Dyson Roller not Spinning: what now?

dyson roller not spinning
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In short: if the motorized Dyson brush stops turning despite being clean, the roller brush is defective in almost all cases. Fortunately, you don't have to buy a completely new attachment, since you can also buy separate roller brushes. I recommend that you buy Dyson roller brushes yourself. View the prices here.

If you have a Dyson vacuum cleaner, chances are you also use one of the motorized brushes. This type of brush has a roller that rotates when you vacuum. There are several automated brushes with a roller: from a mini brush for pet hair to a soft floor brush with laser for wooden floors.

It is possible that the Dyson brush no longer rotates. As a result, you can no longer vacuum and it is important to solve this problem as soon as possible.

In this article I will tell you why the Dyson brush no longer spins and how you can easily solve this – in many cases.

Causes of a Dyson brush not spinning

There can be several reasons why a Dyson brush suddenly stops turning. For example, my Dyson Omni Glide Review showed that a motorized fluffy brush can get stuck if you use it on deep-pile carpet.

A number of common causes of a defective Dyson roller brush:

  • Poor maintenance of the Dyson parts
  • Tangles with hair blocking roller brush
  • If the Dyson airway is blocked
  • Not a good connection of Dyson parts
  • Low battery life of your Dyson
  • Defective floor brush or worn roller

To find out whether you have a defective floor brush, it is important to first check that it is not just dirty.

Solution: this is how you can make the Dyson brush run again

As I just mentioned, you can no longer vacuum if the brush stops rotating. It is therefore necessary to solve this.

  • Disconnect the floor brush from the Dyson vacuum cleaner
  • Remove the roller from the floor brush (this is slightly different with every automated floor brush, see here how to replace the Dyson brush bar)
  • Check the roller for dirt, including the floor brush itself. Sometimes there may be hairs in openings.
  • Remove all visible dirt and put the roller back in the brush when it is clean again (check here how you can best clean a Dyson brush)
  • Connect the floor brush back to your vacuum cleaner and check whether it works again.
cleaning dyson vacuum accessories
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Roller still not spinning?

The suction brush still does not work? No reason to panic yet. It may have to do with poor connection of parts or too low battery life. Check the following factors:

  • Check whether the Dyson vacuum cleaner is charged
  • Check that the parts fit together properly
  • Do you still have an automated brush? Try this one and check if it works

If you have checked the above points and the brush still does not turn, there is a chance that you need to replace the roller.

Dyson brush
Dyson Fluffy BrushView compatible brushes
Laser Slim Fluffy BrushView compatible brushes
Torque Drive MotorheadView compatible brushes
Mini brushView compatible brushes
Screw-shaped tangle-free brushNot yet available

When you buy a new brush, have the serial number of your Dyson vacuum handy to avoid a bad buy. Not sure what type you have? Find out easily in the article Which Dyson do I have?.

When you buy a new brush, have the serial number of your Dyson vacuum handy to avoid a bad buy.

I'd like to end the article with this: I recommend that you give your Dyson a thorough cleaning every now and then. This can prevent many problems, including a jammed roller brush. I've made a complete guide to cleaning a Dyson vacuum, where I help you step by step to a spotless Dyson.

In summary: it is possible that the brush of your Dyson vacuum cleaner no longer rotates. When a Dyson vacuum cleaner's brush stops spinning even though it's clean, it's most likely faulty. Buying a new roller brush is then the only solution to get the brush running again.
Robbert Tigchelaar
Robbert Tigchelaar

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  1. Thanks for this useful web site and article.
    I own a dyson v11 machine which comes with two possible spinning heads – the floor head and a smaller device.
    Both stopped spinning though one is completely clean (almost never used) and the other is well.maintained. no clogging,hair or debree.

    I suspect the main body doesn’t provide the needed DC power to get the roller to spin.
    Can you tell me what DC voltage level I should expect from a well working machine?

  2. thank you for the article

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