomba filter.


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