Dyson Vacuum Battery Life: how long will he last?

dyson vacuum battery life
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A cordless vacuum cleaner works on a battery. Is the battery empty? Then you can no longer vacuum and you have to charge the battery first. A battery can lose its power after being charged many times. This also applies to the batteries of a cordless Dyson vacuum cleaner.

I regularly get questions about the expected life of a Dyson battery. Because, how long does a Dyson battery last? In this complete guide I list the battery life and lifespan of different Dyson vacuum cleaners.

How long does a Dyson battery last?

The big question for this guide is how long a Dyson battery will last. You can interpret this question in two ways: for example, you can talk about how long the battery lasts during use. But, you can also ask yourself when you should replace a Dyson battery.

How long a Dyson battery lasts during use depends on a number of factors. I list them:

  • Operating mode: if you use the vacuum cleaner in turbo mode, for example, it will last much shorter.
  • Suction brush: The type of suction brush can have an impact on battery life. Without a suction brush, a battery lasts longer.

In the overview below I list my findings for popular Dyson vacuum cleaners.

SpecificationsDyson V8 batteryDyson V10 batteryDyson V11 batteryDyson V15 battery
Voltage22,8 V25,2 V25,2 V25,2 V
Turbo mode5 minutes7 minutes10 minutes10 minutes
With suction brush25 minutes35 minutes60 minutes60 minutes
Without suction brush40 minutes60 minutes60 minutes60 minutes

Reasons why the battery does not last as long

The table above clearly shows that, for example, a turbo mode or the use of a suction brush can have an impact on the battery life. However, there could be more reasons.

For example, the use of incorrect suction brushes can result in a shorter battery life. In fact, the Dyson battery might even need to be replaced sooner.

A blockage or a dirty filter can also lead to a shorter battery life.

This way you can last longer with a Dyson battery

What can you do to extend battery life? There are a number of actions you can take yourself. These tips are also good for the general vacuum cleaner life.

  • Clean your vacuum cleaner regularly (check here a step-by-step plan for cleaning a Dyson vacuum cleaner)
  • Check the vacuum cleaner for blockages
  • Wash or replace the filters in time*
  • Do not constantly vacuum on turbo mode; only when necessary
  • Charge the battery when you have about 20% left
  • Handle the vacuum cleaner with care
  • Only use Dyson accessories (no universal aftermarket parts)

* Cleaning a Dyson filter is only possible with washable filters. You can often recognize this by water drop icons on the filter.

When does a Dyson battery need to be replaced?

Before you just buy a new Dyson battery, it is smart to determine whether it really needs to be replaced. If the battery lasts much less than normal in a mode other than turbo mode, there is a good chance that your battery needs to be replaced.

low battery life dyson
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A while ago I contacted Dyson. An employee told me that a Dyson battery lasts about six years. She did indicate that the battery life depends on the use with the vacuum cleaner and how it is maintained.

An employee told me that a Dyson battery lasts about six years.

It is good to report that there should be no difference in the lifespan of the batteries of different Dyson types. A Dyson V11 battery should last as long as that of a V15. But it turns out that there is an exception for a model…

Most problems with Dyson V8 battery

As I mentioned in the introduction, I regularly receive questions. Many of these questions about the Dyson battery are about one specific model: the Dyson V8. Reason enough for me to put this question to Dyson as well.

The employee indeed says that the battery of the Dyson V8 is replaced faster than that of other types. However, according to her, this could be due to incorrect use: for example, many users would use the vacuum cleaner too often in turbo mode or clean the filters too little.

Buying a new Dyson battery: here's what to keep in mind

Does the battery need to be replaced? Before you just buy a new Dyson battery, it is smart to pay attention to a number of factors. For example, it is important to see whether the battery is suitable for your Dyson vacuum cleaner. Handy buying tips at a glance:

  • Check whether the battery is compatible with your vacuum cleaner (Not sure which model you have? Find out which Dyson you have first.)
  • Check whether you need a snap-in or a screw-in battery: you recognize
  • Go for a battery from Dyson itself
  • Check whether you are entitled to warranty

Did you get the right battery? Check here an extensive guide to replacing a Dyson battery (suitable for multiple models and versions).

I hope my guide helped you. Would you like to share your experience with a Dyson battery? Feel free to send me a message!

Robbert Tigchelaar
Robbert Tigchelaar

Robbert Tigchelaar has made testing vacuum cleaners his life's work. He has dedicated himself to conducting fully independent and valuable tests of vacuum cleaners to provide consumers with honest advice. His expertise in vacuum cleaners has been highlighted in The Washington Post and the Daily Express.

  1. My Dyson V8 battery lasted just over two years. When I contacted Dyson I was informed their batteries last only two to three years and are covered in their guarantee. I bought a ‘pirate’ one for half the price of a Dyson and this has a three year guarantee. The brush heads Dyson claim last 10 years, mine has lasted just over two years, the brushes have started to fall out and it now makes a terrible noise. This is my last Dyson, very, very poor quality appliance.

  2. Same here, I own a V8 less then 3 years old and the battery lasts about 15 seconds in turbo mode. The battery is utter piece of crap and totally unacceptable nowadays when rechargeable batteries are in general great. I will probably never buy a Dyson product again.

    • I too have a V8, never again! Useless to spend $125 on a Dyson battery when you can probably buy another stick vacuum close to that price! Not happy that the battery dies faster on high suction 🙁

    • Same problem just over two years and she told me not to leave it on the charger all the time I had to buy new batteries for both mine one is upstairs one is downstairs the BS part is I barely use the one upstairs and it said right here on the Internet to keep it on the charger so you always have it ready to go I spent $250 on two new batteries

      • So I found this site because I had recently called Dyson to talk about my battery on our V8. We’ve had it for only about 1 1/2 to 2 years and the battery literally lasts a minute, if that. They said it should only charge for 5 hours. Who unplugs their vacuum if it’s on the wall, ready to go? And no, I was not willing to pay $125 for a new battery. So I just spent $175 on a new Shark Navigator (corded) but I’m hoping it lasts longer! It has awesome suction.

  3. When I see the phrase “our battery is designed to leave on charging so it is always ready” on the official website of Dyson, I know they are talking BS, lithium ion battery die much faster either on full charge (above 80%) or low charge (40%). But I just bought the product, working great, might keep it to see how it goes.

  4. Even Tesla recommend not to fully charge the battery on daily use. I bet tesla has better bms than dyson.

  5. My V8 Dyson stops working after 20 seconds. After reading the comments above, I have lost all confidence in Dyson products. I bought a Tineco S11EX that came with 2 batteries that claim to have an 80 minute run time. It’s been a great replacement so far for less than half the price of a Dyson.

  6. Does the V15 detect remain trickle charging CONSTANTLY? OR does it STOP trickle charging at less than 80% TO INCREASE BATTERY LONGEVITY? It seems that everyone knows that batteries charged to more than 80% all the time have much shorter lifespans. Toyota limits their Prius to an 80% charge and usually not less than 40%. Their batteries usually last for a DECADE or MORE!

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