Hanging a Dyson on the wall: V8, V10, V11, V15…any model!

hanging dyson on wall
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In short: a Dyson stick vacuum does not have a parking position. This makes it difficult to store it. Fortunately, you can easily hang it on the wall with a Dyson wall holder. You can easily expand the wall holders with accessory holders to keep all parts together.

Have you ever tried to store a stick vacuum without a parking position? That's pretty hard isn't it? The vacuum cleaner falls over quickly and the vacuum cleaner takes up an unnecessary amount of space.

Fortunately, with a Dyson you always get a wall holder with which you can hang the vacuum cleaner on the wall. Hanging your Dyson is very important in my opinion: it ensures a longer lifespan for your Dyson and immediately saves space.

Why hang a Dyson?

Laten we eerst kijken waarom het zinvol is om je Dyson aan de muur te bevestigen. Zoals ik zojuist aangaf gaat je Dyson langer mee, maar dat is niet het enige pluspunt.

  • Dyson no longer falls over: a Dyson does not have a parking position, which means that it can quickly fall over.
  • Never forget to charge the battery again: the charging cable can be integrated with the wall holder. When you store the Dyson, the battery is also charged immediately.*
  • Charging cable is less likely to break: the charging cable cannot become taut. If this happens often, the cord may break.
  • Saving space on the floor: Hanging the Dyson on the wall creates more space on the floor.
  • Looks tidy: in addition, hanging your Dyson has a much neater appearance. You could even hang it on the inside of a closet door.
  • Keeps accessories together: you can click different accessories into the wall holder. That way you will never lose them!

* Dyson recommends charging the vacuum cleaner at 20% battery life. This can have a positive effect on Dyson vacuum battery life.

Hang Dyson on the wall

The article ‘Which Dyson to buy‘ showed that you get a wall mount with every Dyson stick vacuum. This is specially designed to hang your Dyson on the wall. Before we get started, it is smart to first find a suitable location.

This is the best place to hang a Dyson

Before you start drilling holes in the area, it is smart to first find a suitable location where you can hang your Dyson. Below are some useful tips:

  • Near a socket: you must of course be able to plug the charger into the socket. The cable should hang loosely.
  • Not too much in sight: think of the meter cupboard or in a laundry room.
  • At the right height (from the ground): so that it can easily be clicked into the wall holder and you can easily reach it. Dyson recommends a distance of 1200mm (from the ground to the first screw hole).
  • Not too close to another wall: otherwise various accessories cannot be hung later

Keep in mind that the wall must be able to bear the weight.

dyson wall mount installation
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This is what you need for the installation

To hang a Dyson on the wall you need the following items:

  • Dyson Wall mount
  • Charger
  • Screws
  • Wall plugs
  • Drill
  • Screwdriver
  • Pencil
  • Measuring tape
  • Level

The wall mount is supplied with two screws and wall plugs as standard. Sometimes you even get a Dyson pencil with it: a nice collector's item 🙂

dyson wall mount manual
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Install Dyson Wall Mount (Manual for V8, V10, V11 and V15)

Installing the Dyson wall mount is the same for every Dyson stick vacuum: from the Dyson V8 and V10 to the Dyson V11 and the new Dyson V15 Detect!*

  1. Attach the charging cable to the back of the wall holder and insert the end of the cable to the front: click it into the holder (you will hear it click)
  2. Screw two holes one above the other in the wall at the correct height (1200 mm from the floor to the bottom hole. The top hole 127mm above the bottom hole)
  3. Insert the wall plugs into the wall in the holes just made
  4. Hold the back of the wall bracket against the wall and fix it with the two screws
  5. Click the front of the wall bracket onto the mounting plate
  6. Plug the charger into the wall outlet

In the video below you can see how the installation of the wall holder looks like.

* There is a small exception for the Dyson Omni Glide, as it comes with a completely different type of wall mount. This works with an adhesive strip, so you don't have to drill holes in the wall.

Optional: Freestanding Dyson docking station

Did you know that in addition to a Dyson wall mount, you can also opt for a freestanding Dyson docking station? Such a freestanding charging station as this one can be an interesting alternative if:

  • You don't want to drill holes in the wall
  • You don't have solid walls to hang the Dyson on
  • You have an incredible amount of Dyson parts
  • You are proud of your Dyson and accessories

With some Dyson variants you get this freestanding charging station. Are you buying it loose? Then you have to take into account a price from $150.

In summary: with a wall holder you can easily hang your Dyson vacuum cleaner on the wall. By storing it in this way, you will never forget to charge it. Expand the wall holder with these accessory holders to keep everything together.
Robbert Tigchelaar
Robbert Tigchelaar

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  1. For the average person in the UK there’s nowhere practical in a ‘house’ or flat where you can mount a dyson. You’re lucky if you can fit in a washing machine. It’s literally having it on your bedroom wall or in the living room. It’s a nice idea, but the reality is, as I said, in the UK – who’s got a garage? Who’s got a ultility room? Utility cupboard? And even then the plug socket won’t be ‘sunk in’ it will be protruding two inches from the wall (external ‘backbox’) – add to that another two inches of a power adapter and you’ve got 4″ sticking out of the wall to walk past. Thanks for the ideas but sadly, this is for people who have space, which is a commodity than no one under 60 years old in the UK has unless you’re a millionarie….

    • You are absolutely right, George; hanging a Dyson is only possible on a wall where you have the space. On the other hand, an upright vacuum cleaner takes up more space. In my view, it would be very interesting for Dyson to have a parking function (where the stick vacuum can stand on its own without needing to lean it against something) could be very interesting.

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