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dyson vacuum warranty
It's smart to register your Dyson vacuum cleaner. © Vacuumtester.com
Important: this article has an informative purpose. For specific questions or conditions about your Dyson vacuum cleaner warranty, I recommend that you contact Dyson itself. This can be done via the Dyson website.

All Dyson vacuum cleaners come with a warranty. How long this warranty period is depends on the type of vacuum cleaner. Also, not everything is always covered within the warranty. For example, if you use parts from another brand.

Because there are many questions about the Dyson vacuum cleaner warranty, I decided to do some research. Because, when are you entitled to a warranty and when are you not? Let's start!

Dyson warranty lifetime on vacuum cleaners

As I just indicated, when you buy a Dyson vacuum cleaner you are entitled to a warranty. There is a difference in the warranty period within the category of vacuum cleaners. You are entitled to a two-year warranty with a cordless Dyson vacuum cleaner, while this is five years with wired vacuum cleaners.

When you buy individual Dyson parts, for example to expand your current accessories, there is a one-year warranty.

Dyson ProductWarranty Lifetime
Cordless Dyson vacuums2 years warranty
Corded Dyson vacuums5 years warranty
Dyson parts1 year warranty

Example: Dyson battery warranty

In my research into the Dyson vacuum battery life, it turned out that a battery should last about six years. If it becomes defective after 5 years, you are no longer entitled to a warranty, because this is a cordless vacuum cleaner with a two-year warranty.

What is covered within the Dyson warranty?

When it turns out that you are entitled to a warranty (which does not always have to be the case and I will come back to this later), a number of things are covered by Dyson. For example, you are entitled to new parts, repair costs or the replacement of parts.

  • Parts: all parts that came as standard with your Dyson vacuum cleaner
  • Repair costs: all costs involved in fixing your Dyson
  • Replacement: if a part can no longer be repaired

Dyson warranty conditions

To be eligible for the warranty, you must meet a number of conditions. The warranty conditions at a glance:

  • The problem is within the warranty period (The warranty starts when you buy the Dyson vacuum cleaner)
  • You must be able to show proof of purchase of the Dyson vacuum cleaner
  • Was the Dyson vacuum cleaner sold outside the EU? Then the warranty only applies if the vacuum cleaner is used in the country where it was purchased
  • If the Dyson vacuum cleaner is sold within the EU, the guarantee only applies if it is used in the country where it was sold or if the appliance is used in the following countries:
    • Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Poland, Sweden, Switzerland, Germany, France, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Austria or Spain (only if the same model as your vacuum cleaner is sold there with the same voltage range).
  • If Dyson decides to replace a part, the part becomes Dyson's property

In addition, Dyson reports that the repair of the vacuum cleaner does not lead to an extension of the current warranty period.

Important: this article was written on 1/23/2023. Please refer to the Dyson website for the complete list of all requirements you must meet.

When are you not entitled to a warranty?

Before you want to use your Dyson vacuum cleaner warranty, it is good to determine in advance whether you are even entitled to the warranty. Under various circumstances, your warranty may be voided. For example, if you have used a vacuum cleaner part of another brand.

All circumstances at a glance when the Dyson vacuum cleaner warranty expires:

  • If you have purchased the Dyson vacuum cleaner from an unauthorized retailer
  • Normal wear and tear
  • Accidental damage
  • Damage caused by not carrying out recommended maintenance (for example, too little replacing the Dyson filter or cleaning the Dyson vacuum)
  • Improper use of the Dyson vacuum cleaner
  • Improper removal of blockages (with a Dyson airway blockage)
  • Damage due to transport, again due to power supply
  • Other damages that are beyond Dyson's control
cleaning dyson filter
Regular maintenance of your Dyson vacuum cleaner is very important. © Vacuumtester.com

No entitlement to Dyson vacuum cleaner warranty in case of incorrect use

In addition, defects can also occur due to incorrect use of the Dyson vacuum cleaner. You are not entitled to warranty if the Dyson problems are caused by:

  • Improper use of the vacuum cleaner
  • Improper operation of the vacuum cleaner
  • Using the vacuum cleaner for purposes other than domestic use*
  • Use of non-Dyson parts
  • Incorrectly installed parts
  • Repairs or alterations to the vacuum cleaner not carried out by Dyson

* Dyson seems to make a distinction between different countries with this: “Use of a Dyson machine for anything other than normal domestic household purposes in the country in which it was purchased“, says Dyson in its warranty policy.

Register Dyson warranty

You will find a striking yellow flyer in the packaging with every Dyson vacuum cleaner. It contains a QR code that allows you to quickly and easily register your vacuum cleaner with Dyson. It is very smart to do this, so that you can always monitor whether your repair is still within your warranty period.

Claiming Dyson warranty

To claim your Dyson guarantee, you can follow these steps:

  1. Register your Dyson vacuum cleaner via the Dyson website
  2. Check whether you are entitled to a warranty, you can call Dyson for this
  3. Find your proof of purchase
  4. Contact Dyson to have the vacuum cleaner repaired

I hope my article has given you more clarity about the Dyson vacuum cleaner guarantee. I emphasize that this is an informative article and no rights can be bound by it. If you have any questions about your warranty, I recommend you contact Dyson.

Important: this article has an informative purpose. For specific questions or conditions about your Dyson vacuum cleaner warranty, I recommend that you contact Dyson itself. This can be done via the Dyson website.
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