Dyson Outsize vs Dyson V15 Detect

dyson outsize vs dyson v15 detect comparison
The Dyson V15 (l.) and the Dyson Outsize (r.). © Vacuumtester.com
In short: the big difference is that the Dyson Outsize has a larger dust container and a wider floor brush than the Dyson V15 Detect. Otherwise they are the same: they both have laser technology, an LCD screen and a replaceable battery with a life of 60 minutes.

Especially for larger spaces, Dyson has developed a stick vacuum cleaner with a large dust container, a wide floor brush and a replaceable battery. This allows you to vacuum continuously for longer and you would have to empty it less often than the average stick vacuum. But, what is the difference when I compare the Dyson Outsize with the popular Dyson V15 Detect?

In this Dyson Outsize vs Dyson V15 Detect I compare the vacuum cleaners on the most important factors. I'm checking whether it might be interesting to consider the larger (and more expensive) Dyson Outsize or whether it's smarter to just opt for the Dyson V15.

Dyson Outsize vs V15: The differences

Let's start with the differences, because there certainly are. As I just indicated, the Dyson Outsize, as the name suggests, is a lot larger than other Dyson stick vacuums. Not so much in its dimensions, but in terms of the capacity of the dust container and the floor brush.

Dust container: Outsize 150% larger than V15

The dust container is perhaps the biggest difference, which is immediately visible. The dust container capacity of the Dyson Outsize is 150% larger than the Dyson V15 Detect. You have to empty the Dyson V15 after about two uses (I speak from experience); this would mean that with a Dyson Outsize I could wait another day before emptying.

The dust container capacity of the Dyson Outsize is 150% larger than the Dyson V15 Detect.

Floor brush: 25% wider than the V15 Detect

Not only the dust container is a lot larger, but also the floor brush. This is a lot wider (25%) than the floor brush of the Dyson V15 Detect. This means you can vacuum a larger space faster with the Dyson Outsize than with the V15.

Dyson Outsize

The Dyson Outsize has an extra-large dust container and a wide floor brush.
🇺🇸 In the United States available at Amazon and Dyson

Weight: Outsize slightly heavier

With a larger dust container and larger floor brush, the Outsize was expected to be slightly heavier than the Dyson V15 Detect. The Dyson Outsize weighs 3.3 kilograms, while I weighed 3 kilograms during the Dyson V15 Detect review.

Dyson Outsize vs Dyson V15: The Similarities

Although the Dyson Outsize is actually the ‘bigger brother' of the Dyson V15 Detect, there are also a lot of similarities. I'll list them.

Accessories: Absolute (Plus), Total Clean, Animal, Torque Drive

Like any other Dyson stick vacuum, you can choose from an incredible number of different accessory packs with both stick vacuums. There is an Absolute (Plus), a Total Clean, an Animal and a Torque Drive variant. It is very important to delve into these choices: the difference is in the number and type of accessories that you get.

dyson parts
Both vacuum cleaners come with different accessories. © Vacuumtester.com

I've published a complete Dyson parts guide, covering all the accessories available and what they can be used for. Do you know which accessories are a must-have for you? Then you can go to “Which Dyson to buy?” find out which package is the best to buy.

Laser technology: Fluffy Detect floor brush

Both the Dyson V15 Detect and the Dyson Outsize feature a floor brush with laser technology. This ‘Fluffy Detect' floor brush makes dirt on the floor much more visible. The green laser is incorporated on the side of the floor brush.

dyson v15 detect review
The Dyson V15 and the Outsize use laser technology. © Vacuumtester.com

Piezo sensor and HEPA filtration

Both the Dyson V15 and the Dyson Outize feature a piezo sensor. This allows the Dyson to detect exactly what is being vacuumed and to take action here when necessary. For example, the suction power can be automatically increased when a lot of dirt is detected.

There is also no difference between the two stick vacuums in terms of filtering. They both have a HEPA filter and a fully sealed six-layer filtration system.

disconnect the dyson filter
Dyson HEPA-filter. © Vacuumtester.com

Cleaning and/or replacing a Dyson filter is therefore exactly the same for both stick vacuums.

Dyson V15 Detect

Equipped with good filters and a piezo sensor, which automatically adjusts the suction power.
🇺🇸 In the United States available at Amazon and Dyson


Both stick vacuum cleaners are equipped with an LCD screen. This allows you as a user to receive notifications, for example if a Dyson airway is blocked. You can also read on the display what is being vacuumed. This is possible because of the piezo sensor just mentioned.

dyson v15 lcd display
Both stick vacuum cleaners have an LCD screen. © Vacuumtester.com

In addition, both the Dyson V15 and the Dyson Outsize have three different operating modes:

  • Eco mode
  • Normal mode
  • Turbo mode

With the turbo mode, removing pet hair is very easy. However, the battery does drain quickly and prolonged use of this turbo mode can have a negative effect on the Dyson vacuum battery life.

Battery life: Outsize comes with an extra battery

At many retailers where the Dyson Outsize is offered, a battery life of 120 minutes is stated. This is not very special, given that you get an extra battery. So a single battery has a battery life of 60 minutes, which corresponds to the promised battery life of a Dyson V15 Detect.

Changing the battery is easy: both stick vacuums are equipped with a clickable battery. So you don't have to grab any tools if you want to replace the Dyson battery.

dyson clickable battery
The Dyson Outsize and the Dyson V15 have a clickable battery. © Vacuumtester.com

Compare specifications

Now that we've listed all the differences and similarities, it's interesting to put them side by side. Compare the specifications of the Dyson V15 and the Outsize in the overview below.

dyson outsize
Dyson Outsize
Dyson V15 Detect Absolute
Dyson V15 Detect
Battery life120 minutes
(extra battery)
60 minutes
Capacity0,96 liters0,77 liters
Weight3,3 kilograms3 kilograms
Piezo sensor
LCD Display
Filter systemHEPAHEPA
PriceFrom $ 799From $ 749
© Vacuumtester.com

Conclusion Outsize vs V15: which one is best?

Now the big question: which of the two is the best Dyson? The Outsize or the Dyson V15? Actually, the answer to this question depends on your needs: if you often want to vacuum a large space, the choice for the larger Dyson Outsize is quickly made. For a small extra amount you can enjoy a larger dust container, a wider floor brush and a longer battery life due to the extra battery included.

Keep in mind that the Dyson Outsize is a bit heavier than the Dyson V15 Detect. There are not many differences in terms of accessories: with both vacuum cleaners it is important to take a good look at what you get with it. You can also choose to build your Dyson yourself, but this will only give you a one-year warranty instead of two years.

In summary: the Dyson Outsize is actually a larger Dyson V15. Apart from a larger dust container and wider floor brush, there are few differences. The stick vacuums are also equal in terms of performance and filter level. However, the price difference is so low that the larger Dyson Outsize is a better choice in my opinion. Check out the Dyson Outsize.
Robbert Tigchelaar
Robbert Tigchelaar

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