Dyson Brush Bar Replacement (Animal, Fluffy and Motorhead brush)

dyson brush bar replacement
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In short: the Dyson roller brush of a motorized brush can wear out, preventing it from doing its job properly. If the roller brush is worn, you can easily replace it. View new roller brushes

Dyson has a number of motorized floor brushes and mini brushes in its range. There is a soft fluffy brush for vacuuming wooden floors and a mini brush for removing animal hair.

However, the roller brush of this motorized brush can wear out over time. Fortunately, Dyson offers new roller brushes as a separate part, so you don't have to buy a completely new brush. In this article I tell you how you can replace these roller brushes for any type of Dyson brush.

Why replace a Dyson roller brush

Let's first consider why timely replacement of a Dyson roller brush is important. An motorized Dyson brush is driven: if you start vacuuming with such a brush, the roller brush will rotate. This has the great advantage that dirt is easily rotated: also think of animal hairs from carpet.

A Dyson roller brush has to endure a lot: the roller brush of a Torque Drive floor brush rotates about 60 times per second. Over time, the roller brush can wear out: for example, the hairs of a brush for carpet can become loose and a fluffy brush becomes less soft.

A Dyson roller brush has to endure a lot: the roller brush of a Torque Drive floor brush rotates about 60 times per second.

Consequences if you do not replace the roller brush in time

Continuing to vacuum with a worn-out Dyson roller brush for too long can result in the following problems:

  • The floor brush leaves a lot of dirt on the floor
  • The Dyson roller brush will scratch your floor
  • The Dyson vacuum battery life is much shorter

It could eventually cause the Dyson roller to stop spinning. And then even your floor brush can malfunction.

Dyson roller brush replacement

Dyson offers options to easily replace the roller brush. You can remove the roller brush from the (floor) brush, after which you can replace it with a new one. It does depend on the type of floor brush how you should remove this roller brush.

Dyson roller brush removal from the Fluffy brush

dyson brush bar replacement fluffy
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With a fluffy brush, replacing the roller brush is very easy. On the left side of this Dyson brush you will discover a black arrow. A gray plastic screw can be seen on the underside of the floor brush, which you can turn to the left. When you do this, the brush will fall out of the floor brush, after which you can replace it.

With the Dyson V15 Fluffy brush (with green laser) the replacement is slightly different. Here you will find a small lever on the left, which you can click down to remove the brush.

dyson v15 fluffy brush bar replacement
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If you have a Dyson Omni Glide (lucky you!), replacing the roller brushes is quite simple. Above you will find a large red button, with which you can remove both rollers at the same time.

dyson roller brush removal omni glide
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Dyson roller brushes

Replacing Dyson roller brushes is easy and avoids having to buy a new floor brush.
🇺🇸 Available in the United States at Amazon and Dyson.com

Dyson roller brush replacement of Torque Drive motorhead

dyson brush bar replacement motorhead
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Replacing the roller brush of a Torque Drive brush – also known as a Dyson Motorhead – is a little different. Here you can replace the roller brush by unscrewing the left side (screw upwards). You can then pull the roller brush out.

Dyson roller brush replacement of Animal mini brush

dyson brush bar replacement animal brush
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You can also easily remove and replace the roller brushes of the small mini brushes from Dyson. With the Dyson mini brush for pet hair, this is just like with the Torque Drive floor brush: you will discover a large gray screw on the left side of the brush.

If you have the new screw-shaped mini brush, this is a little different. At the back of the brush you will discover a small red clip. When you pull it down you can easily remove and replace the roller.

dyson minibrush anti tangle brush bar replace
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Dyson roller brushes

The roller brushes of motorized Dyson floor brushes are very easy to replace.
🇺🇸 Available in the United States at Amazon and Dyson.com

Tips when replacing the Dyson roller brush

Before you just buy a new roller brush, it is very important to know which floor brush you use. For example, a direct-drive floor nozzle looks a lot like a High Torque floor nozzle, but there are differences. Check out the complete Dyson parts guide to find out which vacuum brush you have.

In addition, it is also very important that you know which Dyson you have. Because, for example, if we look at the Dyson Micro 1.5kg vs Dyson V11, they can both have a fluffy brush, but the width of the roller brush is a big difference.

dyson micro 1.5kg vs v11 brushes
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In the article Which Dyson Do I Have? I'll tell you how to find out the serial number on your Dyson. Keep this handy to find the right roller brush.

Always buy a roller brush from Dyson itself

I close my article with the following: I strongly recommend that you only buy roller brushes from Dyson itself. Although there are – often – cheaper alternatives, this can be very bad for your Dyson vacuum cleaner in the long run. This will also void your Dyson's warranty.

In summary: it is important to properly maintain the roller brush of a Dyson floor brush. This keeps it functioning properly and it lasts longer. Is the roller brush worn out? Then you can easily replace it with a new roller brush.
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