Dyson Blinking Red Light: why is it flashing?

dyson blinking red light
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In short: when the red light of a Dyson vacuum cleaner flashes, in almost all cases there is a problem with the battery. In many cases, the battery must be replaced with a new Dyson battery. Replacing a Dyson battery is easy and requires no technical knowledge.

Every Dyson vacuum cleaner is equipped with a light that can blink. A flashing light indicates a problem with the vacuum cleaner. For example, a filter may not be connected or there may be a problem with the battery.

Does your Dyson have a flashing red light? Then you have come to the right place with this article. I tell why the red light is flashing and how to fix it.

When a red light is blinking on a Dyson vacuum cleaner

If the red light on a Dyson vacuum cleaner flashes, there is most likely a problem with the vacuum cleaner's battery. This is confirmed by a Dyson employee: “99 times out of 100 this is the battery,” said a Dyson employee.

If the red light of a Dyson vacuum cleaner flashes, there is most likely a problem with the vacuum cleaner's battery.

A red light will start flashing if the battery of the Dyson vacuum cleaner is no longer working properly. There is then no other option than to replace the battery with a new one. A Dyson battery replacement is simple and requires no technical knowledge.

Watch in the video below how to solve a Dyson with a red light.

Red light on older Dyson vacuum cleaners

On older Dyson vacuum cleaners (up to the Dyson V7 series), a red light can also indicate a motor problem. While Dyson can't confirm it for me, I read online on many different forums that the number of blinks would tell more about the problem:

  • Red light is blinking > 12 times: there is a problem with the battery
  • Red light is blinking < 12 times: there is a problem with the vacuum cleaner motor

In addition, with very old Dyson vacuum cleaners, there can also be a difference in a flashing red light or a red light that stays on.

  • Red light flashes: you need to charge the battery
  • Red light stays on: the battery is broken

So this would only apply to older Dyson vacuum cleaners and is not confirmed by Dyson.

Dyson battery replacement often the solution

As a Dyson employee just pointed out, in many cases a red light means a problem with the vacuum cleaner's battery. Replacing the battery is often necessary. Before you just buy a new battery, it is good to check the following:

  • Check whether the battery is suitable for your Dyson using the serial number (in the article Which Dyson do I have? I tell you where you can find the serial number)
  • Check whether you need a clickable or a screw-on battery (this can differ)
  • Check whether you are still entitled to the warranty: Dyson gives a standard 2-year warranty on batteries

I strongly recommend that you only choose a battery from Dyson itself: universal batteries can be bad for the device and even destroy it.

View the right battery for your Dyson below. Not sure which model you have? Find out the Dyson model number to find out which vacuum cleaner model you have.

Dyson vacuumCompatible batteries
Dyson V8View battery
Dyson V10View battery
Dyson V11View battery
Dyson V15View battery
Other Dyson? View all batteries.

This is how you can prevent a red light

Of course we want to avoid the red light in the future as much as possible. Therefore, a few handy tips that can significantly extend the Dyson vacuum battery life:

  • Charges the battery when it still has 20% battery life.
  • Make sure the charging cable is never tight
  • Vacuum cleaner as little as possible in turbo mode
  • Clean the Dyson filters regularly and replace them every 12 months

It is also advisable to regularly clean your Dyson vacuum cleaner. With this you only extend the life of the battery, but also of other Dyson parts.

In summary: when a red light flashes on your Dyson vacuum cleaner, there is almost always a problem with the battery. To solve the problem you have to buy a new Dyson battery, it is important to check whether it is suitable for your Dyson.
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