Bummer: Dyson Submarine Mop accessory not available for V15 or Gen5

dyson submarine mop fit v15 gen5
Will the new Dyson Sumbarine head available for models like the previous V15 or Gen5? © Vacuumtester

Recently, Dyson introduced its new vacuum cleaner: the Dyson Submarine Detect. What sets this new stick vacuum apart from older models is a mop accessory. If you already have a Dyson stick vacuum at home, you may want to expand its capabilities with this new accessory.

The Dyson Submarine mop accessory

The new Dyson Submarine Detect is a vacuum cleaner with a unique feature for Dyson: you can also use it for mopping. However, it's essential to note that it's solely for mopping. The accessory doesn't have a suction function. In fact, as shown in my review video on YouTube, the top of the accessory is clearly sealed.

dyson submarine detect accessory
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In my Dyson Submarine review, I tested the new mop accessory and concluded that you have to pay a significant amount extra for this accessory. The Dyson Submarine, in other aspects, shares many similarities with the older V15 Detect (which I also tested) in terms of specifications.

But, is the accessory also available for separate purchase so that you can expand your older Dyson and start using it for mopping?

Wet roller head only available for Dyson Detect Submarine

Let me get straight to the point: unfortunately, no, that is not possible. And there are two reasons for that.

1. Specific software is required

Firstly, it's not possible because the vacuum cleaner requires specific software to use the mop accessory. This is confirmed by Dyson on its own Instagram account: “Only the Dyson V15s Detect Submarine™ vacuum includes the software needed for compatibility with the Dyson Submarine™ wet roller head. We don’t currently sell the wet roller head separately as an accessory“, says Dyson.

dyson instagram submarine accessory
Dyson in discussion on Instagram about this topic © Instagram

If you use the mop accessory on an older model, there's a high chance that your Dyson will pulse. Due to the sealed top, your Dyson is likely to interpret it as an airway blockage.

2: The Dyson Mop accessory is not available for separate purchase

The second important and simple reason is that Dyson does not offer its Submarine Mop Accessory for separate purchase. Dyson emphasizes this on its Instagram account: “We don’t currently sell the wet roller head separately as an accessory“.

Still want to mop with your Dyson V15 or Gen5?

Is it entirely impossible to mop with your previous V15 or, for example, the Dyson Gen5? Yes and no: it is not possible to use the Dyson Submarine mop accessory, even if you somehow manage to purchase it separately.

What is indeed possible are mop accessories that are not from Dyson itself. On websites like Amazon, many sellers offer third-party mop parts (check out a wide selection here). In theory, this would still allow you to use your Dyson as an electric mop.

You should be aware that non-authentic Dyson parts could potentially damage your Dyson. This might have a negative impact on the Dyson vacuum battery life. Keep this in mind.

What do you think about not being able to use the Dyson Submarine mop accessory on your older Dyson? Share your opinion in the comments below.

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