Dyson Keeps Turning Off after a Few Seconds or Minutes

dyson keeps turning off
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In short: if a Dyson vacuum cleaner keeps turning off while vacuuming, there is most likely a battery problem. If fully charging the battery does not resolve the problem, battery replacement may be necessary. View suitable batteries for your Dyson.

When you are vacuuming with your Dyson vacuum cleaner, it suddenly switches off. This has happened to everyone: often it concerns a low battery life and you can get back to work after fully charging it.

It's a different story if your Dyson vacuum cleaner keeps turning off, even if you've just charged the battery. In this article I will tell you how this could possibly be caused and how you can solve this problem.

Reasons why a Dyson keeps turning off

There can be several reasons why your Dyson vacuum cleaner keeps switching off. The main reason is the power supply: it may be that your battery is worn out or that there is simply not enough battery life.

The most common reasons at a glance:

  • Battery worn out
  • Low battery life
  • Filter not connected properly
  • Blockage in a Dyson part
  • Vacuuming the wrong floor type

There are an incredible number of different Dyson parts that are suitable for specific surfaces. If you use a motorized brush on a floor type for which it is not intended, there is a good chance that the Dyson roller is not spinning.

Solution: your Dyson will no longer switch off quickly

Time to make sure your Dyson stays on from now on. To find out what the problem is, it first makes sense to fully charge your Dyson. This may be obvious, but a Dyson can sometimes switch off when it still has 20 minutes of battery life.

To find out what the problem is, it first makes sense to fully charge your Dyson.

To determine that the constant switching off of your Dyson vacuum cleaner is not due to a Dyson attachment, it is smart to unclip all attachments. Let your Dyson vacuum for a few minutes to see if it continues to do its job.

Does your Dyson still keep going out? Then check the following:

  • Check whether the filter is properly screwed onto the vacuum cleaner
  • Check for blockages, may be the Dyson airway is blocked
  • Check if the Dyson is clean: cleaning a vacuum cleaner is more than just emptying the dust container. Cleaning Dyson HEPA filters is also important.

Did the above tips not help? Then there is a good chance that the Dyson battery is the problem. Good to know: for my research into the Dyson vacuum battery life, a Dyson employee told me that a battery lasts about 5 years.

Need a new Dyson battery? Pay attention here!

If you are going to buy a new Dyson battery, it is very important to know which Dyson you have. In addition, you should also check whether it is a click-in battery or a screw-on battery. You can recognize a snap-in battery by the large red button.

dyson clickable battery
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Do you know what kind of Dyson battery you need? View the overview below.

Dyson vacuumCompatible batteries
Dyson V8 (Absolute)View batteries
Dyson V10View batteries
Dyson V11View batteries
Dyson V15 DetectView batteries
Other Dyson? View all batteries.

A Dyson battery replacement is very simple and can be done within a few steps. I hope that my manual has helped you and that your Dyson vacuum cleaner stays on while vacuuming from now on!

In summary: if a Dyson constantly goes out, the battery is probably empty. Have you fully charged the battery and it still keeps turning off? Then you should probably buy a new Dyson battery to fix the problem.
Robbert Tigchelaar
Robbert Tigchelaar

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  1. My son put on a new battery –but still only has a pulsing soned–won stay on and clean—–if I take OUT the filter it works—what do I need to do to the filter—I have washed it and dried it??? what else?? miss my dysn–I am old and arthritic–serves me well when it was working for several years! Connie

    • Hi Connie!
      Mine was doing the same thing so I got a new battery and that wasn’t the problem. If you look at the roller, I found the opening to the tune was a little clogged with a paper receipt and other debris. I used my finger to pull it out, but you can also unscrew the whole thing if you need to. All along I thought mine was just dead but turns out it was partially clogged! I hope you still have the vacuum and can unclog it like I did! They really are good vacuums!

  2. My Dyson is the biggest piece of crap I have ever bought. Huge waste of money, I did everything they said to do to the vacuum and it keeps turning off then on. I even bought a new filter and put it on. I’ll never buy another one

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