Dyson Vacuum not Sucking (no suction power): what now?

dyson vacuum not sucking
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In short: if a Dyson vacuum cleaner no longer sucks, there is most likely a blockage in the air duct. Dirty or worn Dyson filters can also greatly reduce the suction power of the vacuum cleaner. Buying a new Dyson filter often solves the problem immediately.

If a vacuum cleaner no longer sucks, you are actually sweeping. In other words, you move the dirt instead of removing it. Suction power can also suddenly disappear with a Dyson. The problem is often due to poor maintenance of the Dyson vacuum cleaner.

When your Dyson no longer sucks, you've come to the right place. In this article I will tell you how you can recognize that there is no or reduced suction power and how to solve this.

How do I recognize that my Dyson vacuum cleaner no longer sucks?

When a Dyson no longer sucks, the vacuum cleaner can let you know. If you have a newer Dyson with an LCD display, you will most likely get a message on the screen. On other models, a light may suddenly come on.

Notifications when no suction power

Depending on the Dyson vacuum cleaner you have, you may receive a notification if there is no suction power.

At the bottom of the line, it is of course often noticeable when you look at the ground: if a vacuum is not sucking, the dirt simply remains and nothing is vacuumed up.

dyson airways blocked message
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Reasons why a Dyson no longer sucks

There can be several reasons why a Dyson suddenly no longer sucks properly. The most common cause is a blockage in the air duct, but there can be more reasons. The main reasons at a glance:

  • The dust container is too full
  • There is a blockage somewhere in your Dyson vacuum cleaner
  • The filters are clogged, dirty or need to be replaced
  • There is a low battery life
  • A motorized squeegee gets stuck on the floor*
  • There could be an air leak due to poor connection of Dyson parts

The most common cause for a Dyson to stop sucking is a blockage in the air duct, but there can be more reasons.

* If you use a Dyson floor brush on the wrong floor type, it can get stuck. For example, if you use a soft fluffy brush on a deep-pile carpet, the Dyson roller is not spinning. The vacuum cleaner still makes a normal sound, but the suction power is lost.

Solution: this is how you increase the suction power

Now that we've listed the reasons, let's check why your Dyson vacuum cleaner no longer sucks. I've made a small checklist that you can check to find out where the cause is.

Dyson suction power checklist

Follow the steps below to find out why your Dyson no longer sucks.

  1. Empty the Dyson dust container above the trash can
  2. Remove all parts from the vacuum cleaner
  3. Switch on the Dyson vacuum cleaner and keep your hand on the end to feel whether it has good suction power
    • Does the Dyson suck again? Then the problem is with one of the parts. For example, there may be a blockage in the vacuum cleaner hose.
    • Is the Dyson still not sucking? Then go to step 4
  4. Remove the dust container from the vacuum cleaner and check the air inlets for a possible blockage
  5. Remove the filter from the vacuum cleaner and check whether it is dirty (see here how to clean the Dyson HEPA filter)

Have you still not found the problem after the checklist? Then there may be worn filters. A Dyson filter can become increasingly clogged over time, which can also block the airflow. Although a Dyson filter is washable, you should replace it at least every 12 months.

View suitable filters for your Dyson below. Not sure which model you have? In the manual Which Dyson do I have? I'll help you find that out!

Dyson VacuumFilter TypeFilters
Dyson V8ULPA 15See filters
Dyson V10HEPA 13See filters
Dyson V11HEPA 13See filters
Dyson V12 SlimULPA 15See filters
Dyson V15 DetectULPA 15See filters

If you have provided your Dyson with a clean filter, the vacuum cleaner will probably have good suction power again.

In summary: if your Dyson no longer has suction power, there may be a blockage. Empty the vacuum cleaner, check the Dyson for blockages and get a new Dyson filter to improve the suction power.
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