Hoover Streamline Hard Floor Cleaner launched

hoover streamline hard floor vacuum cleaner
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Hoover has launched a new stick vacuum cleaner: the Hoover Streamline Hard Floor Cleaner. As the name suggests, this vacuum cleaner is only suitable for hard floors. This is because this is a stick vacuum cleaner with a mopping function that can clean itself.

Hoover stick vacuum cleaner for wet and dry dirt

The Hoover Streamline Hard Floor Cleaner can vacuum and mop in one movement. The floor brush is equipped with a soft roller brush. This brush is suitable for a variety of hard floor types, including wood floors, vinyl, tiles and laminate.

Hoover Streamline is the easiest way to clean hard floors throughout your home. Wash and vacuum with microfiber brush rolls, safe for all hard flooring types like hardwoods, tile, luxury vinyl (LVP) and more“, Hoover reports.

The brush is equipped with LED lighting, which makes it easier to see dirt on the floor. Thanks to the edge-to-edge floor brush, you can also vacuum a lot of dirt around the edges.

LED display and Boost Mode

At the handle of the vacuum cleaner you will discover the possibility to use the Hoover Streamline Hard Floor Cleaner in Boost Mode. This increases the suction power, so that stubborn dirt can be removed better. An LED display can be found on top of the dust and water tank. This allows you to determine the water supply, run the roller brush or empty the water tank.

Use Boost Mode to scrub away stubborn messes with minimal effort and stay in-the-know with the intuitive LED screen that gives real-time updates on Streamline“, according to Hoover.

Self-cleaning stick vacuum cleaner

When you vacuum dry and wet dirt, the floor brush cannot get dirty. Fortunately, the Hoover Streamline Hard Floor Cleaner is equipped with a ‘self-cleaning' function. When you place the vacuum cleaner in the charging station, you can activate self-cleaning with a button near the LED display. We saw this functionality earlier during the Philips Aquatrio 9000 series review.

hoover streamline self cleaning
© Hoover

Release date en price

The Hoover Streamline Hard Floor Cleaner release date is May 19, 2023 in the United States. The vacuum cleaner is priced at $299.99 and is available for purchase from Hoover's website. The vacuum cleaner will also be available at major retailers, including here at Amazon and Walmart where you can pre-order it.


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