Dyson vacuum not charging (no light)

Dyson not charging
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In short: if a Dyson vacuum cleaner no longer charges, it is often a question of a worn out battery. Buying a new Dyson battery is often the only solution. It can be smart to first check the charging cable for defects.

You need to charge a cordless vacuum cleaner regularly. If you don't do this, you won't be able to vacuum right away, which can be very annoying. It's even more annoying when you think you've charged your vacuum cleaner, but in the end it turns out not to be the case.

It can happen that a Dyson no longer charges. This can have various causes: the battery may be worn out or the charging cable may be broken. In this article I will tell you why a Dyson vacuum cleaner no longer charges and how you can solve this.

Reasons why a Dyson vacuum cleaner no longer charges

While chances are your problem is a worn out battery, there could be other reasons as well. I list the most important reasons:

  • The Dyson battery is not properly connected to the vacuum cleaner
  • The battery of your Dyson vacuum cleaner is worn out
  • You took the Dyson out of the charger too soon
  • The charger or charging cable is defective
  • The connection of the cable no longer works

How to recognize a Dyson that isn't charging

There are several factors by which you can recognize that a Dyson no longer charges. For example, the light no longer lights up when you connect the Dyson vacuum cleaner to the power (after all, there is no battery power).

  • The Dyson won't turn on, even after charging for the minimum number of hours
  • A red light will flash, indicating a worn-out battery
  • The blue light does not come on when you charge the Dyson battery*

* If you have a newer Dyson with an LCD screen (for example, the Dyson V15 Detect), you will receive a message on the display when charging.

Solution: this way you can recharge the battery

If a Dyson vacuum cleaner stops charging, you can no longer use it. So it is very important to fix this problem as soon as possible.

First let's rule out that the vacuum cleaner isn't just running out of power. That is why it is smart to charge the Dyson for the minimum number of hours first. And yes, that may feel a bit hopeless, but this may prevent you from buying an extra battery for nothing.

View the minimum charging time per Dyson vacuum cleaner series below.

Dyson serieMinimum charging time
Dyson V6190 minutes
Dyson V7221 minutes
Dyson V8301 minutes
Dyson V10210 minutes
Dyson V12 (Slim)280 minutes
Dyson V15 Detect275 minutes
Dyson Omni Glide208 minutes
Dyson Micro 1.5kg237 minutes
Based on our own test results. © Vacuumtester

Have you charged the Dyson for at least the number of hours? Then you can refer to the following checklist to possibly identify the problem.

  1. Is there a red light blinking? Then there is a problem with the Dyson battery.
  2. No flashing red light? Check whether the Dyson does flash a blue light when you plug the charging cable into the Dyson.
  3. Is there no light at all? Then there may be a problem with the charging cable and/or charger. Check the cable for possible damage or defects.
  4. No visible defects on the charger? Then check whether the Dyson battery is properly connected to the vacuum cleaner. Remove the battery from the vacuum cleaner and reinsert it*

From experience I can say that in many cases the problem will lie with a defective battery. Replacing a Dyson battery for a new one is often the only solution. Although this entails additional costs, the replacement itself does not require any technical knowledge.

* Many people ask if you can reset a Dyson battery. It is not possible to reset a Dyson battery, but it can of course be smart to click the battery back into the vacuum cleaner.

It is not possible to reset a Dyson battery, but it can of course be smart to click the battery back into the vacuum cleaner.

New Dyson battery? Check these tips first!

Before you just buy a new Dyson battery, it is smart to read the tips below carefully. This way you may still have warranty on your battery.

  • Check whether you still have warranty on the Dyson battery
  • Always go for a battery from Dyson itself, universal batteries can damage your Dyson
  • Check whether the battery is suitable for your Dyson vacuum cleaner (see the manual ‘Which Dyson do I have?‘ to find your serial number)
  • Choose the right type of battery: do you have a battery that you click in or a battery with screws? You can recognize a clickable battery by the large red button (see the photo below)
dyson clickable battery
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Discover the right battery in the overview below.

Dyson vacuumCompatible batteries
Dyson V8 serieView compatible battery
Dyson V10 serieView compatible battery
Dyson V11 serieView compatible battery
Dyson V15 serieView compatible battery

Of course we want to avoid this problem in the future. In my research into the Dyson vacuum battery life, I found out that a battery lasts an average of 5 years, but that there are a number of factors that influence the lifespan considerably. For example, it is best to recharge the Dyson at 20% battery life and it is recommended to use the vacuum cleaner in turbo mode as little as possible.

In summary: if your Dyson vacuum cleaner no longer charges, it is most likely a worn battery. Replacing the battery is often the only solution. When buying a new Dyson battery, carefully check whether it is suitable for your vacuum cleaner.
Robbert Tigchelaar
Robbert Tigchelaar

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  1. The lights on top of the vacuum are not on.

  2. My blue light is on while in charge mode but only stays on for about 10 minutes. The vacuum is not charging. There are no other colours of lights appearing. This is a 3 year old Dyson v7.

  3. where can I buy a replacement battery?

  4. Hi! My Dustin v7 will only chat the or you jiggle it til the blue light comes on

  5. Hi Robert
    Dyson V11 not charging, no blue light. Replaced battery, following Dyson technical support, still not charging. I have a power checker, which confirms power is reaching the battery when it is plugged in, but it is not charging the battery (charging cable is live). Can the charger itself lose power, i.e. incapable of transferring enough power (volts, amps whatever?) to recharge the battery. My power checker will just tell me something is live, not how much power is being transferred?

  6. Hi Robert
    Dyson V15 not continously charging, blinking blue light after several minutes blue light stops blinking. Seems like it goes to sleep mode had to presslcd button to continue the charge. Dyson replaced the main body already. If I contonously press lcd from time to time, it will charge to 100%. Is there a sleep setting for the device I can change to have it contonusly charge?

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