Dyson Submarine: new Dyson Mop attachment

dyson sub marine mop attachments
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Dyson has announced a new accessory: the Dyson Submarine. This new floor brush makes it possible to vacuum and mop in one movement. This is Dyson's very first Dyson mop attachment.

Dyson Submarine mopping brush

The new Dyson Submarine mop head is equipped with a water reservoir. When you have filled it with the right amount of water, you can remove stains from the floor. To prevent too much water from ending up on the floor, Dyson has developed an eight-point hydration system. With the help of a pressure chamber, the water is evenly distributed over the floor: also over the full width of the roller brush.

Motorized roller brush

As we are used to from Dyson, this suction brush is also equipped with a motorized roller brush. The Dyson Submarine is equipped with a microfiber roller that is therefore suitable for liquids.

The new mop attachment – with a capacity of 300 ml of water – makes it possible to clean surfaces up to 110 square meters. To collect the dirty water, a durable plate absorbs the dirty water, after which it is deposited in a separate waste water reservoir.

Available with the Dyson V15s and Dyson V12s

These new Dyson mop attachments are not available with all vacuum cleaners: they are only available with the Dyson V15 Submarine and the Dyson V12 Submarine. I don't expect any major differences between the Dyson V15 Detect vs the Dyson V15 Submarine, only that the newly supplied attachment is therefore suitable for mopping. Curious how the Dyson V15 scores? Check out my extensive Dyson V15 Detect review.

The release date of the new Dyson V15 Submarine and the Dyson V12 Submarine is expected to be September 2023. The starting price will probably be around $ 949 dollars.

This isn't the only news from Dyson. Dyson has also announced a new robot vacuum cleaner: the new Dyson 360 Vis Nav robot vacuum cleaner.

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