Dyson vacuum won’t turn on (not even after charging)

dyson vacuum wont turn on
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In short: if a Dyson won't turn on, even after being fully charged, it could be a part that isn't connected properly. Everything connected properly, but it still won't turn on? Then you will most likely have to buy a new Dyson battery.

When a cordless vacuum cleaner won't turn on anymore, it's time to recharge it. However, if it still does not turn on after charging, you have a problem.

With a Dyson vacuum cleaner it can happen that it suddenly no longer turns on. This seems to be a common problem with the Dyson V11 in particular. I've researched reasons why the Dyson vacuum cleaner suddenly won't turn on and how you can possibly solve this.

Why a Dyson suddenly won't turn on

If a Dyson suddenly doesn't turn on, this can be for two main reasons: either for safety reasons or the vacuum cleaner simply isn't getting enough power. For example, a Dyson with an open dust container or without a filter cannot be switched on to prevent damage.

The most common reasons at a glance:

  • The Dyson battery is too empty, worn or incorrectly placed
  • Dust container of the vacuum cleaner is open
  • The Dyson filters are not properly connected or clogged
  • There is a blockage in the vacuum cleaner

If a Dyson suddenly doesn't turn on, this can be for two main reasons: either for safety reasons or the vacuum cleaner simply isn't getting enough power.

Checklist to quickly fix the problem

To find out why your Dyson no longer turns on, it is important to check a few things first. Check out a handy checklist that I made below.

  • Check whether the filters of the vacuum cleaner are properly connected and clean
  • Check whether the Dyson dust container is closed properly
  • Check that the Dyson is charging properly (a blue light will flash)
  • Check the Dyson for possible blockages in the air ducts

Checked everything and it still won't turn on? Then there is a problem.

How to fix a Dyson that won't turn on

To fix a Dyson that won't turn on, we first need to know where the problem comes from. Press and hold the power button on the Dyson vacuum for at least 10 seconds and see what happens to solve the problem.

A: A light turns on

If a blue light comes on, there is probably a blockage. This can be in the vacuum cleaner itself, but also in a part. Cleaning a Dyson HEPA filter, for example, can solve the problem. Check the Dyson for blockages and then try turning the vacuum on again.

dyson blinking blue light
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Does a red light come on? Then in many cases there is a problem with the battery. The battery of your Dyson is probably worn out and you need to buy a new one.

B: The Dyson makes a strange noise

If the Dyson vacuum is pulsing, the vacuum will let you know there is a problem. As with a blue flashing light, the problem is often a clog in the vacuum cleaner. Do you have a Dyson V11 or V15? Then you will also see a message on the LCD display. In many cases it is a Dyson air duct blockage.

C: The Dyson doesn't do anything anymore

If the Dyson stops working at all – even after holding the power button for 10 seconds – there is a problem with the battery. The vacuum cleaner has no power at all. Before you just buy a new battery, it is important to check whether the Dyson is charging. In the article “Dyson vacuum not charging” I tell you how you can check this from A to Z.

When the Dyson stops working at all – even after holding the power button for 10 seconds – there is a problem with the battery.

A new battery for your Dyson vacuum

If you have come to the conclusion that a worn-out battery is the reason that your Dyson no longer turns on, you will have to replace it. Before you buy a new battery, it is important to pay attention to the following:

  • Check if the battery is compatible with your Dyson (find out which Dyson you have)
  • Always go for a battery from Dyson itself, not from another brand
  • Replace the battery correctly

Also check whether you may still have warranty on your battery. Discover the suitable battery for your Dyson in the overview below.

Dyson stick vacuum serieBatteries
Dyson V8View battery
Dyson V10View battery
Dyson V11View battery
Dyson V15View battery
Other Dyson? See all batteries here.

Need help changing the battery? In the manual Dyson battery replacement I help from start to finish!

In summary: if the Dyson vacuum does not turn on when it is fully charged and you have checked it for loose parts, the battery is probably defective. Often the only solution is to buy a new Dyson battery.
Robbert Tigchelaar
Robbert Tigchelaar

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  1. I have a new v15 it’s only a month old and won’t turn on help

    • Hi Lisa, that’s very strange. The battery of a V15 should last for years. Can you check if the charging cable might be damaged? Does the Dyson indicate on the LCD when it is charging?
      If there is nothing wrong with that, I advise you to check the warranty and contact Dyson.

  2. My V15 detect out of the box wont seem to charge. Dyson support advised charge for 8 hours and if it never turns they will need to send me another brand new battery. My luck to buy it new out the box and have a problem.

    • Our dyson slim wont turn on until you pul battery and put back in. Not blocked or not charged is NOT the problem

    • Hi Hannah,
      Have you also checked the charging cable? A V15 will show it on display when it is successfully charged.

      • Our 2 month old V15 detect completely died. Dyson are sending a new motor however 4 weeks on we still yet to receive it. I find it appalling that a $1400 top of the range vacuum 1. Stops working and 2. I have to refit a new motor. I would have been satisfied with a replacement vacuum however Dyson will not budge. Poor service.

        • My Dyson v15 is only about 3 months old used about 5 times. It says battery is fully charged but when holding the start button makes a beeping noise and won’t start!

  3. Yes it’s fully charged, has a new battery, i cleaned the filter and it will not turn on.
    I have had nothing but trouble with Dysons. I three of them, one for each floor and there has been trouble with each of them

  4. I have a Dyson V11 .. I cleaned everything and put it back together … It doesn’t run..when I pull and hold the trigger, the blue lights flash 8 times

  5. My Dyson V15 lcd display is not working. The vacuum is charged and working fine. Did I accidentally turn it off somehow and there is a way to turn it back on? Not sure if I’ve done something to keep it from displaying??

  6. My battery is fine. I believe I have a loose or mis-adjusted safety switch. Where is it located at and how can I fix it?

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