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dyson parts
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In short: When you buy a new Dyson, you often get a lot of different attachments included. It is important to know what the accessories are for, so that you can make the most of your Dyson and prevent any damage. View a wide range of Dyson accessories.

When you are going to vacuum, it is very important to use the right attachment. For example, a parquet brush prevents scratches on a wooden floor and you can easily remove animal hairs from a sofa with a motorized turbo brush.

With a Dyson, you get many different parts. In this guide, I discuss all the Dyson attachments out there. These parts really make a Dyson different from another as you can read in our review which compares the Gen5 to the Dyson V15.

All Dyson parts at a glance

At the time of writing, Dyson offers dozens of parts. The different Dyson attachments can be divided into the following four different categories:

  • Cleaner heads
  • Small suction brushes
  • Extension parts
  • Charging Accessories
  • Replacement Parts

At the moment Dyson has 24 different parts, divided into 5 categories.

Dyson cleaner heads

dyson cleaner heads
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Dyson offers four different floor nozzles for vacuuming the floor. For example, there is a brush that is specially intended for wooden floors or a suction nozzle that is suitable for carpet.

  • Floor brush with soft roller: The floor nozzle with soft roller is particularly suitable for hard (wooden) floors. The soft brush prevents scratches on sensitive floors. This Dyson brush can get stuck on carpet and soft floors.
  • Direct Drive Cleaner head: The direct drive floor nozzle is motorized. This brush has a high suction power on all floor types. The motorized brush can be easily removed from the squeegee for maintenance.
  • High Torque Cleaner Head: A floor brush with an integrated motor causes the brush to rotate 60 times per second. Very suitable for cleaning carpets deep into the fibers and for vacuuming hard floors.
  • Laser Slim Fluffy Cleaner Head: A soft floor brush which is equipped with laser technology. When the laser is turned on, dirt on the ground becomes more visible. This brush comes standard with the new Dyson V15.

Dyson Cleaner Heads

Dyson has a floor nozzle for every type of floor, from delicate wooden floors to soft carpets.
🇺🇸 Available in the United States at Amazon.com and Dyson.com

Dyson small suction brushes

dyson mini suction brush
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In addition to the larger floor nozzles, Dyson also offers a wide range of small suction brushes. We list them.

  • Motorized Mini Brush: a motorized turbo brush, which is particularly suitable for removing pet hair. The brush can be easily removed from the squeegee for regular maintenance.
  • Anti-tangle conical brush: a new variation on the motorized mini brush. The screw-shaped tangle-free brush makes it even easier to vacuum dog or cat hair. Thanks to the screw-shaped design, no tangles are formed in the brush.
  • Combination accessory: with this Dyson attachments there are two attachments in one. A brush and a soft bristle nozzle. You can easily extend it when you vacuum sensitive surfaces. Think of a cupboard or a wooden table
  • Soft Dusting brush: a small suction brush with very soft bristles. Prevents scratches on delicate furniture.
  • Stubborn dirt brush: a small brush with stiff bristles, which makes it easy to remove stubborn dirt.
  • Mattress tool: a wider nozzle for thorough cleaning of fabric furniture, stairs or mattresses.

In addition, there are also a number of crevice tools, which can be useful for hard-to-reach places.

  • Crevice tool: an elongated nozzle for vacuuming hard-to-reach places.
  • Combi crevice tool: a crevice tool with a soft dusting brush that you can slide forward. Handy for vacuuming cracks on sensitive surfaces, such as furniture.
  • Light Pipe crevice tool: a crevice tool with LED lighting. Very handy if you want to vacuum in dark places, where you can't see the dirt well.
  • Flexible crevice tool: a flexible crevice tool that you can bend. Can be used to vacuum behind something that you can't reach. Think of vacuuming a car.

Dyson Suction Brushes

Voor kleine oppervlaktes biedt Dyson speciale zuigborstels aan, ook gemotoriseerde turboborstels.
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Dyson Extension parts

dyson extensions
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You cannot bend the vacuum cleaner rod of a Dyson. To ensure flexibility when vacuuming, Dyson offers three different extensions.

  • Reach-under Extension: an extension with which you can click the suction brush up. With this you can, for example, vacuum under a sofa or cupboard without having to bend over.
  • Up-top Extension: an extension with which you can adjust the suction brush 90 degrees. Handy for vacuuming on top of a high cabinet.
  • Extension hose: a hose that can be combined with one of the Dyson attachments for a longer reach.

Dyson Extension Parts

You can use extensions for hard-to-reach places.
🇺🇸 Available in the United States at Amazon.com and Dyson.com

Dyson charging accessories

dyson charging parts
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A Dyson stick vacuum is cordless and works on a battery. This must of course be charged! With every Dyson you get a wall mount as standard, but you can also opt for a more luxurious option.

  • Extra battery: Dyson sells individual batteries. A Dyson battery has to be replaced after a few years, because it can lose its power over time.
  • Wall mount (dock): a wall dock that you can mount against the wall. You can hang and charge your Dyson in this at the same time; you can integrate the charging cable with it. In addition, you can also click in individual attachments to store them.
  • Freestanding dock: a stand-alone stand where you can store your Dyson. You don't have to drill holes in the wall with this.

Dyson charging accessories

Dyson biedt extra accu's en wandhouders aan voor het opladen van je Dyson.
🇺🇸 Available in the United States at Amazon.com and Dyson.com

Dyson replacement parts

Dyson replacement parts
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In addition to the various attachments, you can also buy replacement parts. For example, if the dust container has broken or if it is time to replace the Dyson HEPA filter. All replacement accessories at a glance:

  • HEPA filters: cleaning a Dyson HEPA filter is possible, but eventually you will have to replace it with a new one.
  • Roller brushes: The bristles of the roller brushes in the Dyson nozzles can wear out.
  • Dust containers: The dust container is made of plastic. These can break in an accident. You can easily purchase a new dust container.
  • Vacuum cleaner rod: does the vacuum cleaner rod no longer connect properly? Or is there an air leak? Then you can also buy a replacement vacuum cleaner rod.

Dyson Replacement Parts

Is er iets kapot of versleten van je Dyson stofzuiger? Dan kun je dit onderdeel vaak gewoon los kopen.
🇺🇸 Available in the United States at Amazon.com and Dyson.com

Order Dyson parts

I just mentioned it: when buying a new Dyson you often get many different attachments. By making a good choice here, you avoid having to order additional parts afterwards or worse: not using the supplied accessories at all. No Dyson yet? Then read the article ‘Which Dyson to buy?‘ to find out which one is best for you.

If you want to order replacement parts or additional accessories for your Dyson vacuum cleaner, it is very important to check whether the part is suitable for your type of Dyson. Not sure which model you have at home? In the article ‘Which Dyson do I have?‘ let me show you how to find out.

Always order parts from Dyson itself. If you don't do this, your Dyson vacuum cleaner can break. And that is annoying, given that the warranty will lapse if you use attachments from another brand.

Always order parts from Dyson itself. If you don't do this, your Dyson vacuum cleaner can break.

Dyson vacuum cleaner and parts cleaning

I close my article with the following message: cleaning your Dyson vacuum regularly can extend the life of the parts considerably. Although you probably don't want to wait to have to clean your vacuum cleaner in addition to vacuuming, this can ultimately save you a lot of money.

In summary: Dyson offers an incredible variety of accessories and parts. Each part has its own function. Before you buy new Dyson accessories, it is important to know whether they are suitable for your vacuum cleaner. Therefore always pay attention to the model number.
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