Dyson Filter Smells (even after washing)

dyson filter smells
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In short: a Dyson filter can start to smell. It is important to wash the filter regularly. Does the Dyson filter stink after washing? Then the filter most likely needs to be replaced. Check out new Dyson filters here.

A Dyson vacuum cleaner is equipped with filters. These filters are washable, so you can regularly clean them under the tap. Although washing is good for low dust emissions, the filters can start to smell.

If your Dyson filter stinks (even after washing), you've come to the right place. I tell you why she starts to smell and, more importantly, how you can solve this.

How can a Dyson filter smell?

A filter is an important part of a vacuum cleaner: a filter purifies the sucked air of dust particles and allergens, after which clean air leaves the vacuum cleaner. The air passes through the dust container before it ends up at the exhaust filter of your Dyson: if the dust container is filled with old smelly dirt, it will also pass your filter. The filter of a Dyson vacuum cleaner therefore has to endure a lot.

The filter is an important part of a vacuum cleaner: a filter purifies the sucked air of dust particles and allergens, after which clean air leaves the vacuum cleaner.

The filter can sometimes smell like what you often suck up. Does your Dyson smell like dog? Then this may be due to the dog hair that you often remove with the vacuum cleaner. Some scents that people have experienced:

  • Filter stinks of dog or dog hair
  • The filter smells like rotten eggs
  • Dyson filter smells musty

These scent experiences are all personal, of course, but they have at least one thing in common: they all don't smell good. In addition, these odors also depend on the model: they occur in all models, from the Dyson V7 and V8 to V11 and the new Dyson V15.

Causes of a smelly filter

The important causes of a smelly filter often have to do with poor maintenance of your vacuum cleaner. I therefore recommend that you read my manual for cleaning a Dyson vacuum: I'll tell you from A to Z how to get your Dyson spotless again. In addition to poor maintenance, the following points can also cause a smelly filter:

  • Vacuuming dirt that can rot or mold
  • Not regularly emptying the dust container
  • Failure to replace the filter in time

However, those are not the only causes. It could also be due to incorrect washing of the Dyson filter.

Washing the Dyson filter incorrectly can also cause odors

One of the great advantages of a Dyson filter is that it is washable. When you wash the filter regularly, the chance of increased dust emissions or an airway blockage is minimal. But, you have to do this the right way. Your filter can also start to smell after washing. This is often due to the following cleaning errors:

  • You did not let the filter dry long enough (minimum 24 hours)
  • Cleaning agents have been used (do not use cleaning agents)
  • The filter has been washed too often (this will filter the air less well)

Read the Dyson filter cleaning manual in which I discuss how to clean the filter correctly or watch the video below.

Make Dyson filter smell nice again

Once a Dyson filter stinks, it is difficult to get this nasty smell out. If you've been guilty of a cleaning mistake (for example, by not letting it dry long enough), you could try washing it again.

Does your filter still stink after washing? Then it is high time to replace it with a new one. A Dyson filter replacement is super easy and requires no technical knowledge.

You should pay attention when buying whether it is suitable for your Dyson vacuum cleaner. For example, the Dyson V8 can be equipped with two separate filters, while this is one filter with the Dyson V11 and V15. Not sure which Dyson you have? No problem: find out which Dyson you have here.

Do you know which Dyson you have? Discover the right filters in the overview below.

DysonFilter levelFilters
Dyson V8 (NB 2 filters)ULPA 15View compatible filters
Dyson V10 HEPA 13View compatible filters
Dyson V11 HEPA 13View compatible filters
Dyson V12 ULPA 15View compatible filters
Dyson V15 ULPA 15View compatible filters
In summary: you can usually solve a smelly Dyson filter by washing it thoroughly. Does it still stink after washing? Then it probably needs to be replaced. It is wise to replace the filter with a new Dyson filter at least every 12 months to prevent odors in the future.
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