Dyson Trigger Replacement (V6, V7, V8, V10, V11 and V15)

dyson trigger replacement
With some patience you can replace the Dyson Trigger button yourself. © Vacuumtester.com
In short: the Dyson Trigger button can break, after which it will get stuck in the machine and not spring back. In that case, there is no other option than to replace the Dyson button. To replace, you will need a small screwdriver and a Torx screwdriver. It is important to buy the correct replacement Dyson Trigger button. Does it seem too difficult to replace? Then you can also choose to replace the entire housing. View the prices here.

A Dyson stick vacuum is in many cases equipped with a Dyson button that you have to hold down while vacuuming. This button, also known as the Trigger button, can break. This way it can get stuck or break. It is then necessary to replace it.

Replacing the Dyson button is not a difficult job, but it does consist of many actions that require careful attention. Although replacement does not require technical knowledge, you do need to keep your head up and use the right tools. In this guide I will help you step by step.

When should you replace the Dyson Trigger button?

The Dyson Trigger button can wear out, after which problems can immediately occur. This way it can stay stuck in the handle and not spring back after pressing. The button can also break, so nothing happens when you press it. You often notice that the Dyson Trigger button needs to be replaced when:

  • The Dyson Trigger button no longer springs back
  • You notice that you have to press the button very hard
  • Nothing happens when you press the Dyson Trigger button
  • If the Dyson knob gets stuck in the handle

In almost all cases, the Dyson Trigger button is broken in the above problems and you will have to replace it.

How the Dyson Trigger button works

Before we open the Dyson right away, it is interesting to briefly consider how the Dyson Trigger button works. When you press and release the Dyson Trigger button, it is pushed back by a spring.

how dyson trigger button works
The Dyson Trigger button is pushed back by a coil spring when you release it. © Vacuumtester.com

When the handle of the Dyson knob is broken, the spring will no longer push the knob back and it will therefore stick. To prevent the knob from breaking again after replacement, the replacement Dyson Trigger knobs have a wider cover. This upgrade is clearly visible in the image below.

dyson trigger button upgrade
The handle is larger with the upgrade, so that it breaks less quickly. © Vacuumtester.com

Not all Dyson vacuum cleaners have such a trigger button. It concerns the following stick vacuum cleaners:

  • Dyson V15 Detect (SV22)
  • Dyson V11 (SV17, SV14)
  • Dyson V10 (SV12)
  • Dyson V8 (SV10)
  • Dyson V7 (SV11, SV07, SV06)
  • Dyson V6 (SV09, SV05, SV04, SV03, HH08, DC72, DC74, DC58, DC59, DC61, DC62)

You need this to replace the Dyson Trigger

When you are going to replace the Dyson knob, you need to use the right tools. You will need a small cross head screwdriver and a Torx T8 screwdriver.

In addition, it is very important to buy the correct Dyson Trigger button replacement. You need to know which model Dyson you have for this. Do not you know that? Check out my article “Which Dyson do I have?” to find out quickly.

Dyson modelTrigger button replacement
Dyson V15 View Dyson V15 button >
Dyson V11 View Dyson V11 button >
Dyson V10 View Dyson V10 button >
Dyson V8 View Dyson V8 button >
Dyson V7 View Dyson V7 button >
Dyson V6 View Dyson V6 button >

Important: because there are often universal replacement buttons that are not from Dyson itself, I recommend that you double check whether they are suitable for your model. For example, a clickable or screwable battery can make all the difference when choosing a replacement button.

Step-by-step plan Dyson Trigger button replacement

When you have the right button and the right tools to hand, you can follow the steps below to replace the Dyson Trigger button.

Important: Replacing the Dyson knob can be tricky. The chance that you will damage the vacuum cleaner is high. If you have no experience with electronics or repairing vacuum cleaners, it may be smarter to replace the complete housing. View the prices here.
  1. Unscrew the filter of the Dyson vacuum cleaner and remove the dust container from the vacuum cleaner (with the red clip)
  2. Click the battery out of the vacuum cleaner. A battery with screws? Then unscrew the screw behind the handle and the two screws at the bottom of the front of the battery.
  3. Disassemble the housing (unscrew two screws next to the handle and four screws around the housing at the top)
  4. Slide the housing of the upright vacuum cleaner and unscrew the white hood of the vacuum cleaner with a Torx T8. Then unclip it on the sides (with a flat screwdriver)
  5. Unscrew the two contact points at the bottom and pull out the small plug (red with black cable) very carefully
  6. Very carefully bend the two contact points 45 degrees forward, after which you can slide the middle part out of the housing
  7. Unscrew the two screws on the inside of the housing (above the handle) with the Torx T8 screwdriver
  8. Flip the section up with a screwdriver and slide the cap off
  9. In the handle, next to the red part, unscrew the last screw with the Torx T8 screwdriver
  10. You can now pull the inner part in the handle out through the bottom
  11. Remove the button and click on the new Dyson Trigger button
  12. Now disassemble everything back in the same way

Dyson button replacement too difficult? Then buy a new housing

Do you doubt whether you can do this when you see the step-by-step plan? Then it is better to choose to have your vacuum cleaner repaired by an expert or by buying a new housing. Of course this costs a lot more money than a replacement button, but you know for sure that nothing breaks. View the prices here.

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